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English language edition

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 60-120 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Klaus Teuber

Manufacturer(s): Mayfair Games, Kosmos

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Product Description

Land Ho! After your journey through chartless seas, a crewman has sighted land! But how much land? How many islands? Will there be pirates? or gold? Will you or your foes succeed in harvesting the fruits of this rich, jungle paradise? Resources are limited so the placement of settlements, forts, and scouts combined with the careful selection of routes will determine if your paths lead to glory! Will your courage hold long enough to secure fame and wealth through exploration and discovery?

Unique land-sea tiles make every game of Entdecker a completely new experience. The size and shape of the islands develop differently in every game, so the excitement of discovery can be enjoyed again and again and again! But there is more to Entdecker than the exploration of the island chains!

You must skillfully place your settlements and forts to secure recognition for your exploration, and deploy your band of scouts to search the unknown jungles and discover native tribes and the bounty of the islands. When the exploration is done, whoever claims the most valuable jungle plants may be remembered as the most successful explorer! Journey to new and unexplored horizons with Entdecker!

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Klaus Teuber

  • Manufacturer(s): Mayfair Games, Kosmos

  • Year: 2001

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Time: 60 - 120 minutes

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 1,607 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is an international edition or domestic edition of an imported item. Game components are language-independent. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English.

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.4 in 5 reviews

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Great Tile-laying exploration
May 03, 2005

Entdecker is one of my favorite games! Each person takes turns leading a ship on a carefully planned expedition. You can only go "so far" on each expedition and as the game progresses, you reach further and further into uncharted seas until the whole board is filled in with tiles.

The game is another good, sturdy game with great components. The board is a bi-fold cardboard (folds into half, and then in half again). The tiles are sturdy cardboard and the ship is wood. Money is represented as cardboard "coins" and the 1 die for money production has a ship's wheel representing "1".

Complaint: The smallest wooden pieces are round which makes them easy to roll. They easily bump and roll off the table. Similarly sized wooden cubes would have been a better choice.

The game has two parts: sea exploration, during which players take turns leading the wooden ship on expeditions into uncharted waters, forming islands and ending their turn by deploying their choice of manpower onto the last tile they laid (if it has land). The second part is when islands are scored and pawns are moved to the jungle paths to discover rare plants.

Since I play this game during a lunchour, we usually do not play the second part of the game (jungle paths) - we simply remove pawns off scored islands and move on. The game is faster this way and we don't feel like we are missing anything by truncating it like this.

Overall, this is one of my favorite tile-laying games. I'm a big fan of Carcassonne, and in comparison Entdecker has a more satisfactory scoring system. Entdecker is also unique in that you don't lay just 1 tile per turn - you lay as many as you feel you need to for a successful expedition. Sometimes successful expeditions are short (e.g. at the beginning, to secure several money-generating ports), sometimes they are long. Everything depends on how wisely you spend your money.

That, combined with beautiful graphics, a nice balance of luck and skill (you can buy "exact tiles" rather than relying on the luck of the draw, at times) and high replay value, make Entdecker one of my favorite games.

Best Exploration Game Ever!
May 02, 2005
Entdecker seems to get better and better with every game that I play! As an exploration game, it is inevitable that one would find a fair bit of luck in Entdecker. And yet, I actually find this game to be less luck-dependent than any of the Catan games that I have played (also designed by Herr Teuber). I suspect that this is one of the many reasons that I enjoy Entdecker a fair bit more than I do the Settlers series. The key to success in this game is wise money management. One would be tempted to throw everything they've got into a long expedition and the construction of expensive forts and settlements, but (due to the income generating mechanism) this tends to leave a player chronically low on funds while his opponents prosper. With a rules system that can be picked up on quickly, Entdecker will be sailing onto our games table with great regularity, I'm sure.
Family Fun
May 27, 2003

I bought the game before reading any reviews, and (unlike Elixir) I'm glad I did. Most reviews I have read lately are critical. Not that this is a perfect game by any means but I, and my family, do enjoy it.

While the sample game using 'Professor Easy's set-up is useful to play a trial start, it is very confusing if you haven't read the rules, so I recommend reading the rules even though Prof. Easy says you don't have to.

There is a great deal of luck involved, but I have found a couple ways to lessen its effects. One is to try to strand opponents on small paying islands by buying face up tiles if you can afford them. The other is to try to be the only one on an island even if you do have to make it smaller than you'd like.

So far this game has good repeat play value with us.

Settlers' little brother
August 06, 2002

Klaus Teuber envisioned a huge game when he created Settlers of Catan, an idea so huge and sprawling that it was not marketable in its original state. He divided it into three parts and developed each of them separately, releasing them as Settlers of Catan, Entdecker, and Lowenherz. While Settlers has taken its place as THE modern classic board game, Lowenherz has found a niche as something of a gamers' game, and Entdecker struggled on in relative anonymity.

With the release of 'The New Entdecker' Teuber has improved the basic game and made quite a good middleweight game of exploration and discovery. Each player in turn moves a ship through undiscovered tiles on the board, gradually revealing a map full of islands large and small. Players must finance these journeys, and cash management is just one of the many challenges of the game.

There is almost a separate side-game played throughout the main game, where scouts are used to gain influence toward earning bonus chips at the end of the game. The bonus chips can be worth a lot of points, perhaps too many, so it is well worth it to try to gain these chips even at the expense of winning some of the islands on the board.

The components are up to Kosmos' normal high standards, although I feel the land tiles are perhaps a little thinner than I like. The board is gorgeous when filled in, giving a much more satisfying sense of place and completion than Carcassonne or El Caballero, perhaps its two closest competitors in tone and mechanics.

Entdecker is not as light as Carcassonne, not as cutthroat as El Caballero. It falls comfortably into the realm of middleweight board games aimed toward families as well as hardcore gamers. It is a very satisfying game to play, with very few downsides. Recommended.

by Rob Eno
Great Balanced Game of Discovery
March 12, 2002

Entdecker is a great little strategy game of discovery. It plays well in about 1.5 hours. There are lots of decisions to make and many different paths to victory. Do I Try to take the lead in the islands, or do I score low points in the islands in order to take the lead in the jungle huts and the bonus points. This is a very well rounded game

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