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Risk 2210 A.D.
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Store:  Editor's Pick War Games, War Games
Edition:  Risk 2210 A.D.
Series:  Risk
Theme:  Science Fiction
Genre:  War & Combat
Format:  Board Games

Risk 2210 A.D.

small box edition

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Ages Players
10+ 2-5

Designer(s): Craig Van Ness, Rob Daviau

Publisher(s): Hasbro, Avalon Hill

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  • WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small Parts

Product Description

Who will be the new world leader? The world is at war. As the leader of one of the warring factions, you control the destiny of your people. On and above earth you must marshal your forces, send forth your troops, hire the right commanders and crush your enemies. Build alliances if you dare, but also be wary of those who you call friend. Spend your energy wisely. Enlist the right commanders with the right commands and you can gain the power you need to conquer the world and beyond.

Contains all of the same game components as the larger Risk 2210 A.D. package, including all pieces needed to play the classic game of Risk.

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Average Rating: 4.4 in 52 reviews

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by Brian
A Risk to Buy
July 18, 2008

Risk 2210 is a popular variant of Risk that combines the traditional game with several twists. Included are more territories, commander units, command cards and a turn-limit.

So what do we really have?

Well, you do have the Risk backbone. However, you also have commanders, command cards, space stations and energy in this game.

Commanders are special units that are paid with the game's currency, or energy and they provide special bonuses such as attacking and defending with 8-sided dice. Some allow you to go on water or to the moon.

When you have a commander, you can then buy their appropriate command card. These cards do various things such as spawn new units when you are defending, give you victory points or even destroy enemy commanders.

So where can you go in this game? In addition to the familiar continents and their territories, you also have several water colonies and the moon to explore. Also, four land territories are nuked in the beginning of the game, which prevents anyone from crossing those areas. This provides some replay value.

Also in the game is the 5-turn limit. Now many of the new readers and players will consider this short. I found Risk with 4 players to take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to take one turn. Players will bid who goes first on a turn with energy.

So what does it do? Well, it ends the game for once and hopefully minimizes player elimination.

I was drawn to this game when I first started the hobby. Risk was familiar and this one was in the future with nukes! The pieces looked great and there was a lot more to do in this one.

However, now that I play it, it's a game you have to find the gamers for. One thing is that the game takes very long. Four hours is a quite long time to commit to the game. Also, Risk 2210 is just that, Risk. This means you have a lot of the same problems. Battles are deemed by dice rolls. Ganging up on a player is also another way it can be unfair.

The way that the game ends is artificial. There's no victory points to strive for or a certain goal to achieve. Just maximize territories. It just feels weird to leave a game with your opponent's armies still on the board.

Cards are very powerful as well. Some feel the Armageddon card is too powerful, as it allows players to play nuclear cards for free.

However without the 5-turn rule, the game becomes a nearly-never-ending see-saw game. One player has an advantage? The other players gang up on him. Are you behind? Then you'll far further behind the longer the game wears on because your economy will never reach the levels of your partners.

Risk 2210 suffers from high luck, long duration, long downtime and slow combat. I would recommend a game like Nexus Ops over this with unique combat units, victory points and a more modifiable board.

This game is lacking a lot of strategy
June 07, 2007

Old risk fans beware. This game has too many territories, only lasts 5 turns (called years). As for commanders and their cards... Lets say too powerful and can change the game so much that well it comes down to the luck of the draw. I would have like to see more turns. Less cards. Commanders are very powerful maybe too powerful. buy it if you will but don't say I didn't warn you. With a few tweaks maybe it is possible to have a better strategic game.

November 10, 2006

This game has the option that every risk game has and that is you can play using classic risk rules. To me this game was disappointing, I've been a wargamer for decades and I expected a lot more than what was offered. You have "leaders" that can influence the battle and grant you card use and advantages but they're not nearly as exciting as you'd like to imagine. The only other real noticeable difference was the random areas of the map that are reduced to wasteland and are unusable.

In all this game seems like the protoype of Risk Godstorm which is a much better game that has been flushed out better and a better value and game for those looking for a fun risk game.

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