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Electronic Catch Phrase
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Electronic Catch Phrase

Second Edition

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Product Awards:  

Ages Players
16+ 4 or more

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro

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Product Description

In this fast-paced game, do whatever it takes to get your team to guess the word or phrase. Give them clues -- talk, use your hands, jump around. Once they guess, pass it quick. You don't want to be caught with the game at the buzz.

Once you and your friends pick up Catch Phrase, you won't want to put it down.

It's hot! It's hysterical!

Product Awards

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Hasbro

  • Year: 2000

  • Players: 4 or more

  • Ages: 16 and up

  • Weight: 397 grams

  • Customer Favorites Rank: #28

  • In order to play Electronic Catch Phrase, you will have to provide 3 AAA batteries


  • electronic game
  • instructions
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 15 reviews

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Hilarious party/family game, electronic version not so much
December 21, 2008

I am currently looking to buy this game because our box is so tattered from use. The original version with discs has some limitations but is definitely the better gaming experience for all out fun. If competition is your goal, then definitely get the electronic version. The original game has a small plastic disc that contains word wheels. The beauty of the game is that you slap the side of the disc to get the next word (it is a bit sloppy and sometimes words are missed but again this is the version that is more for fun and parties). Then, after you get your team members to guess the word you slide the disc across the table to the other team. It is a race against time. We love it because 8-80 years old we can all sit around the table, break up into teams and play. Invariably the little ones get help with the clues and the oldest players find it difficult to read the tiny words so often they play just by chiming in which is also great fun. We have played this game at every family holiday for the past 6 or so years. By the end of the night we have usually stopped keeping score but are still pushing through the words. We also own the electronic version...the words seem a little harder... I could be wrong on that. The electronic version has a rubber cushion on the disc so it doesnt slide (that ruins the family version cause young and old alike like to sail that disc down the long dining room table). On the plus side, the electronic version doesnt skip words, keeps score and doesnt allow you to cheat with the pawns, the timer is always correct and you dont have to stop the action to change to a new disc. Its a great competitive game...but they have sucked the fun out of it..... Buy the original....happy gaming. L

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
by Wil W.
Great Fun - But Limited
October 22, 2007

As long as you've not played the game more than a few times, it should be great fun!

The instructions were a bit limited and not too clear in some aspects. For example, the rules don't tell you that you should sit in a circle - alternating team members.

Also, the rules did not state if it was, or was not, okay to press the next button if the word was too hard. We made a house rule that you can not press the next button until you passed it to the next player.

Lastly - after playing for about three hours with friends late into the night, the words started to repeat IN THE SAME ORDER! With a device this size there's no reason it shouldn't be loaded with many THOUSANDS of words. I do understand that perhaps too many words might cause a delay, but you could simply mitigate this with a subset of words generated each time it's turned on or the scores are reset to 0. This would allow thousands of words to be housed in the device, but keep the play list moving quickly since it's only working with a subset of 50 or so in each category. Simply display, "Setting up a new game..." for 5 seconds while the fresh list of words is generated.

Over all, I've played the game with two different types of people and it was a hit each time. My only thoughts for improvements are in the rules and the limited bank of words.

by Brad N.
Best Party Game I've Played
January 24, 2007

I've probably played more party games than any other kind and Catch Phrase is always a hit with any group. I've played Catch Phrase with co-workers, immediate family, in-laws, neighbors and strangers. Everybody likes this game. Why? Because it is so simple and yet makes for a lot of excitement.

All you do is get somebody to say a word or phrase without saying the word or phrase or using "rhymes with" as a clue. It's like hot potato where the counter is beeping faster and faster as it nears the end... then BUZZZZZ!!! If you team is NOT caught with the machine when it buzzes then you win.

I've played the old version with paper discs and the new version which is a fully contained electronic device. They both work great, but I do look the electronic device since you don't have to deal with the paper discs. The first version of the electronic device was a bit slow to bring up the next word, but the next version works great. If you want a simple game for a party, this is the one you want!

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