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Fische Fluppen Frikadellen
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Store:  Strategy Games
Edition:  Fische Fluppen Frikadellen
Theme:  Business
Genre:  Speculation
Format:  Board Games

Fische Fluppen Frikadellen

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Product Awards:  

Ages Players
10+ 2-5

Designer(s): Friedemann Friese

Publisher(s): 2F Spiele

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Product Description

During the gloomy February holidays the frightful prince Fieso holds fast the fascinating faerie Fabula with help of fatally filthy feints. To free the faerie you have to free her from the claws of the prince. You flee light-footed into the Finnish fjord, to find the prince's favorite, fascinating fetishes. You row fast ferries from merchant to merchant and bargain frequently with fusel, fennel, fish, cigarettes and meatballs. Use your Florins to fundamentally strengthen your lead with the three fetishes.

Note: This game comes in three editions: type A, type B and type C. All three editions are identical, except for the shapes of playing pieces included in each. Any of the three sets can be played alone with up to five players; or different-lettered sets can be combined to allow up to 10 or 15 players to play simultaneously (any two different sets are required for 6-10 players; all three different sets are required for 11-15 players).

Product Awards

Spiel des Jahres
Nominee, 2003
Deutscher Spiele Preis
6th Place, 2003

Product Information


  • 1 rulebook
  • 65 commodity tokens
  • 5 commodity value markers
  • 11 improvements
  • 15 fetish counters
  • 5 player tokens
  • 6 ferries
  • 2000 Florins

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 2 reviews

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Frivolous frantic flailing for four or eight
October 25, 2004

Although I have played FFF with 4 players, recently I held a session with 8. First, explaining the rules to everyone at once saved time compared to trying to explain two different games to the players during a gaming session (and I have multiple copies of several games so as to be able to do this often!). After about 10 minutes of rules and pointing out with tokens, etc, how to move about the board, I turned everyone loose. There were a few minutes of struggling as players coped with the mechanics, but after that, things moved pretty well (and managing a group of eight is no mean feat!

It is good to remind newcomers that using the traders is beneficial, since there appeared to be a tendency to stop at the merchants, to buy and sell, rather than utilize the 1 for 2 opportunities.

Four of us had time to switch tables before a victory was declared.

Most of my guests had a good time; as with many German games, the mechanics and art work seem vastly different to them compared to the older style American games.

FFF is, in my opinion, a solid beer and pretzels type game....not too serious, but serious enough, some chances for moderate backstabbing (by closing shops or moving an opponent, as per the special chits mentioned already above).

When seating 8, make sure everyone can get up easily to change tables (we were sharing one long table)...

FFF can help resolve those times when 7 people show up to play...whether there are 3 or 4 at a table is not that important and players change tables eventually.

I had played this at Essen a couple of years ago when it came out, and enjoyed it then. It has a nice balance of amusement and intensity. Good job, FF!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Fische Frikkin' Fantastic!
June 09, 2003

A fantastic game! You can tell that a lot of thought went into the design. The stock market mechanics that allow for the price fluctuation compensate for over-pricing and profit-mongering. The graphics and artwork are colorful and fun. It's kind of quirky that all the vendors have names that start with 'F'. You can really get your tongue twisted in knots!

The rules are straightforward and easy to learn.

You have a myriad of options available to you every turn. Its hard to decide what to do.

I bought two sets because I plan to play it with ten people at a family reunion this summer. I'm very excited! The best feature of the game is that it is scalable up to 15 people.

My wife still prefers Puerto Rico, I think because the choices are more clear. You also don't have to move anywhere to utilize an action of event.

A fantastic game. I would vote for it as this years Spiel des Jahre! ;)

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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