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Ages Play Time Players
9+ 15-20 minutes 2

Designer(s): ME Keller

Manufacturer(s): MEK Enterprises

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Product Description

Armory is an exciting medieval struggle like no other. Fight to arm your combatants, then attack to win!

Product Information

  • Designer(s): ME Keller

  • Manufacturer(s): MEK Enterprises

  • Year: 2003

  • Players: 2

  • Time: 15 - 20 minutes

  • Ages: 9 and up

  • Weight: 227 grams


  • 2 60-card decks
  • rules

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 5 reviews

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by David
Innovative! Easy to learn & Fun to Play.
October 23, 2003

A well thought out game with great artwork, all you need for two players is in this one box.

Bring your medieval warriors to battle readiness and strike the final blow.

A must of serious and casual gamers alike.

Take a look at MEKS website there are more games on the way, I look forward to playing the sequel to this game and the Vietnam Jungle Warfare board game.

A funagain game!

by Camar
Plays fast and well. Very entertaining!
October 22, 2003

This game is easy to learn and play, it has no complicated rules. There are lots of surprises you can drop on someone, and no player can dominate because of the design. In all the games of Armory I've played there has never been a rout. It always seems to come down to the wire. 2 players can have a game in about 15 minutes and 3 or 4 players makes it even more exciting. Quite addicting.

October 15, 2003

Found this game on-line and printed a test edition to see how we liked it. The graphics are wonderful and the game has proven to be very entertaining. To sum it up into one word, Fascinating! I look forward to adding this game to my collection, and hope to acquire copies in time for Christmas gifts.

Armory is a good game.
April 29, 2004

I, and my gaming group, happen to lucky enough to live in Ashland, OR and can walk right into Funagain and check out all the new stuff immediately.

When ARMORY came out a few months ago, we picked up a couple of sets (there are 2 decks in each box so that 2 people can play immediately). Now I have notice that 'formal critics' are harsh on the game and regular joes like us are just the opposite.

Here's our take on the game without getting into a long session report. First off, we play mainly White Wolf and D20 stuff, not to mention Magic the Gathering, we keep some smaller, faster games around to take a break with. ARMORY fits that bill for us, and we have played probably 150-200 games over the last 6 months. As described by others, you simply have 3 COMBATANTS and seek to fully equip them before your opponent(s). Easy enough-right? The back and forth fight to do it is the fun part. And we found reading the rules was not a problem-there's only 11 of them, and the back of the rule sheet has 11 tips also.

The ARMORY website has those up for viewing (probably the most user-friendly game site out there in that regard).In the end, it is pretty easy. As to the cards, I do not see why they are confusing to anyone as the text rule on a card is generally a one-lner! Text is clear, not small like some MTG cards (to which ARMORY has NO resemblance).

All in all, I suggest you simply go to the ARMORY website and look at the cards yourself--they are all up for viewing. You can make your own mind up. The INVINCIBLE cards are clearly marked with the word large, highlighted---I don't see how anyone could say the word is lost in text. LOOK AT THE CARDS ON THE WEBSITE and see for yourself. ARMORY is probably one of the best balanced card games I have seen. Why? Because every game will end right when you are down to just a few cards left in your pile. It just plays out that way. Now THAT is balanced. Usually when you win, the opponent is only 1 or 2 turns behind you to win it. That's close! It is not meant to be a big head-scratching game. It is quick and the sort that urges you to play it again. It seems like a fast-shifting-advantage sort of game right util someone pops out an ATTACK card to win-----then you hear the other players start yelling how they were 1 card from winning and lets play again. Keep in focus the type of game it is and you realize it is clever, fun and one of those you can always pull out for a good quick fight.

On a scale 1 to 10 we give it a 7, and scale 1-5 we have to say 4 ! It's a good fun and easy game.

by Randy
What a klunker.
November 03, 2003

I can only believe that the previous reviewers who gave this one 5 stars are either relatives of the game designer or inexperienced gamers who finally found a card game more cerebral than Uno.

I normally don't rank a game as low as one star but in this case I feel a need to lower the overall rank as it is so misleading.

Both players have identical decks so if both players are on an equal level you can only hope you draw the best cards first. The strategies are so obvious that only a dunce would ponder which card to play. There are so many counter spells in the deck that you can almost count on a third of your good cards getting cancelled. And the cards that you would normally want to counter are 'Invincible', a term in this game that means there's-not-a-thing-you-can-do-to-touch-it-so-don't-even-bother-thinking-of-a-strategy-to-avoid it. And since when did a torch become the most powerful instrument in your armament? Weapons are merely incidental, but boy watch out for those torches.

I could go on ranting but this game isn't worth the effort. Save your money up and buy yourself a deck of Uno Deluxe.

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