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Store:  Family Games
Edition:  Sorry!
Series:  Sorry
Format:  Board Games


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Play Time Players
45 minutes 2-4

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Parker Brothers

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Average Rating: 3.7 in 3 reviews

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March 11, 2002

I've had this game for many years, but mostly just for play with kids. A few days ago, however, a friend suggested we pull it out and play the 'adult' version. Strangely, I'd never done so, even though it's right there in the rules. What a surprise! A mediocre game suddenly turned into quite a good game: much more interesting and fun! Allowing each player to hold five cards in their hand gives them the ability to plan attacks and defenses, combinations of moves that will get one into the goal, etc. There's actually some serious decision making: which card to play, which to hold on to for possible later use, which pieces to move/not move, hoping for that lucky draw, etc. As the previous reviewer said, it's still not a GREAT game, but good, and one I'd be happy to play some more.

Play the "adult variation"
January 18, 2001

While the standard rules for this game yield a game with very little strategy, if you play the 'adult variation' described in the rules (basically, each player has a hand of five cards and can choose which card to play on their turn, instead of simply playing the top card on the draw pile), the game gains much that makes it attractive to older children and adults. Strategy, planning, and forethought turn a children's game into a great game.

While even this variation doesn't make Sorry! the best game in the universe, the adult variation does make it a good short game or 'warmup' game for your game night.

A fun game for children and young families.
November 25, 2000

Sorry! is one of those old classics that one finds in so many game collections. While it does not hold much for adults, it is a fine game for children and families.

The object of the game is for the player to get all 4 of his/her pawns from the Start space all the way around the board to the Home space.

Movement is determined by a deck of cards; the cards are numbered 1 thru 12 (but there are no 6's or 9's), with special instructions or options available on some denominations. For instance, a '2' also allows the player to draw again. A '4' must be used to move a pawn backwards. A '7' can be split between two pawns. A '10' moves a pawn forward ten or backward one. An '11' allows the player to move a pawn forward that number, or switch places with a pawn of an opponent's color.

There are also the 'nasty' Sorry! cards, which allow a player to take a pawn from his Start space and replace an opponent's pawn, sending it to its respective Start space.

Slide zones exist around the board, providing movement bonuses. If a pawn ends its movement on the triangle at the start of the slide zone, it 'slides' forward to the end of the zone.

If a pawn ends its movement on space occupied by an opponent's pawn, it sends that pawn all the way back to its Start. Likewise, if a pawn slides through a space or spaces occupied by opposing pawn(s), it sends those pawns to their respective Starts.

There are some simple strategies and tactics in this game--enough to make it a great learning game for children, and a fun game for families.

Sorry! is an outstanding game to introduce school-age children to the fun of boardgaming.

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