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Molly & Lore!
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Molly & Lore!

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: War & Sheep!

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 15 minutes 2

Designer(s): Bruno Cathala

Manufacturer(s): Eurogames Descartes Deutschland

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Product Description

In their quiet pasture, two rival herds of sheep face off in order to graze the best patches of grass... all the while keeping watch so as not to be devoured by the wolves that prowl the area. In this seemingly bucolic world, nothing will stop these sheep from waging war without mercy... Baaaaaa!

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Bruno Cathala

  • Manufacturer(s): Eurogames Descartes Deutschland

  • Artist(s): Cyril Saint-Blancat

  • Year: 2002

  • Players: 2

  • Time: 15 minutes

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 328 grams

  • Language Requirements: Game components contain substantial foreign text. An English translation of the rules is provided, but no translation of the cards is available.


  • 1 Game Board with 36 spaces.
  • 24 Grass & Wolf Tokens.
  • 12 sheep tokens in 2 different colors.
  • 2 Mad Sheep tokens.
  • 21 Action Cards.

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.5 in 4 reviews

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by Jay
Simple 2-player fun
July 28, 2003

War and Sheep is very light for a Gamer. For the rest of the world, its a fine two-player game.

If you're looking for a quick game to fill time with or to introduce a newbie to gaming, tbis is a good one.

Cute, fun. Good combination of luck and strategy.

Not very complex, but fun!
February 05, 2003

I like sheep. That's why I bought this game. But the game itself is a lot of fun! This is a very silly game about feeding your sheep the best grass and keeping them away from hungry wolves. There are also cards thrown in to the mix which add random events that keep the game interesting.

A lot of luck is involved, and not a huge amount of strategy, but if you're looking for a colorful, fun, silly game to play with a friend, I'd recommend 'War and Sheep' any day.

Tally Ho! with sheep.
June 11, 2003

Something draws me when I hear that theres a game about sheep declaring war on one another. It sounds like a unique idea for a game. The strange fact is that there are two games on the subject, the upcoming Wooly Bully, and the two-player Bruno Cathala game War & Sheep. War & Sheep is a fight between two rival gangs of sheep, with some mercenary wolves thrown into the fray. The theme sounds promising, as we all want to play sheep that knock each others teeth out and sheer one another for shear (pun intended) pleasure.

So is this sheep war game worth getting? The short answer is that if you want to own every Bruno Cathala game, you will enjoy this one. However, Tony & Tino and Drake & Drake are better, and even they are fairly light, fluffy games.

And now for the verbose longer answer:

First, a short description of game play:

Each player picks a color, yellow or red. They take the six round sheep tokens in their color. These tokens show a standing sheep on one side, and a sheep hiding in the grass on the reverse. The rules then show two different setups for the board. The board has 36 round spaces arranged in a 6 by 6 grid. The sheep of each color are placed on the grid according to the setup in the rules, along with 24 green tokens that are shuffled and placed face down on the remaining spots. These green tokens are made up of the following mix: 3 Lush Grass tokens, worth five points; 8 Common Grass tokens, worth 3 points; 11 Fermented Grass tokens, worth 1 point; and 2 wolf tokens. Twenty-one action cards are shuffled and placed face down next to the board. Each player then takes his turn.

On his turn, the player must do two of the following things:

1) Camouflage: A player can flip one sheep to the facedown side (with the picture of the sheep hiding). This protects the sheep from the wolf. Only one sheep can be camouflaged, and cannot move when camouflaged.

2) Go on Recon: A player can look at one or two of the facedown tokens that are adjacent to one of their sheep.

3) Move a Sheep: A player can move a sheep in a straight line (orthogonal) which must keep moving until it hits a green token, a wolf, or another sheep. All other sheep behind the sheep that moves must follow it like dumb idiots. If the sheep hits a green token, the token is flipped over. If it is grass, the player gets the amount of points indicated, and puts the token face up in front of him. If they hit lush grass, the sheep is also discarded. (The sheep is having such a good time eating that he quits the war). If they hit fermented grass, the player draws a card. 18 of the cards have good actions that can be played in future turns. Three of the cards, called Binge must instead be played immediately. They cause a player to discard his entire hand. If a wolf is found, he eats the sheep immediately.

4) Move a Wolf: A wolf moves just like a sheep, and stops when it encounters any obstacle. If it his a sheep, it eats the sheep yummy!

5) Play an Action Card. The action cards allow you to do a variety of things, from killing a wolf, to adding more points at the end of the game, to retrieve other cards, to create a mad sheep (can move diagonally), and many other useful things.

If all your sheep are killed, the game is over, and the player with surviving sheep wins.

If a player plays the Truce card, the game ends and points are added, with the higher point total winning.

If all grass tokens are gone, the game ends and points are added, with the higher point total winning.

If four turns go by with no sheep being devoured by the wolf, and no grass being eaten, the game ends, and points are again totaled.

The winner is the player with the most points!

Some comments about the game:

1). Components: The board is looks acceptable, but its not very exciting, just a grassy meadow surrounded by some rocks and fences. The sheep tokens are of good quality and have some nice artwork. Its very easy to distinguish between the yellow and the red tokens. The wolves and grass tokens are also very clear and distinguishable. The box is nice and sturdy, although I recommend plastic bags for all the tokens. All the colors look nice, and the game is a draw with its good looks.

2). Tally Ho!: If youve ever played Tally Ho!, the two-player Cosmos game, you will get a strong feeling of deja-vu when playing this game. They are very similar, with the cards being a major difference. The player has much more control in War & Sheep, and even though there is a lot of luck, the better player should win more often.

3). Randomness and Strategy: Yes, there is strategy in the game: Should I pick up that lush grass worth five points and lose a sheep in the process? Should I kill his sheep with the wolf, putting the wolf near my own sheep? There are a few tactical decisions to be made during game play. They are nothing hard, however, and people who have little strategy or tactics can play this game and not worry about losing. The game is so full of random cards that vary in power and use, and random token draws, that it is quite possible for a superior player to lose just because they get the wrong cards and tokens. I get no real satisfaction out of winning War & Sheep, because I know that maybe I just got lucky that day.

4). Fun Factor: Even though I like Cathalas other games better, I have to admit that War & Sheep is more fun to most people. Most people arent huge fans of tile laying games, but they do like to move the little sheep and wolves around, chasing one another all over the board. The idea of sheep fighting is ludicrous, but makes for a clever theme that is enjoyed by all. Although the game itself is not that big a deal to me, I have to give the game credit for giving the players a good time with its fun factor.

5). Rules: The rules are fairly clear, but there are some discrepancies. The rules do not clearly state what happens when all your sheep die (you lose!), and arent as easy to follow as most Euro games. The illustrations are nice, and there is a FAQ on the last page, however, so they are better than many games. As with the other Cathala games, there is a complete list of the contents in the rules something that should be in every game.

So, this game isnt one that I ask to pull out all the time, as Id rather play a game with a little more strategy. However, it is fun, and I wont deny a game to someone who requests one. The game is a lot of fun, just dont go in expecting to win. If you want a fun game to play with people who dont want to game very seriously, then this is an excellent choice. Me, Id rather go play Hera and Zeus.

Tom Vasel

A way to pass time while waiting for the real game to start
October 27, 2003

'War & Sheep' is a simple and quick two-player game for all ages. A complete game lasts 5-10 minutes. Families with children who are old enough to play memory games may enjoy it. It is not a game that adults are going to replay for hours, nor are children for that matter.

'War & Sheep' is light fun with no real strategy. It is a type of game you would expect from Cheap Ass Games (long on theme, short on substance). It certainly does not deserve to be listed in the Games Magazine list of 100 best games.

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