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Store:  Family Games
Edition:  Careers
Series:  Careers
Format:  Board Games


Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Careers

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Ages Players
8+ 2-6

Designer(s): James Cooke Brown

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Parker Brothers

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Product Description

What do you need to succeed? Fame, fortune, happiness?

You decide your own success formula, then race to reach it. Try your hand at a career in the entertainment biz. Star in a TV show and gain some fame but if your first film's a flop -- your salary will suffer. If entertainment isn't your cup of tea, try a career in big business or teaching! Other players could prevent you from getting what you want, but when Opportunity Knocks, you'll go places -- even on a tropical vacation. The first person to reach their success formula is the big winner!

Product Information


  • gameboard
  • 30 opportunity cards
  • 30 experience cards
  • 6 college degree cards
  • play money
  • score pad
  • 6 pawns
  • 2 dice
  • instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.7 in 7 reviews

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New Edition Just Released
July 02, 2003

Hasbro has just released the 2003 edition of Careers and it's back under the Parker Brothers name. Current careers are Medical Research, Sports, Entertainment, Conservation, College, Big Business, Teaching and Politics and the style remains true to James Cooke Brown's original vision. As a baby boomer, I'm pleased to have this game back in my collection to share with the next generation.

one of the only board games I play
April 06, 2003

My brother and I play an absolutely bitter, cut-throat game of Careers, setting the points at triple or quadruple what the rules require. It's a hoot. While there's not much interaction, as players are set on their own career paths, the bumping element is always a harsh reminder that you're not playing in a vacuum. Chess is pure strategy, and Backgammon is (almost) pure luck, and somewhere in between is Careers.

One of the best game I've played
November 02, 2002

I've played with this game when I was a young boy and I loved it! It just have the element of choices that I may faced when I grew up like what type of careers you can choose etc. However I think the 1997 may be a bit outdated. Some new professions needs to be added.

All in all, I still think this is a wonderfull game and I would like my children to play it too.

A great game!
July 16, 2002

I grew up in a home where we often played board games. We had a cupboard full of them, and Careers was one of our favourites. I think our copy was also still a 1957 version. I have been looking for another one for many years. I hope to get one soon.... even if it is an updated version. But I like the old games with the wooden play pieces... there's just something um... nostalgic? about them!

Excellent game. Still playing my 1957 copy.
September 23, 2000

A little known item about this game: It was invented by my English professor at the University of Florida in 1956. His name is Dr. Brown. I don't remember his first name, but he was an excellent professor, and I loved his class. When he announced to the class that he had invented this game, and he had just sold it to Parker Brothers, we all felt happy for him and his success. I didn't know until reading some of these online reviews that there was an 'updated' edition. I still play the original 1957 edition, and I love it.

A definite fun evening of entertainment
May 04, 2000

Even though this a a relatively old game, it still has wonderful playability. My usual game partners are my daughters, ages 12 and 14. They both enjoyed it immensely for totally different reasons. My oldest daughter enjoyed the 'luck of the dice' aspect in controlling the progress of the game. It introduces a nice element of chance which can be both good and bad. She also enjoyed the minimal planning and strategy involved. My youngest daughter enjoyed the oppurtunity to trade and bargain with other players. As a family, we enjoy a wide variety of games. This is a new addition to our game collection, and one that will be enjoyed for a long time. It is sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy, but simple and easy enough for a child. This game is definitely in the same category as Monopoly, Life and Payday; a definite classic.

Not bad for a roll-and-move game
August 18, 2005

After officially becoming gamers, my wife and I now look for games everywhere. One day we happened upon Careers at a garage sale. It was an older edition, but neither of us had ever heard of it. For two bucks we picked it up. We liked Careers so much that when we saw Hasbro had remade it we snatched it up right away.

Sometimes it's fun to play a simple game where dice are rolled and you move your piece. Careers adds a different twist to that style of game. The different career paths are neat and though the player interaction is minor, it is still a tense game. You can just feel when your opponents are nearing victory.

The best part of Careers is the concept of setting your own recipe for winning. Do you want to be greedy and hoard all the money, then set your money amount higher. Do you want to be famous so that everyone knows you, then set your fame amount higher. Do you just want to be happy, then set your happiness amount higher. The object of the game is to pursue careers that will help you reach those goal numbers.

The worst part of Careers is that there is a lot of luck involved. Once you set your goal, it's all about whether you can roll the number you need. And sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a more run-of-the-mill game like this.

I would definitely recommend Careers for a good family game. If you like this style of roll and move game (like Life or Monopoly), definitely give Careers a try.

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