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Paris Paris
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Store:  Family Games
Genre:  Rail & Network
Format:  Board Games

Paris Paris

English language edition

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
9+ 45 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Michael Schacht

Manufacturer(s): Rio Grande Games, Abacus

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Product Description

Every year, millions of tourists visit Paris and the many attractions the city has to offer. To the joy of the Parisian business - owners represented by the players - the tourists leave a substantial amount of their vacation money in the Cafe's, Bistros, and souvenir shops. There are five tour bus operators that offer different routes. The places where the most successful tour buses stop are great places to open businesses that cater to tourists. Then the next time the tour comes by, the owners can reap big rewards for their investments. The player who earns the most money will win the game!

Product Awards

Spiel des Jahres
Nominee, 2003
Deutscher Spiele Preis
4th Place, 2003
International Gamers Awards
Best Strategy Game Nominee, 2003

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Michael Schacht

  • Manufacturer(s): Rio Grande Games, Abacus

  • Artist(s): Michael Schacht

  • Year: 2003

  • Players: 2 - 4

  • Time: 45 minutes

  • Ages: 9 and up

  • Weight: 833 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is an international edition or domestic edition of an imported item. Manufacturer's rules are printed in multiple languages (including English).


  • 1 game board
  • 80 businesses
  • 60 bus-stop tiles
  • 5 special travel markers
  • 1 bag
  • 1 bus
  • 1 rule booklet

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 4 reviews

by Kitty
a lot of strategy
May 29, 2003

I only played this online, but it's actually a fun game. I enjoy playing it just as 2 player game. Three player is fun too but adds difficulty. It's a good strategy game and not too dependent on chance. Not only you have to choose a location that's good for you, you also want to think about which location to leave out for the bus tours so you get most points. I really liked this game, and I think I will buy it in the future. Price wise it's not too much, so a good deal and a good 2 player or 3 player game to have.

Feels deep for a 20-30 minute game
April 15, 2003

Fans of Web of Power (Kardinal und Konig) will find this game has a very similar feel. Each turn, you place a marker, representing a shop, based on the tiles available, each of which has a name of an intersection. The tiles left over determine when and where the buses run that bring tourists too your shops, so you have to consider both what you are taking and what you are leaving behind. When you go first in a round, you have more choice of what to take, and when you go last, more control over what buses run. And then there's the fact that each intersection only has so much room, and when they fill up you can replace other's shops with your own.

This one works well with 2, 3, and 4, but is at its best with 3. The scoring can be a bit tricky the first few times you play, but that soon passes.

'the wheels on the bus go round and round...'
May 30, 2003

Paris Paris is the latest offering by Michael Schacht and as mentioned previously, resembles a different theme on the 'Web of Power' style of game. Play revolves around five bus routes that travel through Paris. Players establish one or two businesses at various 'stops' around the board. When the bus stops at your business, you score a point. Unlike the playing cards in WoP, sixty tiles representing the 'bus stops' are used to determine where businesses can be developed. One tile more than the number of players is drawn. In turn, each player takes one tile and builds a business at that stop. This will leave one tile. The bus is placed there and points scored if a business exists there, or if not, the closest to that stop on that bus line. Throughout the game, these leftover tiles can cause a 'Grand Tour' which scores along the five junctions of various bus routes. Players may also 'bump' existing businesses off the board, but this creates a scoring opportunity for the 'bumped' business. Play ends when all tiles have been drawn and played. A final 'Grand Tour' scoring takes place for each player and the player who had the most businesses 'bumped' scores points as well.

Paris Paris is a fast, fun family game. It was no surprise to BGoR that it received a Spiel de Jahre nomination as it contains the three 'F's' ( fast, fun, family). It starts out very dry though, and doesnt get interesting till the board starts to fill up and 'Grand Tour' scoring begins. Until it has been played a couple of times, beginners will wonder just what to do when placing their business on the board. For those who have played WoP, think of creating cloister chains along the bus routes to maximize your scoring potential. Also the 'bumped' business bag of scoring really hasnt changed the outcome of play yet. It does go very quickly though, and the best way to play Paris Paris would be several games and keep a running total.

Tiles are clean and sturdy, businesses are the standard wooden house (church from WoP), board map is an actual (and fairly accurate!) map of Paris, and the bus as mentioned in previous reviews kinda cute. BGoR rate it a 'buy' as a family or filler game with 4 stars.

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