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Uno Attack!
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Store:  Family Games, Card Games
Series:  Uno
Format:  Card Games, Special Apparatus Games
Family:  Crazy Eights

Uno Attack!

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Ages Players
7+ 2-10

Publisher(s): Mattel

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Product Description

You never know when it will happen. But sooner or later, it'll happen to you!

Uno Attack! adds speed and surprise to the classic uno card game! Command Cards direct you and other players to push the Uno Attack! button on the Card Launcher. If you're lucky, nothing will happen. but if you're not, you'll be surprised by a steady stream of Uno Attack! cards! For fast, frenzied family fun, count on Uno Attack!

Product Information

  • Publisher(s): Mattel

  • Year: 2002

  • Players: 2 - 10

  • Ages: 7 and up

  • Weight: 918 grams

  • In order to play Uno Attack!, you will have to provide 3 'C' batteries


  • 112 Uno Attack! cards
  • 1 motorized card launcher
  • instruction sheet
Uno Attack! has the following expansions available:
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.1 in 4 reviews

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by Richard
Check the version
March 12, 2015

Be aware that there are at least three versions of this game.

In the original UNO Attack! game, the shooter had a purple base, with yellow and some red. This is the version that I owned and played on-and-off for several years; we always enjoyed it, except once when we had a large number of people playing and the game never ended. Recently, we got it out to play again, only to find out that while it would run, no cards would come out. Figuring out that it couldn't get worse, I disassembled the unit and discovered that the rubber band-like thing that went from the motor to the part that shot out the cards was broken. I've been looking for a replacement.

Apparently, the next generation of this game had a black base and red other part. I could not find if the shooting behavior was different or not.

The third generation of this game has an mostly red shooter - comments from users indicate that this version shoots much more frequently than earlier versions, and more cards, so that games may not end. In addition, the third version got rid of the Discard-All cards. Some reviews have indicated that other cards have been removed.

It also isn't clear if the newer versions got rid of the rubber band belt or if they still have the same weakness.

Anyway, I wrote this to summarize the information I have gleaned from other sources.

Fun for the whole Family!!
February 27, 2006

This game is so much fun!! Even though the objective is to get rid of your cards, it's actually kind of exciting when the machine shoots cards at you. Sometimes my husband and I get tired of playing the same old board games with the kids, but when they suggest Uno Attack we are always up for it. There are even times when WE ask if THEY want to play. We have realized that they don't even care who wins or loses. The different cards that have been added to the deck make it interesting and EVERYBODY wants their turn to push the button, even if it means adding more cards to your deck. This game is a definite must for all families!!

Good remake of a classic game
August 16, 2005

"Let's see... How can we make Uno more exciting? I know! Instead of drawing a card, push a button on a machine that might spit cards at you!"

Aah, the genius of large corporate game designers. Instead of adding more complexity to old games, they add flashy new components. But in the case of Uno Attack they hit the jackpot.

The card shooter adds excitement to an otherwise dull game. There is a certain thrill associated with pushing that button, because you never know what will come out. They have improved the mechanism that grabs the cards from when this game originally came out, and so now you could get 0 cards or you could get about 10.

The Uno Attack card shooter also makes this a very humorous game. It's just so funny to see a player with a mitt-full of cards get hit with a bunch more from the machine.

I would recommend this game for some enjoyable family fun. But keep in mind this is probably not for serious gamers, because luck is still the primary element involved.

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