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Ages Players
8+ 1 or more

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro

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  • Please note that due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship HASBRO products outside the United States.

Product Description

Superplexus is the awesome skill-and-action game from the makers of Bop-It! You'll need a very steady hand and a sharp eye as you rotate Superplexus through 360 degrees, guiding the ball along the numbered path--up, down, over, and back--as you race to complete the maze in the quickest time!

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Hasbro

  • Year: 2002

  • Players: 1 or more

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 749 grams

  • In order to play Superplexus, you will have to provide 3 'AAA' batteries

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.6 in 16 reviews

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Great Fun, Great Looking & Well Built
May 12, 2004

I bought this maddening puzzle for myself and ended up buying 3 more for friends!

It's very well built and looks great too, a good coffee table conversation piece.

Can be played with or without batteries, but if you want the music/light effects and top scores saved, install the batteries.

Each of the three levels can be practiced and the game can be paused, but if paused, high score will not be saved.

These are getting very difficult to find, so if you do see one, don't hesitate to grab it!

Wonderfully Fun and Creative
January 09, 2004

Little did I know what an insanely fun, creative, and addictive ball of joy Superplexus would be. It screams to be played with, and when others see it, say goodbye to it while they have their turns. It really feels like it's stretching and stimulating your brain in ways you never thought possible. I cannot recommend this little gem more highly.

by Paz
Is It a Maze? Is It a Puzzle?
November 05, 2003

Is It a Maze? Is It a Puzzle? Whatever it is, it's downright maddening. And I'm hooked. I was never really interested in this type of puzzle, but as a reviewer stated previously, it's genius. It's a totally engrossing experience, and if you've got several hours to spare, get lost in the Superplexus for a while.

I'd give it 50 stars, if I could
October 08, 2003

i cannot stress enough how creative the guy who made this is. He must of had way too much free time on his hands. If I were you, I'd be rushing to the car to go to toys r us right now, I got this for my birthday and i can't find it anywhere. other than that this is the best toy ever.

by Sarah
The coolest toy on the market
May 06, 2003

This is my favorite game. I've beat it ten times. My best score for the game is 2:14 and for level 1 is 12 seconds. I recommend this game to anyone who has children and for anyone who gets bored on long car trips. Almost everyone in my family has one and at family parties there are usually at least three floating around. I got this in October for my birthday and have played it ever since. My cousin is so good at it that he can do the first level with his eyes closed. Then again, he has grown up with it ever since he was about 5 (he is 12 now)

Keep the ball rolling
March 26, 2003

This is a great little device. Insidious and evil at the same time. You will think you can do it very easily after you conquer the first part but then the trouble begins. Gravity, hand-eye coordination and the strange sounds that seem to get into your head at the wrong moment as you try to guide the little ball through some incredible path that seems to defy every law of physics known to man.

If you want to drop a bomb on a group of people that are just sitting around take this out of the box and roll it across the floor. They'll clamor for a turn and howl at the failures of of their peers.

by Wendy
Pure Genius!
February 28, 2003

Who makes this stuff up? Someone did a brilliant job of designing this puzzle/game which is an amazingly wonderful little toy you can take with you anywhere.

Guide a steel ball over suspended tracks, some zig zag, some without edges, and many different obstacles while being timed. Score records and keeps the best time in each of three levels. All contained within a well constructed ball made of super sturdy plastic.

When is SUPERPLEXUS 2 coming out...?

I want it bigger, better and even MORE challenging!!

by Kirk
Amazing Game
February 16, 2003

This game is out of this world. So much fun and very addicting. I cannot put it down. I've had mine about a month and still have not beaten it, though I am very close. Get away from the electronic games and play this one. You won't be disappointed. Buy it now!!!!!!!!

by Sean
Addictive, Challenging Fun
February 08, 2003

I cannot praise this new maze game enough. After two months it still is popular with all ages (adult, teen, and child) at my house.

The maze is contained entirely within a clear plastic sphere and your job is to manuever the metal ball through 100 different tricks to reach the end. The challenge is divided into 3 phases so that you can practice challenge #72 quickly without having to start back at #1. The challenges are wonderfully diverse (and sometimes a bit difficult to figure out)but will make you smile when you encounter one for the first time.

The game requires 3 'AAA' batteries which makes its timer function. At first I was very down on the timer and the pulsating music but neither must be 'on' to enjoy the maze. The timer has grown on me as a way of challenging myself since I have begun to master the maze. I even have been known to enable the music, too.

We have a Brio labrynith and Tomy's classic Snafu at our house already, but I believe that Superplexus will become the most treasured of all the maze games. A must purchase

The Extreme Maze!
January 11, 2003

This game is super awesome! Just can't put it down until you get through it. Great for anyone, from kid, to teen, to adult! I enjoyed playing with it a lot, and it is great for passing time. When my mom's working or when dinner's almost ready, it's better than video games!

Amazing game, you have to try!
December 27, 2002

This game was designed by a genius! It seems deceptively simple at first, but gains in complexity. Hard to put down until you master every level. Try it with and without the sound. The music can be annoying but can be shut off easily for concentration. The genius, is that most of the ramps are used on multiple sides, and the tricks get harder to pull off.

Live inside an Escher drawing
December 13, 2002

You've got to try this! I like to play it without the music and timer because then I can take my time and get lost in it. My son and husband like to use the timer to try and beat their previous scores. It's great to have the choice of playing an electronic game without the electronics. In our extended family everyone has played with it from ages 5 to 80. The best part is that you have to turn the whole game every which way to play it. It's like living inside of an M.C. Escher drawing because you find yourself rolling backwards, upside-down and seemingly defying gravity! I've seen people outside of our family line up to take turns with it, and it appeals to all ages equally for those who like a challenge. Great game!!

by Sarah
Addictive and very entertaining!
October 22, 2002

This is the best game in the world. The inventor did a great job designing the game. This game is a great buy. I got one for my birthday and I play with it all the time. I took it to school with me a few times and everyone loved playing it. They begged for me to bring it back the next day. You should try it. All my friends are addicted to it. It is also a good travel game because it doesn't have small parts to use.

Labyrinth for Generation Next. Bad soundtrack included.
May 17, 2004

I have always enjoyed puzzle games such as this. Most are simple affairs that take some thought to figure out. After you know the solution you try to see how fast you can do it until you are tired of it. Superplexus is much the same, but doesn't require thought so much as dexterity. It is one of the better puzzles in a dexterity/maze format. Superplexus is designed to get harder as you work your way nearer the end of the maze. You will be surprised just how much track can be fitted into a clear plastic ball.

I brought Superplexus to work several weeks ago, co-workers still ask when I'm going to bring it back. It was quite popular with my co-workers. (Yes, I do have a job. I don't spend all my time playing and reviewing games.)

On the downside, Superplexus has the most annoying, I repeat, the most annoying sounds emanating from it. Fortunately, you can turn the sound off. My Superplexus was dropped once and now the timer no longer works. Apparently it won't stand much abuse either. When it did function properly the timer wasn't very good at sensing when the ball passed the sensors to record your time on each phase of the game.

All in all, it is quite an addictive little toy/puzzle. The electronic components seem to not be necessary in my estimation, but electronic bells and whistles will be a selling point to 99% of the rest of the population. If you have the patience to figure out dexterity puzzles buy this one.

Surprisingly fun dexterity game
January 25, 2004

The three mazes in this odd little ball range from tough to borderline impossible. The numbers that one must pass along each path are difficult to see at the best of times. The heatbeat that accompanies your moves is maddening. And yet... this is fun!

I am not a fan of dexterity games, but I found this one fairly involving. It is a well-crafted game and it looks suitably spacey and weird sitting on your coffee table. It practically begs to be lifted up and tried. The only reason this did not receive a five star rating is that, as I said, the numbers along the path are excruciatingly hard for me to see, and I can not be the only person having this trouble. A constrasting color for these numbers would have made this well-nigh perfect for an action and dexterity game.

Good value here. Recommended.

by Marla
Extraordinarily fun for ages 6-80
January 19, 2004

My 6 year old daughter saw this and had to have it. I didn't think she could do it, but she uses it a lot and loves it. Surprising, it is just as fun for adults. Her uncles, a physics major and a mechanical software guru can't get enough of it either.]

They went searching on the web looking for one of these because you can't get it at the local toy store anymore.

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