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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 20-40 minutes 2-4

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Product Description

The Wizards' Council has studied the omens, and there is no doubt: the time has come to choose a new High Wizard. Though there are many powerful wizards from which to choose, only the one who wins the favor of the mystical Oracles shall be named High Wizard.

As one of the High Wizard candidates, you must convince the Oracles to support you, and not your opponents, through skill, guile, and magical power. But you must act quickly! For Maginor, the chamberlain of the Wizards' Council, is consulting each of the Oracles in turn, and you must speak with the Oracles before he does.

Maginor is a board game of strategy, luck, and magical duels for two to four players. A complete game with more than a hundred full-color playing pieces, Maginor is playable in 20 to 40 minutes.

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Reiner Knizia

  • Manufacturer(s): Asmodee North America, Fantasy Flight Games

  • Year: 2001

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Time: 20 - 40 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

  • Weight: 383 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is an international edition or domestic edition of an imported item. Manufacturer's rules are printed in multiple languages (including English).

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.5 in 5 reviews

by EJ Agricola
Maginor: one of our favorites!
March 23, 2012

This game gets a lot of "meh" reviews, but our group returns to it again and again. We find it to be one of the most dramatic, exciting and downright fun options on the shelf.

Two key caveats: it's best when played by four people, and it's best when all of those people know the game well. A couple of quick plays will elicit the "so what?" response that is the death knell of any game.

With four schemers, the game is surprisingly deep, with shifting strategies that underlie white-knuckled tactical play. There are so many options available to each player that direct attacks begin immediately, and rivalries instantly spring up within each session. As players' memories grow longer and longer, emotion sometimes wins out over rational decision making -- especially when someone hunts you down for a series of one-on-one duels.

It's fast, it's furious, and even after ten years of play I'm surprised by the innovations my peers come up with to stab one another in the back. In the end, of course, it all comes down to the group bellowing "Maginooooor!" as the final move is made...and then we lick our wounds as we prepare for the next round.

April 06, 2002

My playgroup picked up a copy despite the flak this game had received (scissors etc), and found it quite good, actually! The gameplay was intense with lots of agonizing options (should one stay one extra turn with an oracle or move on, use the spells in the beginning or wait for the endgame, and an erratic movement from Maginor himself, which meant that you could never be sure when scoring would occur). We will definitly pick this one up for play again soon, and it`s cheap as well!

'...Do you believe in magic..'
March 03, 2002

A fun little song from 'The Lovin' Spoonful' for a fun little game from Dr. Knizia.

Maginor is a re-make of Reiner Knizias Vegas. It is a delightful little game...IF taken in the right context. Maginor is NOT a Dungeons & Dragons, Gandalf versus Saruman, battle game. It is a simple power struggle game with a larger than normal dose of luck than one expects from the good doctor.

Eleven oracles with values ranging from 5 to 15 form a clock-like circle. Players must choose whether to move to a different oracle upon which they are standing, or roll the die for the one they currently occupy. The die decides what symbol you may play a vote on. Fill all the votes on an oracle and see who has the majority and second majority. You may keep the votes OR the spell associated with that oracle. Player with the MOST votes when all oracles are done, wins the game. Players do have a limited amount of cards they may play to influence the votes before they roll the die. The die also moves the 'maginor' along through the oracles. Once the 'maginor' leaves an oracle, votes are counted regardless if it has been filled or not. Again first and second majority get the goods. The 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' aspect only comes into play if a player challenges another players vote with a slight advantage going to the defender of the vote. As stated, once all the oracles have been decided on, the player with the highest total, wins.

Maginor is a lightweight game with colorful (albeit all cardboard) pieces. The artwork is quite nice and pace of play is very quick. Easy for anyone to learn, Maginor offers a brief reprise from the mind-bending, decision-making likes of Taj Mahal or Java. If you are looking for a 'Mage-Knight' wizards duel game, this aint it! On the other hand, if you are looking for a casual game as an icebreaker or one to play with the family, enjoy Maginor.

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