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Blood Bowl
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Store:  2-Player Games, Strategy Games
Edition:  Blood Bowl
Series:  Blood Bowl
Theme:  Fighting, Sports, Football
Format:  Board Games

Blood Bowl

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 60-240 minutes 2

Designer(s): Jervis Johnson

Manufacturer(s): Games Workshop

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Product Description

A mighty roar fills the stadium as the players take to the field! The two teams face each other: brutal, menacing Orcs versus hardened Human warriors. The starting whistle blows and the football is kicked off... The game of BLOOD BOWL has begun!

Across the length and breadth of the Warhammer World teams of armoured warriors battle to the death in great arenas. The Dwarfs in their mountain halls, Goblins in sewers, all these and more field Blood Bowl teams that play for the glory and honour of their race. Massive crowds cheer on their favourite teams and Star Players rise to fame and glory as the meanest, toughest players in the world!

This box contains everything you need to start playing Blood Bowl, including a colourful playing field, special dice, a plastic range ruler, and the Blood Bowl Handbook which not only contains all the rules of the game but also tells you everything you need to know about the gory history of the sport of Blood Bowl.

To start you off in your career as a top Blood Bowl coach we have included 24 superbly detailed Citadel Miniatures which make up two complete Blood Bowl teams--the brutal Gouged Eye Orcs and the valiant Reikland Reavers humans.

Product Information


  • Blood Bowl playing field
  • 12 plastic Orc players
  • 12 plastic Human players
  • 4 plastic Footballs
  • Blood Bowl Handbook
  • Blood Bowl Painting Guide
  • How to Play Blood Bowl Guide
  • 50-sheet pad of Team Rosters
  • 2 Quick Reference Sheets
  • 2 Team Cards
  • 4 Star Player Cards
  • 2 color Dugouts
  • 37 color Counters
  • 1 Scatter Template
  • 1 Throw-in Template
  • 1 Range Ruler
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 1 eight-sided die
  • 3 special Blocking Dice

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 5 reviews

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The best Fantasy-sport game!
June 27, 2004

I have played Blood Bowl alot of times and i still think its really FUN!

This game is about the fantasy world where the there are many races that, play football, and that have special rules and abilities that make this game strategic, challenging and fun!

I dunno if Randall has 8 years or what but if u can't undrstand the game don't give it a bad rating!

Great game if you have a group to play it with
March 27, 2002

This is not a game designed for Joe to play Tim day after day. They will quickly tire of it. If you are lucky enough to have other people who play the game near you I would strongly recommend you give the game a shot. Just contact them, show up to a game, get a feeling for the game, and then make your decision.

If you already do some miniature gaming you will like this game and be more comfortable with the number of rules. If you do not do miniature gaming you will enjoy it as long as having lots of rules doesn't turn you away.

If you are in a league, or can form one, you will have a great time; learning, playing, and fighting. You can watch your team develop and then personalize them according to your tastes. There is a wide range of miniatures available.

There are many people who play this game, and you can often find them on the internet. This game is 5 stars if you have a group to play it with, and 3 stars if you do not. Overall it would be 4 stars for the hardcore gamer.

get the expansion, then play a series of games
January 30, 2002

Blood Bowl is a good game. It follows the theme and watching two football fantasy teams attempt to maim each other or even try to score is great fun.

The biggest problem with the game is that one bad roll can ruin the entire game. Many of my first games ended with flaring tempers due to unlucky rolls. That problem is solved through the expansion, Death Zone, which introduces league rules. Expanding the experience from one match to a series of matches using a team that grows in abilities solves the frustrations that might come about from losing a game when the odds were so heavily stacked against you.

And yet this isn't a five star game. Each game takes about two hours and it's solely a two-player game, and to feel its true glory you should plan on playing 5+ games (or even better, in a league of players every weekend). In the end, I just have to wonder if the time spent is worth it.

A fun strategy game
January 29, 2002

American Football set in fantasy land ... very good fun although not to be taken too seriously.

The gameplay is fairly well balanced and is no more complex than most Games Workshop games, expect to spend 10 minutes reading the rules and the first couple of games finding your feet ... after that, let mayhem commence :D

Fantasy soccer game is showing its age
June 28, 2001

Blood Bowl has been around for a rather long time, dating back to the 1980's. It is a game of fantasy soccer, with rules that give special abilities to many of the units, based on race and so on.

While the game itself is fun, there are simply too many charts and tables and 'fiddly bits' for the average gamer. This is much more in the style of a miniatures wargame than a typical family game.

If you have lots of time and the interest in seeing dwarves playing soccer with the undead, then this is very definitely the game for you. If not, then try any of the many more accessible games on the market.

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