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Liar's Dice
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Store:  Family Games, Party Games
Edition:  Liars Dice / Liar's Dice
Genre:  Bluffing / Outguessing
Format:  Dice Games
Family:  Dudo
Other:  Dice Games

Liar's Dice

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Ages Players
10+ 2-4

Designer(s): Richard Borg

Publisher(s): Endless Games

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Product Description

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... Unless you're playing Liar's Dice!

This classic parlor game of bluffing and bidding will test your mettle and your poker face! Roll the dice and bid on what you think your opponents are holding. don't slet that perspiration show, because if you lose a challenge then you lose a die. If you lose all your dice, then you're out of the game!

Honesty is not always the best policy. Play Liar's Dice, where bluffing your opponents is not only fun, it's strategy!

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Richard Borg

  • Publisher(s): Endless Games

  • Year: 2002

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 552 grams

  • Customer Favorites Rank: #141


  • 1 gameboard
  • 4 dice cups
  • 20 white dice
  • 1 red die

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.2 in 19 reviews

January 10, 2009

This is the most fantastic board game I have ever played. I could not find it in London and Istanbul 'cause they say the game is no longer available. I am looking forward to finding it!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
by Surucu
A Must Have Game For Cottage Long Weekends
July 11, 2007

Six people around a table shaking their six dice as loud as possible makes for great fun. Throw your dollar in and play Liar's Dice. Bluff your fiends and take the cash. Get caught and you're out. Know the math, play smart and you win?? Maybe.

A game takes 30-45 minutes to play.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Great game. Don't buy it!
October 19, 2005
This is the same great game that we played all through my childhood with a bunch of cheap dice and some plastic cups from the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, the game is great fun to play (probably even a 5). The problem is that you should not get tricked like I did into paying for an entire game when all you need are dice. It makes you feel like a sucker when you realize that you've been playing this game all your life and that you already had all of the components to play at your house.
Great game, ugly components
January 13, 2005

This is one of the simpliest and most fun bluffing games I have ever come across. It is like a party version of Texas-Hold'em Poker (which is also one of my favorite games).

If you like party games, you should love this one. If you like strategy games, then you should enjoy this one. If you like great quality bits, then you should stay clear of this one.

FYI: Rule in China and Hong Kong
September 15, 2003

In China and Hong Kong, you can see many people playing this game in pub. You can find it EVERYWHERE. Beer manufacturers even provide unlimited cups and dice as promotion items. The reason is because, according to local rule of game, loser has to drink (normally 1/4 to 1 bottle of beer). You can imagine, the more you drink, the more difficult you can think and focus. The more difficult you think, the easier you lose. Lot more bottles will then be consumed.

I recommend 'penalty' should be added as part of the rule. This can ensure that player will only lie in the right time. Otherwise, the players will not be serious.

Note: In China and Hong Kong, playing liar dice is even part of an interview test if you wanna be pub waiter/waitress.

Pointless time spending
August 02, 2003

Dice-games/bluffing games may be interesting, but Liar's dice or Bluff as my edition is called is absolutely uninteresting.

It's also very similar to a drinking game called Mayer we have here in Scandinavia, which is much better. Then, at least, you have a goal.

by Tom
On the 'A' List of Party Games!
July 26, 2003

This game has assumed many different names and variations Call My Bluff, Bluff, Perudo, Liars Dice and probably several other names I dont even know. I have even played Liars poker, which is the same concept only with cards. There is only one reason variations of this game are known worldwide and have withstood the test of time its a lot of fun! I just recently picked up a copy of Liars Dice and within 10 minutes of opening the box I had read the rules and we were playing. My only disappointment was that it only accommodated 4 players and there were 6 of us. This was easily fixed through, we rummaged through other games and quickly were able to come up with 10 more dice, then we just grabbed 2 cups out of the cupboard. Just treat the 1 on each die as a star and you are good to go. I read a Perudo review and the reviewer said that they have played with 20 or more players before! So as long as you can come up with enough dice, there is really no limit on how many people can play. If you dont have dice from other games just go to any game store and you can buy them for as cheap as a quarter each. And just because Im a bit anal with my games Im going to take a Sharpie and draw a little star over the 1 on the extra dice.

All in all, I highly recommend this game as a party game. I wouldnt recommend playing it with fewer than 3 people. As a general rule, the more players, the more fun the game is.

Who knew lying could be this much fun!
June 20, 2003

This dice game is the best one of its kind. But the concept is very simple to learn, and the strategy and decisions are more than most initially think. Also, it is a lot of fun to try and bluff your way to victory, with friends or strangers. As a twist, try this one as a drinking game.

Big fun!
February 14, 2003

Yeah. Big fun! Clever game. Lots of bluff, but some nice strategy. One of the best parts is that it only takes 5 minutes to explain the rules. (It never quite works out to 5 minutes when explaining my German game rules to friends. Go figure.)

For some reason, the Endless Games version comes with only enough dice for up to 4 players, even though my copy from the 1980's has enough dice for 6 players. Splurge and buy 10 more dice. It's best with 4-6 players.

Great 'game-evening' ender
December 08, 2002

We have regular game evenings during which we play games like Settlers, Elfenland, Samurai and Tigris and Euphrate, and when the more serious games have ended, we're always looking for something fast and fun to end.

This is where this game comes into play. And although we always plan on playing just a few rounds, it's no exception that we play this game for over an hour.

Don't expect a deep strategy game from this but just a nice in-between game.

The advanced rules with the reroll made me decide to give this game 4 stars (would have been three otherwise because of the high luck factor which you always have in these kinds of games).

Maybe THIS is the definitive beer and pretzels game!
October 07, 2002

This game went over extraordinarily well with my wife's game-phobic family. They tend to shy away from anything more complicated than Yahtzee, so most of my collection is off-limits. This game, however, has become a much-favored part of family get-togethers.

The game is simplicity objectified, and the rules can be explained in about two minutes. Play is generally fast and lends itself to painful choices, as players try to guess whether to bluff or to call the previous player's bid.

The inclusion of the wild-card 'star' sides of the dice makes for a wilder game than would be afforded with just regular dice, since each number is now much more likely to be represented. Star bids are included, where only the stars are considered, and this gives a lot of variety to the game as well.

For casual gaming, there is nothing better than Call My Bluff. Highly recommended.

Poker Yahtzee (?!)
June 26, 2001

My review of this one will be short, because the game itself is so simple. This game is less complex than Yahtzee, and is more of a bidding/bluffing game than a 'dice-fest'. It is best to play with 4-6 players. I find that it is a lot of fun, very interactive, and it plays really quickly. I can play 6 games of this in a row and thoroughly enjoy them all. For those of you hemming and hawing on this one, I will say that it is a great game to pull out for non-gamers, and it's a great game to play with bigger groups. Anyone can learn the rules in 30 seconds. All in all this is a great game with great stomach tension during play as you hope (Oh! how you hope) that you didn't get suckered into overbidding by the sneaky opponent to your right who you used to think was so trustworthy!

One note: I find this game to be utterly lacking with 2 or even 3 players, so don't buy this game if you think it will scale well for a husband and wife to play together--it won't!

by Wundt
Tons of fun
April 17, 2001

I have played this game with everyone from hard core gamers to total non-gamers and everyone had a great time. I have friends who have never bought games before asking me where to find it. However, I think prolonged play would become boring. However, for a beer and pizza game it is the best.

Perfect for Ski Condo Fun
February 28, 2001

Our recent ski trip outing of 13 people was split into two groups when gametime came... The Call of the Cups made us the 'fun table.'

Pay close attention to which seat you choose at the table, because you'll spend a lot of time looking into the eyes of your neighbors on the left and right.

The 'reroll' rule was a wonderful addition to the classic Liars Dice game most of us had played in some form in college. My only hesitation in rating this game the Full Five is that sometimes a player craps out of the game early on, which makes for a longish wait until the next round.

Shake, Rattle & FUN!!!
November 08, 2000

What a great game! Six cups, 30 dice, and very expressive dice shaking techniques add up to a room full of laughter and fun.

The rules are simple, making this a game you can teach almost any age. The activity of shaking the dice cups brings a rowdy smile to everyone's face, and then the bluffing begins.

What's not to like? It plays quickly, so those who lose won't have long to wait for the next game. Which is what everyone will want to do--play again!

by Tash
its a fun simple game
December 02, 1999

This is a good game which is is perfect for winding down after some hard core gaming... there are no hiden intricacies in this game; it is simply what it is; Bluff. This game is somewhere between 3 and 4 stars depending on what your are looking for; for intricacies and hard thinking; knock a star off; for fun; 4. Simple. And I'm not bluffing.

Fantastic & Fun Game - A Must For Everyone's Collection
August 25, 1999

Call My Bluff (or Liars Dice if you have seen or heard of the Milton Bradley edition, or Bluff for the original German edition) is a must have game for gamers and families.

The object of the game is rather simple. You must make a bid on the total number of dice rolled showing a particular number based on probability and the knowledge of your own personal dice. Each player in turn must either raise the previous bid or call the previous players' bluff. If the bid is good then the player who called the bluff loses and loses one of his dice. If the bid is bad, then the bidder loses one. Play continues until one player is left standing with dice.

It sounds simple, but the complexities of when to push a bid and hope for the best or call your opponent's bluff are endless. Some choose to calculate out the exact probabilities while others trust luck or intuition--and the devious will even lie about their dice through a bid.

The game plays extremely quickly. A game of 4 can be completed in 20-30 minutes or it can go on depending on the level of thought given by each player.

I absolutely recommend this game. It is fun, known to cause yelling and screaming at our house, and a good game for kids to introduce them to the concept of probabilities under the guise of a game. You won't be disappointed!!!!

by Wendy
What a great little game!
June 25, 1999

Can't stop playing this one.

Difficult to grasp from reading the instructions alone, but after a few rounds it becomes clear how to do your opponents in! Quite addictive too.

Would you ever think it possible that out of 15 dice rolled, ALL could end up being 3's and stars? Who would have thunk it?

Lots of hilarity here... excellent game, highly recommended!!

Shake, Roll and Trash Talk
July 20, 1998
This is a reissue of that enduring classic, Liars Dice. Yes, this is the very same game! Starting with five dice, players shake, roll and trash talk, bluffing and bidding, trying to preserve their dice at the expense of their opponents'. The last player with dice remaining wins. Though this game involves the roll of the dice, this is definitely not a game of chance. This is a fast and furious game requiring a good poker face, lots of nerve, and quick, decisive thinking.

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