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Risk: The Lord of the Rings
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Risk: The Lord of the Rings

Trilogy Edition

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Ages Players
9+ 2-4

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Parker Brothers

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Product Description

The forces of darkness are gathering in Mordor to lead a charge that could be the end of Middle-earth. In neighboring Gondor, defenses are being prepared as the battle begins. The One Ring is making its way onward toward Mount Doom while the battle heats up. Who will be left standing when the combat ends?

In this expanded edition of Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition you'll find:

  • Middle-earth gameboard including Gondor, Mordor and Haradwaith
  • materials from the entire The Lord of the Rings film trilogy
  • additional territory cards
  • additional battalions
  • additional adventure cards
  • alternate ways to play

Product Information


  • 1 gold-tone ring
  • 4 armies
  • 126 cards
  • 3 red dice
  • 2 black dice
  • 1 gameboard
  • instruction booklet

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.2 in 12 reviews

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I'm Getting Addicted
February 13, 2004

I happen to LOVE risk and the lord of the rings. (not many people like to play me because i am good). This game is the best. Even if it is a little bit more then regular risk its worth it. I like the idea of having leaders and the stronghold. The only downside is that it is EATING UP MY WEEKENDS. If you are as fanatic as I am, BUY IT, BUT RIGHT NOW.

by Kos
Challenging, replayability, excellent for veterans/beginners
January 07, 2004

I finally went out and purchased Lord of the rings risk after reading dozens of reviews on it. As a veteran player of most board games for the last 20 years I get paranoid each time I want to add another game to my collection. Why? Because most are lame and we end up being bored after just 1 game. Thats why I decided to write this review on LOTRR. For the veteran strategy gamer this board game will not disappoint. There is enough replay ability due to the setup procedure, map layout and addition of leaders and event, adventure, mission cards.

On the physical side, the miniatures are well made and sturdy, no bendy bits that break off. I personally like the map because its quite authentic, the cards are well made and most contain a photo from the films but are tastefully done. A nice touch is having a dice rolling area in the actual plastic container. (If you have bad dice rolling friends like me this is a god send!)

Wrapping it up I have played this game 3 times with a friend who is even more nuts than me when it comes to board games. Both of us cant wait to play it again and it is one game that will be dragged out with all the other greats in the future. (Definitely not shelved). I have only played a two player game and I believe a 3 player game would be even better.

Please note I bought the expansion pack as well and I would recommend this totally. In fact I dont think I would like the game half as much if I didnt have the expansion. (Plus you get a lot more nifty miniatures.)

Lord of the Risks
December 17, 2003

Some people will look at a Van Gogh and think 'Picasso would have done a better job'. Whereas, if Picasso were asked to recreate a Van Gogh I'm sure it would have had an interesting spin on it. So now you're college days are well behind you and you can remenber when bell bottoms came around the first time. Staying up all night playing Risk was fine as long as you were still in the game. If you're like me, you probably can't find the time now to fertilize the lawn much less find four plus hours for playing a game. But Risk has progressed and kept up with the times and Lord of the Rings Risk is the best yet for those that harken back to moving their armies and throwing dice to dominate the world. What Risk 2210 did for the Sci-fi fan, Risk: Lord of the Rings has now accomplished for the fantasy followers of that monumental story. Gone are all the retro problems found in the initial incarnation of Risk. So what's new and better? Gone is the chance of getting thrown out of the game early on and being delegated the task of delivering snacks while the game contines for another few hours. In R:LotR you have a built in timeline. The game will end when the ring reaches Mount Doom. It's most likely that you'll still be in the game slogging it out in old Risk fashion for control of those territories and regions. This game will probably run you just a few hours even with 4 players. The 'last man standing' victory condition is gone. The game is about getting points and picking your fights. Now, there's a whole new way to get points through the use of quest cards and adventure cards that will alter the balance of power at the most unopportune times. There's terrain to contend with such as unclimbable mountains blocking your armies or mighty rivers that can only be crossed in certain locations. But most important, there's a story to follow; good against evil. With the Trilogy edition, there's even the chance to break away from the traditional 'every man for himself' style of gaming. You can team together as good versus evil or even throw in a capture the ring variant where the fate of Middle Earth can change with the loss of the ring to the Forces of Evil. One of my favorite versions of classic Risk came with Napoleonic miniature figures but they were all the same for each army, just in different colors. This edition tops that. Now you get armies for good and evil. Orcs and Elves will battle along with Ogres and Eagles. The figures are fantastic. More importantly, the rules have been cleaned up since last years edition. Plus, if you have last year's version and decide to get the Trilogy edition, you can add the armies from your old set to expand the game up to six players with some minor setup changes (the armies are a different shade of color). And of course the entire map of Middle Earth is now present. You can finally wrap yourself up in the Tolkien world with this game while still feeling like your playing the original Risk that you're familiar with. It's truly great to see the evolution of an American classic board game into an even better product. If your a fan of Risk you'll probably like this game. If you're a fan of Tolkien and Risk then there's no reason for not adding this one to your collection. This game will keep Risk alive and shows how to breath new life into an old product rather than living in the past. Maybe some game designers out there likes Frank Sinatra, maybe not. But like Picasso and Frank, I'm just glad someone did it 'their way'. Maybe now I'll have time to fertilize that lawn before it dies. Cheers.

Absolutely Thrilling
November 23, 2003

The Lord of the Rings is thrilling as books, movies, and now as the trilogy edition of the Risk game has now come out, we have an absolutely thrilling boardgame. Play the 'Team Risk' version.It's very tense, as 'Evil' can end the game anytime the ring ends its turn in an evil territory. This becomes very edge-of-your seat ( true to the story) as the ring comes closer and closer to Mordor. To give this game a rating of 5 doesn't seem to do it justice : it needs to be on a scale of its own. This is worth every penny, yet is relatively less expensive than some epic board games out there. This is a must have for any fan of the LOTR series.

very nice game
November 22, 2003

This game is great for Risk lovers and LotR lovers. The gameboard accurately represents Middle-Earth (except for the fact that it is longer north to south, than east to west). There are ways to play individually, and allied with your fellow evil/good teammate. Very good how the game ends when the Ring moves from the Shire to Mt. Doom. Very well done game!

by Ryan B
Lord of the Rings -- The One Fulfillment
November 03, 2003

I will leave it to others to discuss the mechanics of the game and I will simply give an opinion of the components.

The gameboard is extra large and contains all the territories of the trilogy (Mordor and Gondor etc.) When I called to ask, Hasbro has advised me that they will be creating an expansion pack for those who already have the original Lord of the Rings-RISK game. I personally prefer to already have everything under one box.

The cards are sturdy, the artwork is muted but great and the playing pieces seem to capture the essence of the trilogy. Playing pieces are colored black, red, yellow and green. There are mulitiple rules variations that come published with this game (including a 'find the ring' element), so it should play well to the variety factor.

The board for this game is longer than it is wide but is very large, so it accomodates everything the regular RISK game can muster.

Looks great but now I have to play's that new...

by Aaron
this game is the best risk game to ever come out
October 27, 2003

the play is so fun it just blows you away. there are more ways to play and the best part is that it is Lord of the Rings so you know that is going to be good. I have likes playing risk for the past ten to fifteen years. but now that there is a Lord of the Rings that has all the territories and has the ull map it is rated number one in may book.

One turn decides it all
March 24, 2004

Nice map. Nice cards. Nice units. The game is fun. The fact that you don't have to wait to gain extra units makes it all more agressive and opens up the game in contrast to regular risk. However it lessens diplomacy. Having two sides and just one winner feels strange sometimes. The ring acts as a timer so the game takes about two hours. Leaders, strongholds and action cards give the extra edge. One downside: everything is decided in the last turn. The player who plays this turn seems to have a major advantage. Another downside: only four players. The game is better than regular Risk if you like the theme but Risk 2210 seems to be the superior game in the genre.

The best time I have ever had.
December 20, 2003

I have always been a huge fan of LOTR and the games that have come about it. I have also enjoyed Risk from a very young age in it's ability to allow for military combat.

Over all the game play of LOTR Risk is very exciting while playing in a group of friends. The game also has a greater deal of strategy than the oringinal Risk, due to Leaders, Powercards, Mounatians and rivers, and fortresses. The Gamelife time is very long and you will continue to play it. Also the abilty to re-write the games rules give the players a chance to the play the game as they see fit. All in all it is a must have game for any Risk or LOTR fan.

Some innovation but tedious
December 30, 2003

There is a lot to like about this game, especially the great pieces and nice map. Kudos to the designers for using the path of the ring as a means to end the game. I also really like the Stronghold rules that allow an extra army for control of certain spaces, and leaders that provide a bonus to combat.

But the map has too many spaces--I would have trimmed about 15 spaces off the map-- and too many Regions (9). And all of them except Mordor and Haradwaith are difficult to hold. The result is the game becomes tedious after a short time.

The Power cards are a neat idea, but there are so many of them and most of them are of little value. Still, a move in the right direction as far as the design goes.

This is the best version of Risk available.
December 19, 2003

This review is pointed at the person who considered Risk 2210 superior. Flat out, this game is. It is more streamlined than Risk 2210 and plays differently enough. The ring adds another dimension to the game, as to the leaders and the quest spots. To bash this game to say it has nothing to do with the story is absurd.

On another note, if you combine the first edition with the trilogy edition, you get a 6 player version of the game.

And yes Virginia, this game is better than original Risk. I wish there was a 3 1/2 stars for this game, as it is ultimately Risk.

by Roy L.
Cynical Marketing; Much Better Alternatives Available
December 16, 2003

Lord of the Rings has, unlike the Harry Potter series, inspired some truly excellent games, most notably the rich and subtle cooperative game by Reiner Knizia (one of the best games available on any topic) and the much simpler but still quite deep 2-player Stratego-like 'Confrontation' game (also by Reiner Knizia), both of which, in addition to being excellent games in their own right, are also superbly 'themed': the Lord of the Rings feel and atmosphere comes through during play and one really feels involved in an adventure in Middle Earth. (The 'children's game', again by Knizia, is also worth a look for kids under 8.)

But this game is just junk. Not only is it inherently a dull and tedious game (unless your are a die-hard Risk fan or just don't really care about the game and are looking for a beer-and-pretzels distraction), but it also has absolutely nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings. This game 'theming' at its most cynical: some (not very good) changes in art and some nonsensical rules additions (that don't even work well from a gaming perspective) are all you get with this game.

If you like Risk, stick with the original, or try the sci-fi themed version (2210); if you like Lord of the Rings, avoid this game entirely (and consider some of the superb games mentioned above).

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