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Mille Bornes
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Store:  Card Games, Family Games
Edition:  Mille Bornes / Touring
Theme:  Automobile Racing
Genre:  Racing
Format:  Card Games

Mille Bornes

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 25-45 minutes 2, 3, 4 or 6

Designer(s): Edmond Dujardin

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Winning Moves USA

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Product Description

Race across France earning mileage points, overcoming traffic hazards and sabotaging your opponents.

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Edmond Dujardin

  • Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Winning Moves USA

  • Year: 2003

  • Players: 2, 3, 4 or 6

  • Time: 25 - 45 minutes

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 254 grams

  • Language Requirements: Game components are printed in multiple languages, including English. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English. This is an international edition or domestic edition of an imported item.


  • 112 cards
  • card tray
  • score sheet
  • rules

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 15 reviews

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by The Gannons
Love this game!
January 18, 2009

We love to play this... J played it when she was a kid and searched hi and low for it about 10 years ago... paid a fortune on Ebay! Glad to see it's been re-released for a new generation. Easy to learn, we frequently pull it out for guests and they are racing in no time!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Childhood memory...
January 19, 2004

We had this game (in French) at my grandmother's house when I was a child, and it's great to see it back! Too bad they didn't keep the old art, but oh well... still a very fun game. Pick it up if you like a fun, competitive card game with enough chance to keep it fun over and over again.

Race with fun 'til you drop!
January 07, 2003

This game is great! An old friend of mine had this really vintage copy of the game and taught us how to play one rainy day. After that, we got addicted! It was serious FUN all the way.

Too bad he left for the US and we were left with no copy. But trust me, I will buy this great game from They have lots of games and great prices.

Enjoy the race!!!!

by Kat
Great Game to play when you have nothing else to do!
June 20, 2002

Mille Bornes is a simple and addicting game! It is one of the best games of luck there is. It is something that an entire family can play. I found out about playing Mille Bornes through the Spanish version which is slightly different and now I can't get enough of it! The only down side is that it lasts a LONG time. Every game is over 45 minutes. (In my experience.) Mille Bornes is too fun to NOT play.

Favorite Card game of all time!
January 15, 2002

I absolutly love this game. A classic that will never go out of style! It's a fun game to play when your sitting around doing nothing and easy to learn. Tons of fun to play with friends or family. Anyone who doesn't like this game is just plain boring themselves.

My Favorite Game Of All Time!
August 31, 2000

I LOVE this game! I have gotten many friends addicted and sometimes playing to 5,000 isn't enough and we have to go to 10,000. It's a ton of fun and great for travel (plenty small enough to fit into any travel bag--plus it's car themed...). I couldn't recommend any game more!

Really fun game
January 02, 1999

We played this game when we were kids back in the 60' is a great game for families or couples.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Should it feel good to be a jerk?
August 16, 2005

Well, when you play Mille Bornes, it does. This is another classic that was made so well I can't resist bringing it out again for occasional play.

What makes Mille Bornes fun for me? Being mean! I could put 700 miles on my trip in a matter of 5 turns and still not have as much fun as that one turn when I give my opponent a flat tire. But oh the bitter taste of defeat, when they pull out those amazing puncture-proof tires and score a massive bonus off of your attack.

Mille Bornes plays well as an individual or team game (not many games can claim that). Of course, there is an element of luck involved (you may never draw the card you desperately need), but that is reduced by playing teams. Often your partner will have the cards that you don't.

I recommend Mille Bornes as a fun casual game amongst friends or family who don't get upset too easily. (The last thing you want is to ruin a friendship because a sensitive person can't get over the fact that you kept putting them in an accident and they never got repairs.) If you never played this game, and you like card games, Mille Bornes is one classic game that is an absolute must.

The Great Race
March 24, 2000

I've had my copy of Mille Bornes since I bought it as a kid in the mid '60s. It has always been a favorite, though occasionally frustrating because luck is a major factor, and one can spend many draws waiting for a needed card which never appears or appears too late. I think, however, that if you play Mille Bornes as a multi-round game toward a total score of 5,000, that kind of problem evens out somewhat. I've never been able to decide whether the game works better in two-player mode or with four or more players. I don't recommend three players--somehow the dynamics of the game end up poorly with that number. Mille Bornes works well as a family game, and both my kids, ages 7 and 11, love the game. It is reasonably easy to learn, and it is great fun to race ahead or to suprise your opponents with safety cards hoarded up in your hand, hoping they'll play the corresponding accident and allow you the extra points of a 'coup fourre'. For the price, and it is unreasonably cheap, it is a great little card game.

by Tash
great game for the family
December 28, 1999

This game has been around for yonks; very few games can survive in print for a long as this one has (I bought my copy in 1976--well... my parents did). It's based on a car race and the aim is to be the first to 1000 miles (depending on how long you want to play/how many players). Whilst yer hooning along, ie. you've played a green traffic light card ... and whacked down some miles... opponents throw hazards on you eg 'Out of Petrol' or 'Accident' or a 'Speed Limit' (which allows you only go 50 mph) etc etc ... you can retribute by or hurry up and get the rememdy ie petrol/repairs etc and then a green light again. You can also have 'Safety Cards' which if played when an opponent throws a hazard on you, you get mega points ... the only real fault with this game is that one can get stuck whilst waiting to pick up a Green light card.. However myself and my family have had many great evenings playing this game. I recommend it more for families (with kids aged up to 11 yrs) as opposed to gamers/adult partiers, as it has relatively minimal strategy.

by Henry
I enjoy playing but it is a little outdated
May 24, 2003

It is a decent game. It tends to be a little on the luck dependent side. I bought this game with fond memories of a fantastic game from my youth. At that time I truly loved this game but then again I thought Monopoly was the best game ever made. However by todays standards and quality of games this game has seen its glory days. Like a high school athletic career seemed great at the time but in the overall scope it was really just a momentary thing. If the group you play with is unadventurous hen this might be a good game to lure them into playing something a little more recent.

An interesting, but fairly average game.
September 08, 2000

(This review is written for people searching for fun family games! =)

Using a deck of custom cards, each player is racing their 'car' trying to reach 5000 miles first. Players simply play and draw cards on their turn trying to further their travels while impeding their opponents' travels.

The game is not a bad one, but it is highly dependent on luck which can be frustrating when waiting for one particular card. The hazard cards can make this game a bit mailicious and that can affect the 'funness' of the game. The game is fairly easy to learn--really the only tricky part is getting used to the different areas of cards in front of you. It plays quite well for 2-4 players and for the price it may be worth picking up.

If you are willing to spend a few more dollars, and are looking for a fun family card game with a racing type theme, I would highly recommend King Of The Elves instead, which I give a perfect 5 stars to (and it can accomodate up to 6 players!)

Mille Bornes

The good: It moves quickly and is easy to learn. The bad: Too much luck can leave a player waiting an entire round for a card to show up; hazard cards can get opponents very frustrated.

All in all: An interesting, but fairly average game.

An classic antique that needs refurbishing
August 16, 2000

I got my first copy of MILLE BORNES back in the early-'60s, when my friends and I would spend many an afternoon playing a variety of board games and card games. MB was very fresh--being a card game that didn't use regular playing cards--and we played it dozen of times. I always remembered it as a great game.

In the late-'80s, I pulled it out again and tried a few 4-player games with family. Somehow, it didn't seem nearly as much fun any more. Unlike my memories of those '60s sessions, we hardly ever completed a trip. Players seemed to be stopped and stalled too much (ironic for a racing game), spending too much time drawing and discarding cards and not enough time placing points on the table. Even removing one of each kind of penalty card didn't seem to make much of a difference. It isn't unusual for a player to get hammered with penalty cards and barely get points on the table before the game is over. There just wasn't enough fun it it anymore.

It's not a bad game, and its concept is clever, but with so many outstanding card games out today, MILLE BORNES' simplicity, luck, and lack of variety make is rather blase. Perhaps a contemporary designer could revitalize this well-worn veteran with some additional or new rules.

ANOTHER accident?!
March 21, 2000

Those who have played this game know exactly what I mean by the title for this review! This game is very simple, very lucky, and (sometimes) very frustrating!

Players are dealt 6 cards each then alternate drawing and discarding a card each turn. The object is to race your 'car' exactly 1000 miles before anyone else. You do this by playing cards into 4 areas in front of you. One area for distance (the 'Bornes' in Mille Bornes, I suppose); one for your battle pile; one for your speed pile; one for your safety cards.

The focus of this game is the battle pile. Movement begins when a green light card is played. However, players may play one of several hazards on top of an opponent's green light which stops his progress until he finds a remedy (or the all-important safety card!)

When a car is able to move, it must then consider the speed limit (which is, in my opinion, the little gem mechanic of this game.) Since distance cards have values of 200, 100, 75, 50, and 25, respectively, obviously bigger is better. That is where speed limits come in. When you have a speed limit imposed on you, you are restricted to 50's, and 25's, which significantly hinders your progress. (Of course, you can also CHOOSE not to play any 200's and go for the 'Safe Trip' bonus!) Players continue laying distance cards, and imposing calamity on their opponents until the elusive 1000 mile mark is reached.

The games strengths? Since it is luck driven, and the theme is very clear, this is a great game for kids who want something more advanced than Go Fish. The cards are well designed and easy to tell apart.

However, this game receives only 3 stars because the luck element is so high, it is maddening! Suppose you have a 'flat tire'. You can go through the whole deck waiting for one of the 5 spare tires, and not get any of them, which means for the course of the entire round, you do nothing but discard. This frustration can turn people off this game quick. Also, this game plays straight forward and makes sense, so why is the scoring so terribly complicated?? I still don't know if I score it correctly!

This game scores a 3.5 when played with 3 players.

Recommended for families who hate strategy games!

I wish there was a zero star option.
September 07, 2000

I do not understand how anyone would think this is a good game. Sure, one can have fond memories of playing it as a kid, but the same can be said for Candy Land.

I recently bought this game based on the good reputaion it had, and I cannot begin to state how dissappointed I was. There is zero strategy. If someone plays a flat tire card on you, the only question will be if you have a spare? If you do not then you'll spend the next few (maybe more) turns drawing cards until you get one.

Mille Bornes has to rate near the bottom of the pack for card games. The only redeeming quality is its simplicity. The rules are simple enough for a seven year old to understand. That said, the game is bad enough for a seven year old to be bored with it.

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