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Left Center Right

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Product Description

Each player starts with 3 chips. On your turn, roll the dice and pass chips left, right, or to the pot in the center. The last player with chips wins the center pot.

Product Information


  • 3 special dice
  • 24 chips
  • rules
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 2.9 in 23 reviews

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by Joe
Cheap gambling
March 22, 2009

i think this game is really only fun when you play with real money, but you don't have to bet a lot. Me and my friends usually only play with quarters or singles. Plus you can play with more than four people I've played with up to fifteen people before and instead of using the chips we all start with three singles and use them instead. So even though your gambling its low risk, you might lose three bucks, big deal, and when you play with a lot of people its a pretty high pay off.

by uwishuknew
What are you haters talking about!?
March 09, 2008

Great game, more fun with money!!! Why do all you 'geniuses' hate it!?

Play for money and have some drinks!!
September 11, 2004

We all throw in $2.00 at the beginning of each round. Whomever is the last one standing gets the kitty! We also incorporated some drinking in the mix. Everytime you roll 3 of a kind or an LCR it's a social and everyone drinks. Makes for a great night with friends!!

Give the kids dimes and they WILL love it
August 29, 2004

You absolutely do need to play with money for kids to be interested, but give them 5 dimes a piece and they'll play for 2 hours straight - and so did we, with a dining room table crammed with about 12 people. My regular Friday night poker game has substituted this game for quite a few hands - and we're in Atlantic City. Play it enthusiastically and the kids WILL love it. Losen up a little and give them some coins and they'll beg you to play - mine are 5 yo twins, an 8 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, and 14 year old. All played, as did the audlts.

I am addicted!!!
August 17, 2004

I first learned about this game when a friend of mine took me to a little bar where they were playing for one dollar bills instead of chips. I have never laughed so much in my entire life! It was hilarious hearing grown women and men (especially the men) rolling dice saying, 'Come on, Dottie, Dottie, Dottie' and others following with 'Noooo, I need a lefty...Come on Lefty, Lefty, Lefty'. And the same with the people on the right of roller. I had so much fun, I quit going to my regular hang out and only go to this one now when they are rolling dice. I LOVE it and have gotten most of my friends interested too. Several of us have bought our own dice and take them wherever we go.

Don't pay attention to these other reviewers.
May 09, 2004

They are losers. The game is great if you play it right and under the right circumstances. It is a party game, perfect when you're drinking, want to include everyone, and don't want to invest a ton of time in a game. The key is to always play for real money- whatever amount you want per person. People get pretty excited when you get down to the last few chips. The beauty is, you're never out of the game. You can lose all your chips on the first roll and still win at the very end. Another key is to 're-ante' if the last person with a chip rolls a C. The pots can get big and any moron can win.

by A Gamer
Short and sweet
December 14, 2015

The great thing about this that it is so simple. You can teach it to 3 year olds and to 30 year olds and it takes about the same time. Both will enjoy this. For adults you need to be in the right mood (party) and for kids anything goes.

And lets put it this way. I bought many other games that cost way more and lasted way less. This one I still play with my kids...

by Delia
Fun party game/Ice breaker
July 18, 2011

This is a fun and simple game to play with a lot of people at a party or a bbq. I would say up to 12 people or so is a good number. It's a good ice breaker. As an adult game, it is definitely more fun when played with money and you can even involve taking small shots. We played with quarters and we had a blast!

To the raters that suggested using regular dice, I suppose you could, but the point is it's a fast paced game and constantly reminding people what direction the numbers represent could be tiring and take too long, hence the letters on the dice.

Maybe the problem with the bad reviews before is how the game is marketed. It should definitely be marketed as a party game in my opinion.

Notice the common thread in the negative reviews.
December 23, 2008

First let me point out that while I haven't purchased this game, I've played it many times using regular dice. This is a gambling game, pure and simple. If all you're going to do is use the chips, then this game will not be any fun at all. If you're opposed to gambling, then again, you will not like this game. Its really a simple twist on rolling craps at a casino. How much fun would craps be if gambling is not involved? point exactly. There aren't many games that 8 adults sitting around the dining room table can play, but this is one of them. Substitute quarters for the chips and it only cost 75 cents to play a round. The pot will be 6 bucks to the winner (for 8 players). Not enticing enough?....then use dollar bills instead. Another argument against this game was the 'boredom' factor while others are rolling the dice. This game is not totally about the 'game'. In my experience there is always plenty of lively conversation at the table as well. The game itself becomes a pleasant interlude to the conversation, as well as a conversation enhancer, and this more than anything is the advantage of the games simplicity.

by Josh
How to play LCR
August 28, 2006

This review is for adults........................ This is a drinking game in disguise. To play, no one starts with any chips. Whenever you roll a C, a chip goes in the center. When you roll L, the person to your left takes a swig. Roll an R, the person on your right takes a swig. Roll three L's and the one on your left takes three swigs in a row, etc. Roll three dots and however many chips are in the center, you take that many swigs. There is no way to win, and there is no point. That is L-C-R... Hazleton, Pennsylvania style. If you don't like it, don't play it. Simple as that. :-P

Our family loves this game
January 24, 2006
Our family loves this game because so many can play and we do play for money with quarters or pennies. Kids love winning money. We have a friend that cannot hold onto cards but he can hold onto the dice to roll and I am ordering one for him. He loves it. Our grandchildren love it because it is a game they can play with the adults.
by Mary Q
Great for 4 couples
July 28, 2004

Yes, it's simple-minded, and yes, you could duplicate the game with die you already have, but lighten up! It's less than 6 bucks! Our group of 4 couples spending a time in Yosemite enjoyed ending our day with LCR after dinner. It was fast-paced and full of unexpected turns of fortune. Lots of giggles!

Not bad for a five-minute filler
April 27, 2007

One of the things that Scott Nicholson from Board Games with Scott is always talking about is the amount of fun you get out of a game versus the length of time it takes to play. And I totally agree that a game should never outlast it's funness (is that a word?). But LCR really puts that principle to the test. Why? Well, because it takes maybe five-minutes to play, but it's a game of just rolling 3 dice again and again.

Rikki's Rating (my wife who has slight influence on my reviews): She seems to enjoy LCR. Not one of her favorites, but a fun game every once in a while.

Plus sides to the game:

  1. It requires about 10 seconds of explanation before playing. It's very easy to play, and very easy to add someone in after you start.
  2. I'm not a gambler, but I suppose if you wanted to play with quarters (or even dollars) instead of the chips provided it would add an extra thrill to victory.
  3. LCR is so short I am willing to play twice even though there isn't much to the game.

Down sides to the game:

  1. As stated, there is ZERO skill involved. You might as well be flipping a coin to determine a winner.
  2. You have nothing to do during other player's turns, so if you play with a large group you may be twiddling your thumbs waiting for your next turn.
  3. Did I mention that it's 100% luck-driven, and that no skill is required at all?

My overall feeling about LCR is OK. I certainly wouldn't want to play it every day, but it's so quick and easy that it really doesn't wear out it's welcome. 3 stars.


One of the worst 'games' I've ever played...
August 22, 2004

I don't understand the appeal of this 'game'. The person who sold it to me said that it was great fun, everyone's buying it and playing it, etc., etc. 'Hey,' I thought, 'it's cheap! I might as well pick one up!' I couldn't believe it when I got it home, pulled out the rules and read them.

'Maybe it adds something when you actually play the game,' I thought. So I called my wife and kids for us to try it. Unbelievable. My kids didn't stick around for it to end...they were bored!

When I found myself in the same game store and told the person who persuaded me to purchase LCR, he replied, 'It's a whole lot more fun with real money.'

No thank you.

Not A Game
August 20, 2004

I have a great new game for you! We each have 3 chips. We both roll a 6 sided die. The person who has the highest roll wins one chip from the other. We keep doing that until one person has all the chips! Wow! Does that sound fun? No??? Well that's exactly how LCR works except there's 4 people instead of two and you roll a die to see who gets your chip and then you pass the die to the next person who does the same.

If you're looking for a simple inexpensive game try Loco for only $5.95 from Funagain. This game has some interesting choices while still being both cheap and light.

Save your money and use regular dice
May 10, 2004

Okay, some members of my family who are not game inclined like this game, but if you really have to have it, you can use regular dice.

As the reviews before have said, it is pure luck. Even most gambling games have some skill involved. It is a pure party game, and should only be considered as a last resort.

May 10, 2004

Apparently I'm another one of the 'losers' that think this is a waste of money.

I don't know how anyone could ever give this five stars, as I don't even know if this qualifies as a game. It's really more of a waste of time!

Take your money elsewhere and buy a real game!

Yes, it really is that bad
May 10, 2004

In rebuttal to the prior reviewer, I am NOT a loser. I am, if my e-mail is any indication, fairly well-respected as a game reviewer and have steered quite a few people toward good games and away from bad games.

That said, I must concur with earlier reviews about L-C-R. It really is an atrocious little piece of dreck, and doesn't even need to be purchased in order to be played. A group bent on playing this could just take regular dice and agree that a roll of 1 means Left, 2 means, Right, and 3 means Center, or some other such arrangement. Why buy special dice for what is an essentially moronic activity. While AI want Funagain to receive their due in having this available, I want the astute gamer to realize that they are basically paying good money for something they likely already have.

The main point of my review here is to state that I am saddened and disheartened by the people who must gamble in order to enjoy a game, and the games that they play. I work in a casino, and if it were not for the stakes at risk each hand, none of these games would likely be played. None of them are interesting enough on their own to be a 'real' game, and the only thing that makes them marginally interesting is their effect on your wallet. LCR is just such a game.

Bad game. Not recommended.

Waste of money at any price
February 24, 2004

Here are the rules to the game. I roll the dice, and either get to keep my chips, or pass some to the person on my left (L), right (R), or put them in the center pot (C). That's my turn. There are no choices to make. I only roll the dice once. Not really fun, it's like randomly following one of four basic instructions over and over, and finding out if you won or lost at the end. Yahtzee is much more fun, and not a lot more money.

Stop wasting your money!
February 23, 2004

I noticed how popular this game has been selling lately, and just wanted to clarify that this is a really really bad game!

On your turn you roll some dice, and then pass chips to your left, to your right, or to the pot according to the result of your roll. Rinse and repeat until someone is out of chips. That's it! I'm not even sure this can be considered a game!

The only reason I can see this game having any value at all is when gambling for real money. Even then, it would be extremely boring.

If you want a cheap game, go with some of Cheapass's Hip Pocket Games. At least you'll have a real game to play then!

Candyland for the colorblind
February 02, 2004

The product synopsis above really says it all. Roll the dice, pass chips to other players as told to by the dice, give the dice to the next player. No strategy, no choices, no gameplay. I've been told that, like Candyland or a State of the Union Address, this makes for a passable drinking game if you're really really bored.

by Quardlepleen
What's the point?
March 04, 2008

You roll the dice, pass the chips according to the die roll. Where is the fun in that? What possible satisfaction can you get from winning a game that is 100% random? The only reason to play this is for its gambling aspect, and even there, I'd rather gamble my money on something I have some control over. The fact that some reviewers actually let their children play this game with money horrifies me; why not teach the little ones to play craps while you're at it?

If you're looking for a quick, fun game, try 'No Thanks', 'Coloretto', or 'For Sale', instead.

Don't be fooled!
December 25, 2007

This is one of the most god awful excuses for a 'game' you're ever likely to encounter. If you look at all of the reviews, you'll see that. Don't be fooled by seeing only the last three reviews. Anyone giving this 'game' anything close to a good review has got to be a fake review just trying to scroll the real reviews off of the main page (wonder how long it will take them to scroll this one off?).

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