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The Settlers of Canaan
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Store:  Family Games
Series:  Settlers of Catan
Theme:  Religious
Genre:  Trading, Civilization Building
Format:  Board Games

The Settlers of Canaan

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 45-60 minutes 2-4

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Product Description

Each player represents a tribe of Israel who is seeking to be the first to settle Canaan! Guide your tribe throughout the fertile lands of Canaan. Each hex space will yield a certain resource that you can cash in for roads, settlements, and cities. Harvest resources of stone and ore from the land to help build Jerusalem and receive King David's blessing. Harvest timber, grain, wool, and brick to build more roads and settlements to expand your territory!

But work quickly! Your opponents are moving to settle the most fertile parts of Canaan! You also need to be wary, as a plague could come upon you at any time and destroy your harvest!

Product Information


  • Rules Book
  • 60 roads (15 each white, red, orange, blue)
  • 20 Settlements (5 each white, red, orange, blue)
  • 16 Cities (4 each white, red, orange, blue)
  • 4 Building Costs Cards
  • 1 Plague Marker
  • 1 Fixed Game Map Board of Canaan
  • 115 Resource Cards (23 each Bricks, Wool, Lumber, Grain, Ore)
  • 35 Development Cards (20 Priests, 11 Events, 4 Victory Point)
  • 3 Special Cards: Longest Road, Most Priests, King's Blessing
  • 80 Building Stone Markers
  • 4 Victory Point Markers
  • 2 Dice

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.6 in 8 reviews

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by Erik
The game is a not explained enough in the rules
July 19, 2015

There could be a LOT more details when it comes to explaining how points are awarded.

FIRST - Points can be bought - We came to the conclusion that it was as simple as BUYING points via stones of Jerusalem..... that makes this to be a 3 minute game to win and a frustrating one end of the board is all that matters result.

SECOND - 2-1 ratio card for most stones - The most stones award can be awarded with one(1) stone - it should have a minimum. Or the card should be eliminated as this still makes the game VERY unbalanced on one end of the board by placing or driving ALL settlements to placed initially at or NEAR Jerusalem.

Please Fix the game, WIDELY broadcast the error AND offer updated cards so the game can be played correctly.

I will only play the game because I made these alterations. 1. Stones - ZERO points 2. Kings Blessing Card is not awarded unless player has built 1 city and a minimum of 3 Jerusalem stones I would NOT play the game again as is..... therefore - a review of 1

PS - I will submit this report directly to the manufactures as I hope it is corrected. I will also check back on my review to be sure others can benefit from these changes.

I Want to Give It 5 Stars
July 06, 2003

Do not be turned off by the religious theme, Settlers of Canaan is a very good game. The Settlers mechanics are kept intact and new concepts are introduced which add to the original game, not detract from it. You can add a brick to the temple by spending a brick and ore, the largest army card is replaced by the most priests card, and there are new, creative development cards, among other things.

After reading the previous reviews I was prompted to write my own. On one hand, my complaint wasn't addressed, on the other, I think all the complaints (mine included) are minor. Yes, the cards are lighter weight than in 'Settlers of Catan', and yes the 'bricks' are too big to fit into the spaces given, and perhaps there are too many red numbers on hills. I don't have a big problem with these things, my problem is with the number distribution. In the original there were 2 of each number except 2 and 12 of which there was 1 each, numbers were easy to keep track of. In Settlers of Canaan there are, for example, one 2, four 3s, three 4s, five 5s, etc. You must scour the board at least once each roll to make sure you didn't miss one.

Taken together all these minor faults do require me to give the game less than 5 stars, but I hate to. Settlers of Canaan is every bit as good as the original.

by Wong SH
Well converted but lacking proper manufacturing
June 11, 2003

Usually, I don't see Christianising well-known boardgames a good idea, since they sometimes over-do it, i.e. stretch the theme too far. But this 'conversion' is quite well done, with the resources and mapping well thought out. To response to an earlier reviewer: the resource ports are designed to be at the same resource hex because they are to be traded for other resources, i.e. 3 wheat for something else at a wheat port. It makes perfect sense because why would I need a wheat port if I dont own a wheat hex. The development cards have to be powerful to encourage their purchase, since as observed, roads and settlements are rather easy to build with abundant wood and stones. My main gripe with the game is one of the issues the reviewer mentioned. It is not double of black building blocks. It is blue but so dark it is almost black. Also the pieces are too big. Cactus game design makes up for this with a discount for the next purchase. But since it is useless to an international buyer, I would rather they maunfacture it right in the first place. Hence 4-stars.

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