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Store:  Ding & Dent, Party Games
Genre:  Betting, Trivia
Format:  Board Games
Other:  Test Their Knowledge


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Designer(s): Roger L Schlaifer

Publisher(s): Eagle Games

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Product Description

Get your friends together and get ready for the best boardgame -- ever! When you play Odds'R you're in on every play, betting on your own answers and everyone else's as you move around the action-packed board.

As you go, you'll have a chance to win the lottery on every turn, double your rolls, do the CowChip Flip and go for the GrabBag. But watch out! That double roll could send you back. And the GrabBag is full of goodies -- and gotchas! Odds'R Q&As are funny, informative and multiple choice. Not-too-easy, but not-too-humiliating eithereven if you get dinged for a miss.

The game's over when the first player reaches the InnerCircle. But it's the player with the most money who wins.

Odds'R competition can be casual or cutthroat -- but it's always great fun!

Product Information


  • 1 gameboard
  • 1 quickstart guide
  • 1 rulebook
  • 4 game pieces
  • 360 question cards
  • 200 chips
  • 90 lottery tickets
  • 1 grab bag
  • 1 cow-chip token
  • 2 numbered dice
  • 1 special die

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 2.6 in 5 reviews

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Don't believe the person who gave it 5 stars!
May 03, 2005

I have to admit that I was excited when I found a game that has trivia and betting. It seemed like it would be hard to go wrong with those to great things. Unfortunately I was wrong. This game was poorly thought through. While many of the questions are interesting, it is not worth the price to buy the entire game for only a few question (and there is only one question per card so you would run out very quickly).

This game deserves 2 or a 3 stars but nothing more. I have a hard time believing anyone would give this game 4 stars but 5 stars must be from either the designer or a friend of the designer. I also noticed that the person who gave 5 stars has only reviewed 1 game. Not a very trustworthy source.

Odds 'R you will never finish this game!
January 28, 2005

I recently purchased this game and our gaming group got together to play it. We started reading the rules and weren't really sure if it was as great as it originally sounded. But we pressed on, determined that even the greatest games sometimes seem dumb when you only read the rules.

After starting we were sadly disappointed. This game was as dumb as the rules sounded. Here is just a sampling of the things we disliked:

1. The cheap paper that the lottery tickets are printed on.

2. The way that it makes people feel stupid by giving them dumby rings and a dunce cap when they guess wrong on a question.

3. The fact that the guesser can purposely answer incorrectly in order to cause others to lose their bets.

4. THE GO FORWARD - GO BACK DIE!!!! This makes it so that no one can make any progress on the board. As soon as you start making progress you can roll "Go Back" several times and end up back where you started. We played for over an hour, and 2 players were still on their start space and no one had entered the second ring. This was about the time we quit and pulled out Bohnanza so that we could actually have some fun. IF we ever decide to try this game again we will not use this die.

I don't know if we will be willing to play this game again even if we had a chance to win an actual lottery. My recommendation...try another game!

OddsR is Highly Recommended!
March 29, 2004

I purchased OddsR as a gift for my wife this past December. We first played it with family and friends on New Years Day. The age range of those playing was 13 to the late 50's, including older teens in college, thus a disparate age group was represented. After setting up and explaining the rules, we broke up into teams and proceeded with play.

The play was fast enough to keep up interest yet paced so that one could enjoy and even savor each round, especially if successful. The questions were both thought provoking and quite amusing at the same time. Well thought out and difficult enough to challenge the most fastidious of minds yet not beyond the comprehension of the younger players. Thus, a game conducive to family as well as adult only play. Unusual in board games.

When the game was completed, all involved breathed a sigh of satisfaction and spoke in reverence of the game and in anticipation of the next time we could play. My college age son took the game back to college with him and played several times with his roommates (all quite intelligent). I was informed that they loved the game and the challenge and amusement it provided and looked forward to playing it when time allowed. The betting as well as the intellectual aspect of OddsR seemed to appeal to their sense of gaming as well as 'battle of the wits'.

The author of the game was obviously an irreverent sort, yet bordering on genius in the manner he concocted the game theme and play. I think this game will go down as one of the classics in Board games for years to come. Highly


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