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Star Wars Epic Duels
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Store:  Family Games
Theme:  Science Fiction, Star Wars
Format:  Board Games

Star Wars Epic Duels

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 15-45 minutes 2-6

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Milton Bradley

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Product Description

Did you ever wonder...

What would happen if the Force was no longer divided? Jedi Knights could battle each other... Sith Lords could challenge one of their own....

What if classic battles could be recreated and have completely different endings? Imagine the unthinkable. Anakin Skywalker versus Darth Vader. Impossible? Not anymore!

In Epic Duels, you create hundreds of never-before-seen battles or relive classic duels.

Stage your battle in one of four different locations -- a landing platform on Kamino, the Execution Arena on Geonosis, the Carbon-Freeze Room or The Emperor's Throne Room.

Attack and eliminate your opponents one by one, until you're the last one standing. Unlimited thrill -- unending excitement and you control it all!

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Milton Bradley

  • Year: 2002

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 15 - 45 minutes

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 1,118 grams


  • 31 Decorated Plastic Star Wars Figures
  • 4 Battle Scenes (2 double-side gameboards)
  • 12 Character Cards
  • 28 Wound Markers
  • 378 Cards
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Label Sheet
  • Instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 9 reviews

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Most under-acknowledged game ever
February 13, 2006
Epic duels, in my opinion, is one of the most under acknowledged games ever. I was introduced to this game back in 2004 by a few buddies of mine and I have been addicted to it ever since. Even after purchasing and playing about fifty other highly rated games on Funagain, it is still my favorite hands down. Sadly, this game is not manufactured anymore. My girlfriend and I actually had to buy it off of Ebay for about seventy bucks, but it was well worth it. My friends and I enjoy the simplicity of the game all the while having enough strategy as well as luck to keep just about everyone involved. While most games only last about a half an hour, it’s fun enough for everyone to want to play a few more.

I've honestly clocked over half a thousand games on it already in a two-year time span, and it's still a blast to play. While people may believe the dark side characters are over-powered a few of my buddies and I have proven this concept to be false. Three friends of mine and I decided to pair off using the same partner for a full semester, playing over 80 games in this time span, switching between the dark and light sides after each victory. We found out that we were deadlocked with the same amount of victories, thus proving this assumption to be false.

If you have a chance to purchase this game I would highly recommend it. It’s simple. It’s fun. It requires a level of strategy. And it involves enough luck to keep you coming back for more and more and more and more and more.

- L.T.

Summer blockbuster!
July 16, 2003

All the reviews do a good job of describing the pros and cons of the game system and its components. ...But I can't resist adding my .02, so here's a summary:


    • Easy to learn and play.
    • Duels take only 15-20 minutes to play, on average.
    • Can support 2-6 players (more, if you want really long games).
    • Robust system offers open-ended possibilties for scenarios, house rules, and new characters.
    • FUN!
    • Can take hours to play if 6-8 players run a single character deck apiece.
    • Some characters (like the Fetts) can't seem to shake their movie fate (let experienced players handle these characters).
    • Dirt-simple rules and turns of fate that hearken to simpler children's games a turn-off for some.


    • 31 Reasonably well-painted and molded figures for the price. Star Wars RPGers and miniatures gamers rejoice!
    • Excellent board and card art that support the theme well.
    • Pieces in scale to those of The Queen's Gambit (for anyone desirous of making new, custom decks for Epic Duels using those pieces).
    • Parts and pieces encourage gamers to 'kit-bash' their own figures and boards.
    • Cards and boards may not stand up well to repeated plays (but repalcement games can still be had relatively cheaply. A second set for your collection wouldn't hurt, and you still save money over most Euro titles).
    • Flimsy box and inserts. (Picky, picky!)

I've been playing this game for over a year now and it's still fresh, engaging, and fun. If you're a gamer that loves Star Wars, 'fight' games, and chances for light-hearted fun in the process, this game will be the summer blockbuster of your collection.

As a side note, many fans of this game have been busy since the game first appeared designing new boards, decks, and either digging up their old RPG miniatures or creating custom ones for their new creations. Some have built 3-D game boards, borrowed figs from other play sets, or even 'super-size' their games by playing with 3.75" action figures. All this testifies to the joy that the game brings to many of its fans. It seems that if you like this game, you LOVE this game.

In fact, a search of the internet will bring up a few fan sites for the game as well as various reviews and catalog entries. There's is even an active group on Yahoo! Groups for the truly fanatic. So, lots of support for this game exists and is being created by its fans, even though the game is often listed as out of print. If that's important to you, the game is a remarkable bargain.

Get a copy or two for your collection before it's too late!

by Chris
July 07, 2003

First of all dont listen to Jonathan he obviously isn't good enough to play as the dark side. Both sides are perfectly balanced...but who really cares? The whole point of the game is to try out any possibility you can think of. The best part of the game is that you can play teams of mixed light and dark. You can even attach 2 boards together in a 3 vs. 3 game. Some characters cant really defend, others cant really attack. Some are ranged and some aren't. It's using these differences along with the cards you draw, that allows you to win. These characteristics are especially important in 1 vs. 1 games. The artwork is also amazing but it doesn't really enhance the game.

by Jeff
The Force Is With This Game
May 09, 2003

Epic duels is a blast with 2 or 4 players. The games are short. The artwork is very high quality. The components are first rate. And it takes five seconds to set up.

The combat system is straight forward, but creative, and there are lots of tactical decisions you can make even in this very simple game. If you like card-based combat games and are looking for a short game that is great with two players. I'd recommend checking this out.

A great two-player variant is for both players to control two character groups. It adds more depth to the decision-making and the game remains short.

A great game for even the casual fan
June 13, 2002

I bought this game on a basic whim- it is the only one of the recent spate of Episode II games that looked interesting. I couldn't find much on way of a review online, but I am ever glad to have bought it.

What you get: 31 painted plastic figures of various characters from the ENTIRE star wars saga. Most are done well, I am now customizing a few to my taste. These figures are on scale with the excellent 'Queen's Gambit' game released a few years ago. Individualized decks to go with 12 main characters, die, game boards, life tokens.

In this game, you simply have it out in team battle or a free for all with you favorite Star Wars heroes and villians. Recreate favorite scenes from the film, or answer age old questions like, 'Could Vader take Maul?' Possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Game play is fast, most game take 30 min or less, which makes it very friendly to the average gamer. Rules are very simple- and have the freedom to be customized by a more sopisticated gamer. A good example is that characters with ranged weapons can shoot only horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The game supports an easy change to make line of sight combat rules.

Each players chooses (or is dealt) a main character, with 1-2 minor characters helping out. The decks have cards for the majors and minors- attack, defense, and special powers.

4 game boards simulate the Carbon Chamber, the Emperors' Throne Room, the Kamino Landing Platform, and the Geonosis Arena. Mains have specific places to start out, while minors can be placed adjacent to their main.

This game is just plain fun- very good to just have a slugfest between most characters in the Saga. I have heard rumors that an expansion is being planned (ie Qui Gon and Lando are not present), and more locations would be nice- BUT the beauty of this simple little game is that it is so easy to customize. Make your own locations! Create your own deck of Lando/Lobot cards! Or even incorporate some Queen's Gambit pieces and create a Qui-Gon/Theed Guard deck.

For those interested, the decks included are:

Obi-Wan Kenobi/2 Clonetroopers, Mace Windu/2 Clonetroopers, Yoda/2 Clonetroopers, Luke Skywalker/Leia Organa, Han Solo/Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, Darth Maul/2 Battle Droids, Darth Vader/2 Stormtroopers, Count Dooku/2 Super Battle Droids, Emperor Palpatine/2 Royal Guards, Jango Fett/Zam Wesell, Boba Fett/Greedo

by Reed C
Simple and Fun
December 27, 2002

I agree with the previous reviews, which explain the game well. Epic Duels is interesting enough for adults and simple enough for many smart children to play, and the games are quick. Each character has its own deck, which are fairly small and somewhat repetetive, but this is made up for by the number of characters you can play. The character's powers fit in with the movies, or have powers you might imagine they have. I recommend it!

Battle Cry + Magic the Gathering + Starwars = Epic Duels
July 26, 2002

I imagine the true measure of any game is the desire you have to play it again. On that scale SWED is a 10...11...12. The mechanics are simple, learning curve short and game length around 20 minutes. It plays as well with 2 players as with 6. After each match my friends and I were dreaming up new variations of characters for our next battle royale. My sole complaint is the quality of the pieces. The cards are printed on tissue paper. After 4 games the wear was beginning to show. The game boards have a bow to them fresh out of the box. The figures, while better than might be expected based on the rest of the parts, are good for a laugh at best. This may be sacriledge but charge another 10 bucks and improve the quality. This is a darn good game and is going to get played hard. It is certainly not going to hold up to the wear and tear.

by Tom J
Great game but the boards could be larger
July 25, 2002

At first glance this game seemed to be one of those childish kinds where you move your guys and play attack cards, while the other guy plays defense cards. But it is a little more complicated than that. They have added special attacks and powers to the mix to really shake things up. This game uses a system of movment that can be frustrating at times because you can only move one guy sometimes or all your guys based on the die result. Even though this makes the game slightly harder, it adds a new element of strategy to it.

My only complaint is that the game boards are too small when you get larger battles going, but then again we played a game with two adjacent boards, and the time jumped from about 20 minutes to about 50 minutes. So the single small board was probably used to keep the game short and to prevent the gun using charcaters from running all over the place while the Jedi chases them.

All in all it is a good game perfect for when you have some spare time, or if two or more players get eliminated from another game which last much longer aka Risk.

dark side is the weaker side
May 08, 2003

I was excited when I first get to play the game, imagine myself as one of the Star Wars character. I played with a couple of friends first. It was a lot of fun choosing the characters and slowly figure out the advantages of the characters after a couple games. After the party, me and one of my friend keep on playing with only 2 people. That's when we figure out something. The dark side is a lot weaker than the Good side. The percentage of winning with the dark side is slim. It was a fun game, but after knowing the weakness, no one wants to go to the dark side anymore.

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