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Advanced European Theater of Operations
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Store:  War Games
Theme:  World War 2
Genre:  War & Combat
Format:  Board Games

Advanced European Theater of Operations

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Product Description

This is an update of the European Theater of Operations game published by TSR/SPI. It is a corps-level simulation of the battle in Europe during World War II.

Advanced ETO is much more than just another World War II strategy game; Advanced ETO is an accurate simulation of the war in Europe, with historically accurate forces and combat units! All of the game's combat units have been exhaustively researched for technical accuracy (derived from the actual military TO&Es of World War II). The naval and air units have been meticulously recreated as well, reflecting the authentic performance and abilities of these implements of war.

Better yet, Advanced ETO's production model is an exact duplication of the actual production figures from the Second World War, providing players with a genuine simulation of the industrial aspect of World War II in Europe. As such, Advanced ETO contains almost twice as many pieces as the original ETO (over 2200!), including new mechanized, mountain, commando and cavalry units, additional naval and aircraft types, more Generals and even Admirals. For you naval buffs; Advanced ETO now contains absolutely every capital ship that existed during World War II, including additional aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and raiders. Advanced ETO even includes numerous naval vessels that were planned but never completed-allowing the players some very interesting "what if" possibilities. If air power is your forte, Advanced ETO includes just about every type of combat air unit that saw action in Europe during World War II. This includes many of the rare types, such as the P-61 "Black Widow," the Fw 200 "Condor," Yak-9, Bloch 174, "Defiant" and many, many more.

And that's not all!

Advanced ETO has two new beautiful 23 x 34 inch maps that encompass all of Europe and North Africa-everything from the icy Arctic Ocean to the deserts of the Middle East, including over 38 nations and territories, newly researched topography, additional cities and ports (such as Dresden, Leeds, Gorki, and even the Azores, just to name a few). Newly added technically accurate rail road lines, updated resource areas, plus additional rivers and lakes. Virtually every aspect of World War II in Europe is here. Best of all, Advanced ETO can be played as an exciting grand strategic game (from the beginning of the war to the end), or as one of the many quick campaigns or scenarios.

Product Information


  • 2240 mounted, full color die cut counters
  • Assorted Player Aid sheets
  • 2 Rules Books
  • 2 34" x 22" maps
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 1 eight-sided die
  • storage bags

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 2 reviews

by Gunner Joe
This is Great
February 25, 2014

This is the best WW II simulation available (and will remain so unless Europa is ever finished). World in Flames is primarily a game, and Struggle for Europe has a naval system that sucks. I've been gaming over 40 years and this one has remained my fav since it came out. Coupled with Advanced Pacific Theatre of Operations and Africa Orientale Italiane it provides a complete simulation of the entire war that is realistic and sufficintly complex.

A complex and engrossing game
July 05, 2004

This game is an update of the older game. The game is probably best understood as a simulation of the war and not a game per se. As the game is broken down into monthly operation turns and quarterly production turns, the game takes scores of hours to play.

The detail is impressive and at the same time frustrating due to having numerous similar but not identically capable units. The rules can be daunting to look at (the rule booklets are 144 pages long) but those familair with the original game will be able to quickly master the updates. The rules have been improved by having numerous discussions and examples of rule useage.

Overall, the game is an imminently realistic recreation of WWII but I would not classify it as a game. Personally, I have tweeked the rules and production models extensively to make it more of a 'What If' rather than strictly a simulation. The detail and variety in the units is both its strength and a frustration. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 9 based on its potential and its accuracy as a simulation and I would give it a 5 based on it being over complex and its rules that force a historical war (which makes it less of a game or 'What If' simulation)

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