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Store:  Family Games, Ding & Dent
Edition:  Rummikub
Series:  Rummikub
Genre:  Set Collection


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Product Awards:  
Spiel des Jahres
Game of the Year, 1980

Ages Players
8+ 2-4

Manufacturer(s): Pressman

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Product Description

The object of Rummikub is to build runs of the same color -- Red 7, Red 8, Red 9 -- and sets of the same number -- Blue 8, Red 8 and Orange 8. Adding to the challenge is the opportunity for opponents to build and change other players' melds, allowing them to use up their tiles to make Rummikub and win the hand. The Rummikub jokers add some luck to the play. Get them and they can increase your melding power. But they'll cost you points if you're caught with them at the end of the game. Rummikub presents a never-ending variety of strategy, and until the final plays of the game, anyone can win!

Product Awards

Spiel des Jahres
Game of the Year, 1980

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Pressman

  • Year: 1997

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 896 grams

  • Language Requirements: Manufacturer's rules are printed in English. Game components are language-independent. This is a domestic item.


  • 106 easy-grip tiles
  • 4 one-piece playing racks
  • illustrated instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.4 in 11 reviews

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The best kept secret in gaming!
May 09, 2006
I have a LOT of games in my collection and I am amazed (and a little embarrassed) that I had never even heard of this game until recently. I picked up a copy of it about a month ago at a local game store, because the salesman recommended it and it instantly became my family's favorite. We've been playing Rummy (the card game) for years and I figured this was the same thing, only with tiles. But it's not; it has the unique rule of being able to manipulate sets that have already been laid down in order to play your own tile(s). That added an extremely interesting and challenging element to the game, which classic Rummy doesn't offer. Let me give you an example. Say on the table is a set of reds - R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 and R7. You have a red 4 (R4) and a blue 7 (B7) and an orange 7 (O7) in your hand (or rack). You can play all 3 of your tiles by making new sets. Here is how - Pull R2 and R3 off the existing set and add your R4 to it, creating another set. Pull the R7 off the existing set and add your B7 and O7 to it, creating another set. Now on the table is three sets: R2,R3,R4 -- R4,R5,R6 -- R7,B7,O7. That’s the cool part about this game! You can add to or split apart as many existing sets as you want as long as what remains are valid sets of 3 or more tiles. As the table fills up with sets, the possibilities become limitless! We had to invoke a turn time limit because towards the end you could spend ten minutes moving stuff around in your mind trying to find a place for that last tile. The game starts out simple and slowly turns into a complex puzzle. Highly recommended!
Bravo! This one's a winner!
April 25, 2004

One of my favorite Aunts introduced this game to me about two years ago. Now, my other favorite Aunt who lives in the same town as I do play cut-throat rounds just about every Sunday afternoon. It has become one of the highlights of my week. We don't keep a cumulative record of who has won the most five-round games, but we have decided that we're both pretty well-matched players. Of course, name calling (in jest) is the order of the day, even though it's Sunday! Having taught gifted children for nine years, I would highly recommend this game for kids. There are opportunities for planning great strategies, as well as just run-of-the-mill learning how to follow rules of a game.

fantastic family fun ... for people who like challenge
January 19, 2004

Once you figure out the do's and don'ts, it's a fun game for the family or just friends hanging times it can be frustrating, but always can put your own twist on the rules and play for hours...make it easy for the younger ones, or follow the rules for those of us who love a good challenge....I love it...and play it often....

A True Winner for Entertainment
November 29, 2002

I was introduced to this game by a friend of mine, who at the time lived a block away. This was probably about 7 years ago. We played this game for eight to ten hours a day for about a year. We both have gone on with our lives and both of us have moved several times since then, and we still get together from time to time. We now live in a different state and a couple of hours away from each other, but we both can guarantee you we are together for longer than 2 hours out comes the game. We both own a copy, and we have a game that has been going for three years. We play cut-throat and this has been the best game to visit over. That's half the stagety to winning, talk! We tried other games before we latched onto this one, and this is probably the most fun to teach to someone else. Once they get hooked we have others to get into the fun. And the beauty of this game is you can play with just one other or four. We actually combined the two copies one Holiday just to see what would happen, it was hilarious. Eight people played! Let your imagination run wild with this one!

A fantastic family game involving both logic and luck!
August 18, 2002

Our family loves this game. We have three generations playing it now. The youngest to play is 6 years old (with some assitance from other family membes.) The oldest is going on 70 years of age. The other games that all three generations enjoy playing together are rummy card games and Yahtzee. Rummikub is our favorite, however. We can play for hours, and then start up again the next day.

A truly excellent game
August 13, 2000

This is a great game which contains many elements of excellent gameplay--strategy, luck, planning, and allows for some deep thinking and concentration. Can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Buy it... you won't be disappointed.

Isn't the Joker a bonus...?
August 01, 2010

Okay, question?....Let's say on the board is a red10 (R10) orange10 (O10) and a joker. Also on the board is an orange set- O9, O8, O7 and O6;and a red set- R13, R12, and R11. If a person has already dropped their initial thirty (30) points and they have a blue1 (B1), blue3 (B3) and a blue4 (B4), can't they manipulate the board with that joker and put the red10 (R10) with the red set the orange10 (O10) with the orange set and the joker with your hand since you have two (2) chips from your hand to accompany it? I believe that if you are going to leave the set of tens (10) then you have to replace the joker with a ten (10). For instance if the orange set began with an orange (O8) then you would have no choice but to leave the set of tens (10)! Am I correct in this theory; It makes sense since it's the Joker?

by John M.
Finally they got it right!
January 07, 2007

I first encountered this game in the early 80's when it was released by Pressman games in the US. I think my mom bought it for the family to play? And we did, though some more than others. I eventually inherited the game when I left for college. We had the "deluxe" version that came in a small briefcase. It had 4 felt covered tile holders with removable plastic legs.

They sucked, the plastic legs broke easily, the boards tipped over easily, and it was a very poor design overall. However I'm sure this aspect was not considered when it won the Spiel Des Jahres for 1980, it is certainly worthy of this title as the mechanics and quality of the game are exquisite. My version has the older "faux ivory" type tiles, and I've never had a problem with them. The new version boasts "easy-grip tiles".

Finally looking at this version here on Funagain it looks like the manufacturer finally got it right! Well they got the tile holders right anyway, the game itself has always been fun and easy to play. The new tile holders look like they'd actually be useful. I may just have to buy this game to get the new tile holders. If you've ever played Gin you can play this... if you've NEVER played Gin, YOU can play this game. It's quick to learn, quick to play, and quick to put up (away). It's a great game for families to play together. Suitable for 2-4 players from age 8 on up, I recommend this game highly.

Great Classic Game!
October 30, 2005

This was one of my favorites growing up.

Components: The tiles are good quality. The stands have been improves since my first copy of the game, they used to have removable legs to hold them upright, that didn't necessarily fit properly.

Gameplay: You need thirty five point to lay down your initial meld. Create runs and sets of your own (containing at least three tiles) or add to your opponents.

We would spend ages trying to rearrange all the different sets and runs on the board to be able to play that one last tile and win the game. Great game for people who like to do a little problem solving.

by Marc
Looks dry as a cracker, but it's actually kinda fun.
June 13, 2002

I have this game and I do enjoy it. It's not very colorful, it's kinda challenging in the flow of play which may be that something special that makes this 1980 Speil des Jahres winner fun. Additionally it may be fun because it's a refreshing change from playing games similar to this with playing cards. The players start out with tiles of two different colors. (I believe red and black)The object is to get rid of all of your tiles and calling rummikub. When rummikub is called players holding tiles on their 'holders' lose points. (Jokers count for more points lost if held when someone calls rummikub, but are handy in a pinch during gameplay) The person who calls rummikub totals their points and records them on a piece of paper with the other players whove lost during that round. Both the 'callers' and the 'losers' points are totaled but the 'losers' subtract their combined points assigned on their own tiles from the points they've accumulated during play from laying down two types of combinations. The game is played in several rounds and whoever has the most points after the specified amount of rounds are completed wins. Playing with 3 or more people is great. A two player game is 'cracker dry' and personally I would not recommend the deluxe edition unless you have arthritis or very poor vision. (Bigger tiles with larger writing, minor other things)The differences in my opinion are not that great unless you have the above mentioned conditions. I feel that this game plays best with 4 players. 3 stars go exclusively for fun play and creative concept. Minus 2 stars for lack of 'fluff'/color and look, but this may just be a 4 or 5 if these attributes aren't considerations for different gamers.

The International Rules Should be available in USA!
October 13, 2001

I would give this classic a five if it were the international version of this game. Most editions published in the United States have the rules for a version of the game based on the old rummy games of Vatican or Carousel. While these are good versions, the International Rules, which is based on Mah-Jonng, is an extremely good game. When Rummikub was first sold in the 1970's, the sets included the rules for this version.

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