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Risk: The Lord of the Rings
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Risk: The Lord of the Rings

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Ages Players
9+ 2-4

Publisher(s): Hasbro, Parker Brothers

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Product Description

Many, many years ago the One Ring was forged by the Dark Lord Sauron to control all of Middle-earth. Naturally, its awesome strength is much desired by those who wish for power. For a long time its whereabouts remained secret, but recently its power has been sensed again in the land of its creation. The forces of evil are mounting a ferocious hunt to find the One ring, while those of a gentler nature are keen to keep it from their reach.

This special edition of Risk allows you to decide the fate of the people of Middle-earth. you will play either a Good or an Evil force trying to gain control of the land. Unite your forces in battle to ensure that Middle-earth falls into the right hands.

You may also choose to use the Risk The Lord of the Rings gameboard to play standard Risk, by leaving out the special elements.

Note: This game features the first two parts of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, so it does not include Gondor or Mordor.

Product Information


  • 20" x 20" Gameboard
  • 1 Gold tone pewter Ring
  • 4 Armies
  • 42 Territory cards
  • 2 Wild cards
  • 40 Adventure cards
  • 3 Red dice
  • 2 Black dice
  • 1 Instruction booklet

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 13 reviews

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LOTR Risk is better but not all that
July 17, 2006

Risk is an ok game. I played the original style and fell in love with battle and war games. I own a copy of the LOTR edition, and i have to say that it is better, so it's the one i'm rating.

There are a lot of extra rules in LOTR edition that make gameplay more fun. it also can shorten the game and the winning is decided on a point system, which is good, because this game can wear out a long time before one person takes the board.

The major drawback to risk is the battle system. if you go by the rules in the book, then the whole game is just back and forth until someone messes up and gets themselves defeated. its a good idea to use a different battle system and find one that works for risk.

The only time i ever play it is when i get tired of all my other games. it sets up a lot faster than anything else i have and takes a couple of hours to play.

If your not used to any kind of battling board game, the get your feet wet with Risk, then check out something better.

by John
Best board game ever!
March 10, 2004

I love the game, so many ways to play it. Lord of the Rings Risk has strategies, alternate rules, battle, 2-6 players...its got it all. New to this game which sets it apart from old Risk, is that it has Leaders, Strongholds, and Sites of Power. This adds many more elements of strategy. Risk fans will love it even more than the original. Lord of the Rings Risk RULES!!!! Cool site for it >>> Http://

Excellent game and lots of fun!
January 10, 2004

Risk: Lord of the Rings Edition turned out to be an excellent game. I was expecting just another cruddy boardgame sequel like all the monopolies, but this new risk really impressed me! With a completely different map, one must develop new strategies of war and conquest and, of course, take plenty of risks! I implore you to buy this game, it is as good as, if not better than, the original risk boardgame.

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