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A Game of Thrones
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Store:  Strategy Games
Edition:  A Game of Thrones
Series:  Game of Thrones boardgame
Theme:  Fighting
Format:  Board Games

A Game of Thrones

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 120-180 minutes 3-5

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Product Description

King Robert Baratheon is dead, and the seven kingdoms brace for war. House Lannister, whose daughter Cersei was Robert's queen, claims the throne for her young son Joffrey. From the Dragonstone Isle, Stannis Baratheon knows that Robert was not the true father of Joffrey, and rightfully demands the throne for himself. On the Iron Isles, House Greyjoy is about to embark on a second rebellion, but this time with a much grander goal. In the north, House Stark gathers its strength to defend what is right, and in the south the wealthy House Tyrell harbors an old ambition to sit on the Iron Throne.

As armies gather and ravens fly, a clash of kings is inevitable.

Based on the best-selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, the A Game of Thrones board game lets players take control of one of the great Houses of Westeros and embark on an epic struggle to claim the Iron Throne. Immerse yourself in a game of clever planning, careful allocation of power, diplomacy, and the exciting flavor of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Product Information


  • 1 gameboard
  • 75 order tokens
  • 100 power tokens
  • 15 influence tokens
  • 5 supply tokens
  • 35 house cards
  • 5 house start cards
  • 30 Westeros cards
  • 50 wooden footmen
  • 20 wooden knights
  • 30 wooden ships
  • 1 Wildling token
  • 1 turn marker
  • 3 neutral army markers
  • 1 Valyrian steel blade token
  • 1 messenger raven token
  • 1 Iron Throne token
  • rules
A Game of Thrones has the following expansions available:
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.2 in 8 reviews

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Christian Petersen's gift to the hobby. Incredible experience.
April 10, 2009

Few games will compel five educated people to play until dawn, wrapped in a fantasy world as this game will. With less than five this game is good, but with the full number you get an intense, rich gaming experience. The world of boardgaming offers few products as good as this.

This game will compel you to read the literature in honors, that I suppose is the best complement I can make to its inventor.

by DuDm
Very Good Game
May 17, 2004

I am from Poland where it is hard to get any board games. This game is available, thank God :] I played it twice and I really enjoyed it. Board looks great! Rules are easy. First it was strength to me that there is no dice but now I can't imagine playing it with dice. My friends and I are addicted ;) I am looking forward for expansion.

Good Game - Expansion In The Works?
December 27, 2003

Before deciding to carry any board game at our store, we usually like to test them out a bit. I'd definitely have to say this game is more than it seems. I must confess I've never read the GOT books, nor played the card game (although I hope to soon!). However, this game's main interest point to me was the depth of its strategy; it was all placed upon bids, army placement and deployment, and card strategy (plus a lot of bluffing!). With no dice, the random factor was removed (which has its pros and cons), so that you could focus on the strategy.

The only thing I wish was there was an expansion pack or something, because I find the army size limitations and the map size somewhat on the small side. If there was a secondary board or something that would be excellent.

I also dislike the movement of armies across boats; you can move from boat to boat to land in one move? This was how the game was shown and explained to me. It seems kind of odd; this would mean that armies teleport from land to land via a connected waterway. Interesting, but I'd probably use a house rule to stop that.

The cards and the randomized events on each turn also make for a very interesting game. While there are certain number of 'turns' before the game ends, we've found that you can play without this rule anyway because the game usually finishes before that point; and sometimes you just want to really 'conquer' to the world to that effect.

A very interesting strategic/bluffing war game. Try it out if you have the time.

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