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Management Material
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Store:  Strategy Games, Card Games
Theme:  Office
Format:  Card Games

Management Material

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 15 minutes 2-5

Designer(s): Dave Cook, Eric Life-Putnam, Don Moffett

Publisher(s): Zipwhaa

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So you want an office / business card game ... look elsewhere.
June 19, 2003

Well I got this game hoping for the best, and found a half hearted attempt to make the same jokes you see every week in the Dilbert cartoons, only not quite as funny, or endearing. The game is really not stratgic at all, decisions are made, but they are few and far between. And since buying this game, I have found a much better, computer/office humor card game. If you are in a mood for a humorous office joke card game, pick up Burn Rate, its a much better game...and one I will be comparing quite a bit in this review.


The cards are nice enough, not great, about the quality of aviator, but more rigid, they just look they will wear out in a hurry, but as I shuffle them, there is no reason for me to feel that way. The main problem I have is the backs on the two decks look WAY TOO alike, the only differnce is the color of the font across the right corner.


Easy enough to pick up and play. This is a two deck game, and some just get lost when the second set of cards comes out. But its easy enough, you get a hand of resources, and a deck of assignments to create problems that eat your resources. When you get caught with 30 points of assignments you lose. However the only real decisions are, dodge the project, or decide to eat it, hoping you can last longer. The only other add ons are cards that just move all the kept assignments to the right or left, and that is a little too much screwing of every player for my taste. I am all for the last place guy attacking the top guy, but everyone having their strategy cave in is just a little too much, especially with there being no counter card.


This game is VERY luck based, which as I have stated in many reviews, I dont think is so bad in a card game. However I have to say, I just dont find the play of this game fun at all, so I attack the most obvious area, the extreme luck involved. As a yardstick, I think there is more strategy in 'Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot' the game that ends with a lottery. In Burn Rate, you have much more control, and no card is 'broken' so you can attack, but never cripple everyone at the same time.


Yea, avoid this game, and get Burn Rate, you will thank me later. My only advise is to take the really hardcore 'Event' cards out of the Assignments deck, so the game cant be completely turned on end.


I cant state enough that Burn Rate is a better game, so now let me give you a list of reasons:

1. Both are funny, but the jokes here die fast, and really ONLY apply to cubicle dwellers. In Burn Rate, anyone that is familiar with the internet will get a chuckle.

2. Burn Rate has the ability to mess with people nearly every turn, creating a very competitive game, this is almost ALL LUCK.

3. Burn Rate has two decks just like Management Material, but you can easily tell the difference in the decks, without needing a jewelers loop (yes that is an exaggeration)

4. Burn Rate not only has more jokes, but much better ones, even jokes that tie into gameplay.

5. Burn Rate has better art (although it is a bit of a horse race).

In conclusion, I gave this the extra star (to make a total of 2) because at first glance some of the jokes here are good for a genuine chuckle, but after that, its all gone.

by Allan
A great parity of reality
September 27, 2002

After playing Management Material with some friends we found that it was easy, fast and kept our attention. We weren't looking for a game to play that would take a long time, and this game provided that for us. It is obviously made just to make you laugh, and is quite addictive, even with its simple design.

For unwinding and just laughing with friends this is a must play game. Each person who plays seems to notice either an excuse that they personally use, or one that has been used by somebody they know.

Great game.

A light-hearted introduction to card gaming
September 02, 2002

Sure, M.M may not have all the depth of strategy as Advanced Squad Leader, but so what? It's a fun little game to take to a bar or party and kill some time with. This is a very user-friendly game that can be used to introduce non-gamers to the wonderful world of gaming: It probably won't hold anyone's attention for a long time, but it's perfect to open the door.

For more experienced gamers who want to up the strategy and reduce the randomness of who wins, I recommend removing the Events that cause everyone to shift all their Projects to the next player. I think the idea of Event cards was under used in the game.

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