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Squeeze Phrase
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Store:  Word, Party Games, Family Games
Genre:  Word Games

Squeeze Phrase

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Ages Players
10+ 2-4

Manufacturer(s): Reveal Entertainment

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Product Description

A mind-bending word recognition game as players race to break coded word sequencesbreak codes, score points. Players are dealt a Squeeze Phrase card with 5 categories and a one-word code. The race to solve them is on. At any point a player feels they have correctly identified three codes, they have the option of going for bonus points by solving all five puzzles, or can pick up the "squeezie" and force all players to pass their cards. After four rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Product Information


  • 180 Squeeze Phrase cards
  • 60 Super Squeeze cards
  • 1 Squeezie
  • 1 Play Pad
  • 1 Score Pad

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 1 review

Combines several game concepts into one great game
September 01, 2005

Squeeze Phrase is a unique game. That's probably the best way to describe it. Being the first to review it, I will give you a synopsis of how to play.

There are 2 rounds. In round 1 you deal one card and a piece of paper to each player. In the center of the table a ball sits within reach of all the players. You can't look at your card until everyone's ready and someone says "Go!".

The cards contain 5 phrases (each in a different category) that have the vowels removed. Each phrase is assigned a point value (higher points for harder ones, lower points for easier ones). Once you have written out the answers to 3 or more of the phrases you can grab the ball and holler "Squeeze Phrase!".

Now everyone must stop writing and pass their card to the left. You continue doing the same thing with your new card. This goes on until you get back the card you started the round with.

Now it's time to check your answers. If playing with people you don't trust, then pass answer sheets to the next person to check them. For each phrase that you have solved correctly, you get the points assigned to it on the card. If you have solved all 5 of the phrases you get a 5 point bonus.

Round 2 is played the same way, except the phrases on these cards don't even have the spaces to delineate where one word ends and another starts. Also the point values are all doubled. Plus now you only need 2 answers written down in order to grab the ball and call "Squeeze Phrase!".

Squeeze Phrase is an unusual game in that it is not just a puzzle solving game. Once you get used to the style of the puzzles every one is pretty much on a level playing field. The trick to this game is making quick decisions. These are the kinds of questions you will ask yourself: Should I spend my time writing out that really long answer to get the bonus points? Should I grab the ball and make everyone else pass before they have time to finish? Should I go straight for the high point phrases even though it will take longer? Should I race through those low point ones and hit everybody before they have time to think?

These quick decisions combined with the nice components (the ball is sweet), make this a great game. The only downside? Not enough cards to give it extensive replay-ability. And believe me, you'll want to play again and again.

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