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Star Munchkin
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Star Munchkin

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Play Time Players
60 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Steve Jackson

Publisher(s): Steve Jackson Games

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Product Description

The Munchkins are back--but now they're in space! Now they're Mutants, Androids, and Cat People... grabbing Lasers, Vibroswords, and Nova Grenades... fighting Fanged Fuzzballs, Bionic Bimbos, and the Brain In A Jar. This is a complete game using the best-selling Munchkin rules (with a few new twists like Sidekicks). Yes, it CAN be combined with Munchkin! And, of course, it features the twisted humor of Steve Jackson and the wacky cartoons of John Kovalic.

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Steve Jackson

  • Publisher(s): Steve Jackson Games

  • Artist(s): John Kovalic

  • Year: 2002

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 60 minutes

  • Weight: 442 grams

  • In order to play Star Munchkin, you will have to provide 10 tokens per player


  • 168 cards
  • rules
  • 1 die

Game Errata:

Page 4 of the rulesheet, under Sidekicks, replace "You may discard one Sidekick at any time in order to play another." with "You may discard Sidekicks at any time."

In the second printing and beyond, Cyborg now says:
Starts at Level 2. A Level 1 character who becomes a Cyborg becomes Level 2. A Cyborg character can never go below Level 2 in the same way that normal characters can't go below Level 1. If killed, the Cyborg may choose instead to lose 2 Levels (or go to Level 2) and stay alive.

Miniaturized should say "(Minimum Level 1)". Also, add at the end of its text "... (minimum of 1)."

Paralysis Wand should say "1 Hand".

Space Vampire is Undead. This is fixed in the fourth printing.

Star Munchkin has the following expansions available:

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 3 reviews

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Get a clue!
January 27, 2003

So you purchased Munchkin and couldn't understand how to play. Then you purchased Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe and still couldn't buy yourself a clue how to play. For some reason you thought Space Munchkin would be your savior and rescue you from your gaming cluelessness. A warning to those in this situation, backspace and look for 'Sorry' or 'Don't Spill the Beans'. Space Munchkin is a great expansion to the Munchkin line and adds a 'd20 Modern' flare to the original. You can really mess with your buddies now. Play it as an expansion or a stand alone, you will still have fun.

In space they can here you scream
December 08, 2002

Just like many Horror movies, Munchkin is now in space.

Star Munchkin is basically the same as the original, updated with a futuristic flare and some interesting new rules.

The set still features high quality cards with humorous illustrations by John Kovilac. The cards are slightly improved with the addition of more colors and description text. The set even includes a die this time around which is a plus.

The game provides some rules for mixing the cards together with Munchkin & Unnatural Axe. Ahhhhh the though of killing the cursed Floating Nose with a BannanaFanaFoPhaserMazerDazer brings a tear to my eye.

If you love Munchkin, this game will not disappoint you. Especially if you name happens to be Ray, in Munchkin fashion there is a card that will give you a huge bonus. Just dont wear a red shirt, you may meet an untimely demise.

Same as original with new theme
October 24, 2002

This is the same game as Munchkin, with different very amusing cards. The rules are the same except for very minor new things (like lasers) so the game is still very dependent on luck. There are a few improvements to the cards themselves. The portal (door) cards are different colors from the treasure cards, on both sides so it is less likely that people will mix up the piles. The race and class cards have the words 'race' and 'class' written on them so there is no confusion for new players. If you enjoyed the original you will enjoy this one. There are rules for combining the two as well, although the group I play with has collectively decided, in a very unmunchkin like manner, not to do so and instead keep the genres separate.

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