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Risk: Édition Napoléon
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Store:  War Games
Series:  Risk
Theme:  Napoleonic Wars
Genre:  War & Combat
Format:  Board Games

Risk: Édition Napoléon

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Play Time Players
120 minutes 2-5

Manufacturer(s): Tilsit

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Tilsit

  • Year: 1999

  • Players: 2 - 5

  • Time: 120 minutes

  • Weight: 1,409 grams

  • Language Requirements: An English translation of the rules is provided.

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 1 review

Review of Risk Napoleon Edition
January 02, 2004


I bought RISK NAPOLEON EDITION one year ago in Europe, and I can tell you that this is a great RISK game, for those of you who have been playing Risk for a long time it would seem that Napoleon Edition looks like the version of Castle Risk, nevertheless is thus far different from its predecessor.

This review its going to be kind of long, but I think the game deserves to be analyzed in every aspect since its just not easy to find in this part of the world and there isnt enough information published on the web. When you just see the box of the game you just fall in love with it, a hard black box with the figure of a bunch horsemen running directly to you ( similar to the cover of the game for PC RISK II ) and the words of the game: RISK in a great red color, with the subtitle, Napoleon Edition just make you want to open the beautiful box that contains this game, but please be gentle, because inside you will find more than you ever expected from a Risk title.

When you open the box you can find 2 instruction booklets, both in French, the one numbered as No. 1 Standard Rules, explains you how to play the classical game of risk, either as complete world domination or mission risk, and the other booklet or No.2 contains the Advanced Rules, which are just delightful, adding new ways for playing this marvelous game, there you can learn how to play with fortress, generals and war ships! ( yes you read it right war ships to fight in the ocean against other ships ), or you can play the historical scenarios, to accomplish certain missions that appear in the booklet, including all the campaigns of Napoleon in Europe Im sure at this point you are getting more interested and possibly think theres nothing more than the game can offer you but, you are just wrong.

Ok I said the rules were in French, but if you buy this game in the United Kingdom, they give you both the instructions in English and French! but dont be disappointed because if you just only have the rules in French, there are some URLs in the web where you can get the translation for free!

The boardgame its just beautiful, it comes folded in 4, with a Golden print just like Risk 40th anniversary edition, that says Risk Napoleon Edition, when you open it, there you can see a wonderful 70cm x 50cm board with the map of Europe, I tell you that even the board of the 40th anniversary edition looks ugly compared to this work of art, there you can see how Europe is divided into 9 kingdoms according to the era of Napoleon, so you have there the Kingdom of Italy, Scandinavia, Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, Great Britain , Kingdom of Prusie, France, Empire of Russia, Confederation of the Rhine and the Austria Hungary Empire. The map just looks like a war map of the times of the Napoleon wars, and there you can see your game is numbered, from 1 to 10.000, reflecting the amount of copies that exist in this world, so as you can notice it is a limited edition. The board its hard, so it wont damage easily with time unless you are a barbarian and spill beer on this astonishing game.

The Soldiers are just wonderful, the infantry are different from the other games of risk, because here the soldiers have their weapons not in their shoulders resting, but aiming forward looking for battle to come this can be a problem if you do not treat your game very well because they can broke easily but if you just take a good care then you dont have to worry about anything. The cavalry is just the same as the other games of risk, but here comes the best, because the artillery I mean, the canyons are just not simple canyons each one of them comes with a soldier attached to the canyon just waiting to shot, so there you have, canyons dont fire alone they need someone to light the fire!!! And this just look wonderful. There are six decks of army men, yellow, red, black ( my favorite ), green and two sets of blue armies, so the game is just for 2 to 5 people instead of 6 ( unless you get the ottoman expansion set which contains the territories of the ottoman empire, that are not included in this game ) the 2 sets of blue armies are there for the historical campaigns, but when you play mission risk and you choose to be the blue player you are just allowed to take just one blue army set. So each set of armies contains 40 soldiers, 12 horses and 8 canyons which are just enough if 4 or more players are in the game

The dice are very beautiful because the three attackers are red, and the two defenders are blue!!! Which I consider look really nice.

The game comes with a deck of cards, very well elaborated, with wonderful drawings on each side of the card, the size is different from other risk games, because they are just like a normal deck of poker cards, which make them more easy to handle, you have 48 territory cards, each one of them with the country drawing and the army man on the top of the card, but here comes the great difference because there are two different drawings of infantry, other two for cavalry and just one for the artillery, that makes a total of 5 different drawings that allow you to make new combinations, and if you have this five different figures then you will be able to claim 20 soldiers at once!!!, there are also two joker cards, and 13 mission cards of high complexity but very enjoyable, there is another good point here for risk napoleon edition, because for example in the other titles of risk, if you had the mission to kill certain color, and somebody just destroyed the last soldier of that color, you just win automatically the game, but here if someone else kills the last soldier of the color you got to eliminate, immediately your mission changes to conquer 28 territories!!! Can you imagine that! So you just got to accomplish your mission by yourself it isnt someones else job!

And also the game comes with 3 general cards, one of Napoleon, one of general Blucher and another one from general Wellington that can be used in the historical scenarios that the game permits you to play.

Risk napoleon edition comes together with warships, fortress and generals but they are not made with plastic, they are just squares made of paper, but so well elaborated that you can really enjoy the game even if they are not plastic.

This is my short review of Risk Napoleon Edition if you want to know more about this game, mail me to [email protected] , if you own this game I would be more than happy to exchange some points of view about this great strategy board, so please if this review was helpful to you, and you want to contact me, then write me to the mail I mentioned above.

Sincerely : Pedro Pablo ( [email protected] )

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