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Ages Players
10+ 2 or more

Designer(s): Frank Sobyak

Manufacturer(s): Reveal Entertainment, Gather Around Games

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Product Description


Have you ever had experiences that sound too outrageous to be true?

Ever survived a fiasco with only the thought that it would make a good story some day?

Been in a situation where you couldn't wait to tell you friends?

Sure! Absolutely! We've all had crazy experiences! And sharing these experiences is what makes FIB-OR-NOT? so fun to play.

Here's how it works

Players take turns telling stories based on humorous subject cards they select. Listeners try to guess if the storyteller is telling a tall tale or the real deal. The more listeners you bamboozle, the more spaces you move forward.

You can't begin to imagine some of the crazy true stories you'll hear. And, you'll fall down laughing at the preposterous stories you'll believe.

It's easy! - Anyone can play and it's great for all ages....

It's engaging! - Everyone participates every turn....

And it's fun! - Play it at parties, neighborhood get-togethers, family outings, sleepovers, reunions, campouts, team-building events or any place people gather for fun!

Now it's your turn to play

Dig up an old memory... or let your imagination run wild! Watch your friends laugh as they listen in amazement.

Then sit back and smile as everyone wonders... "Is it a FIB... or NOT?"

Bring the laughter to your next get-together... bring FIB-OR-NOT?

Product Information


  • FIB-OR-NOT? game board
  • 162 FIB-OR-NOT? story card
  • 1 minute and 30 second timer
  • 6 colored game pawns
  • 12 colored FIB and OR NOT voting pieces
  • 24 colored stickers to apply on matching colored voting pieces

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 2 in 1 review

I'd be fibbing if I told you to pick this game up.
December 08, 2003

Now, Ive always been taught by my parents that its wrong to lie. This, of course, never stopped me from lying to them as a child, but because of my poor lying skills I almost always was caught. So the title Fib or Not? gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, it immediately made me think of my poor lying skills. On the other, I wondered if I could fool people. And, the box said that the game was outrageously funny. So, I gave Fib or Not, a party game by Gather Around Games, a try.

So is Fib or Not a good game? The answer is that, while fun, it is most certainly not a game. So the game is worth getting only if you want to have a fun activity, but not a game. Now for a longer, more explanatory answer.

First, a short description of game play.

A game board is set in the middle of the table which is basically a scoring track in the shape of a question mark. Each player chooses a color, and takes the pawn and two voting pieces of their color. All the pawns are placed on the Start square. The voting pawns have a question mark on one side, and Fib or Or Not on the other. A deck of cards is shuffled and placed on the board, and each player draws a card. There are two categories of cards. The first are cards that say things such as Yeah, right! or Good Story Telling!. These cards cause the drawer to either move backwards one, or forward one to three spaces. They then draw another card. The other category of cards instructs the bearer to tell a story about something (an event that youll never forget, a time when you were scared, the best present you ever received, having to share a room with someone, etc.). Each player then takes their turn, in clockwise order.

On their turn, the player reads their card to the other players. They then put one of their chips forward, face down. A 90 second timer is flipped, and the person starts telling their story. If they put forward the Or Not? chip, they must tell a true story from their past. If they put out the Fib chip, however, they must make up a story. When they finish their lie (or truth), they ask Is it a fib.or not? All other players must then put a voting piece face down on the board in a box that says Vote here!, trying to guess whether the story is true or false. The storyteller then flips his piece and explains why the story is a lie or truth. The players chips are then turned over and scoring occurs. The player telling the story gets one point (moves one space) for each player that voted incorrectly. Each player who guessed correctly whether the story was a lie or not also gets a point. The player then discards his card and draws another, passing his turn to the next player. The first person to reach the finish space is the winner!

Some comments on the game.

1). Components: The box is of decent quality, with cartoonish artwork on it. It holds the pieces fine, with a cardboard insert. The box is probably too big for the amount of pieces you get in the game. The timer is a good quality minute and a half timer. The chips are of very good quality, about an inch in diameter, and rather thick. A sheet of stickers comes with the game to be put on the chips. These stickers stick well, and look sharp on their matching colors. As with many party games, the board is superfluous but it does look nice, with more cartoony art. We found it easy to just have each player put their voting chips out in front of themselves rather then in the box on the board. About 150 okay quality cards are included in the game, but as the cards dont get handled too much, its not a problem. The cards are easy to read, and some have pictures on them but nothing spectacular. A little card also comes in the game giving small tips on game play.

2). Rules: The rules come on a single sheet of bright yellow paper. The font and layout is nice, but they arent always completely clear. The front side of the sheet explains the rules, while the other side has story telling tips, how to lie better, and other guidelines for playing the game. These are somewhat helpful, but are really common sense. One clarity for telling fibs is a good one that a minor detail cannot be changed to make something a fib/truth.

3). Who should play: People who laugh constantly, have a hard time talking, or who dont like to talk shouldnt play this game. But we found out that its not too hard to lie or figure out whos lying. The hard thing of the game is not lying, but thinking of something that no one who is playing doesnt know about. For this reason, couples who keep few or no secrets from each other will have a hard time thinking of stories that their spouses dont know about. I would recommend that when playing with couples, that the couples should be on the same team. Most of my best stories that I have about myself my wife knows, so I was thinking of miniscule, stupid things I may have never told her. Everyone who played the game enjoyed themselves, though. People who we thought would be bad liars did okay, because they did poorly when telling the truth, so people thought they were lying.

4). Is it a game? : Because of the random nature of guessing if a person is lying or not, its hard for anyone to get many points. We found that most of the time, half of the people voted one way, while the rest voted the other, and the points balanced out. The way people got ahead, was by drawing cards that allowed them to move spaces. These cards are ridiculous, and add a degree of randomness to the game, so much so that the winner is almost entirely random. This will frustrate people who want to win.

5). Fun Factor: However, even though there isnt much of a game here, Fib or not? is a lot of fun. Some of the stories that people told about themselves were real eye openers, and others were so ridiculous, but yet true! We all enjoyed the game quite a bit, so much so that no one cared who won.

However, Im not sure that I would recommend getting the game. Malarky is very similar, and I think its a much better game. Fib or Not? is a very easy going game, and is a fun activity, but its not a game. I only recommend getting it if you are looking for a fun party activity, and already have most other party games.

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