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Store:  Party Games, Family Games
Format:  Dice Games


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Product Awards:  

Ages Players
8+ 2 or more

Designer(s): Dugald Keith, Steve Pickering

Manufacturer(s): Buffalo Games

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Product Description

A fresh new look in Party Games! Can you see what your opponents miss In VisualEyes, your unique perspective finally pays off! Race to spot clever words and sayings from the simple modern pictures on the dice. You won't believe your eyes!

Product Awards

Product Information


  • 19 colorful dice
  • sand timer
  • 8 pencils
  • 4 writing pads
  • 1 score pad
  • instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.7 in 3 reviews

Fun for all ages!
August 14, 2005
I've played VisualEyes with groups of 2-8 players, from ages 5 to... well into middle age (grin). And everyone loved it! Our auditory sequential friends thought we visual spatial thinkers would have an advantage, but... while we think of pictures that go together, they're sometimes quicker with the words. Great party game, especially with mixed ages and interests!
Lots of creative thinking involved
April 03, 2006

In Visual Eyes you have a bunch of dice with pictures on them. You scramble the dice and then try to create pairs of dice that form words or phrases, using the pictures on the face of the die.

This game is great for flexing the creative part of your mind. Very few games really get your creative juices flowing like this one. It is very rewarding when you think of a creative pair, and very enjoyable when someone else thinks of something ingenius.

This game can be a little frustrating if you're not used to being creative on the fly. But by playing a few times you should be able to get better, and the more you play it the better you'll get. If you don't feel like using the ol' brain this is definitely not going to be an enjoyable game. You really have to think hard to play this game.

This game is best played with older people. Young kids will likely get bored of it, as they will have difficulty finding pairs or will dislike the attention that they need to put into playing the game.

I have a few small gripes about the game. The rules could be a bit clearer on what defines a legal phrase or word. Occasionally someone will come up with something, and by following the rules it's unclear if it's a legal answer. The rules give examples of what's legal and what's not, but it still doesn't make it that clear.

My other gripe involves some of the pictures on the dice. I still haven't figured out what one or two of the pictures are supposed to be. Maybe I'm just not creative enough. They look like abstract shapes or squiggles to me, perhaps that's what they are supposed to be. I'd much rather prefer the pictures be of something recognizable then only a few squibbles. There's only a couple pictures like this, so it's not too bad (they just tend to go unused by anyone).

I want to like this game!
August 12, 2005

I am bound and determined to enjoy this game, but there is one significant problem. I stink at it! I just can't "visualeyes" all the dice at one time. I seriously think my brain doesn't function properly for this game.

VisualEyes is a very well-made game. The dice are big-but-light wood pieces. The artwork is great, and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. All-around they are very good components.

The entire game revolves around matching 2 pictures and making an everyday word or phrase with them. For instance, a picture of a very fat man and a picture of an apple = "Big Apple". The fat man can be used as big, fat, man, or any other creative thing you can think of to make a combo.

So what's my problem? Well, I fix on a set of two dice. My mind goes through the possibilities for those dice. Then I move onto another set of two. But the whole trick to this game, especially on fast play, is being able to take in all the pictures and link 2 dice quickly to come up with answers.

I can easily recommend this game if you have a group of creative quick-thinkers. But if you are the dummy in the group, like me, be prepared to act as a spectator. It is pretty neat, though, to see how creative others can get.

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