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Phase 10 Deluxe
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Store:  Card Games, Family Games
Edition:  Phase 10
Series:  Phase 10
Genre:  Set Collection
Format:  Card Games

Phase 10 Deluxe

Collector's Edition

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Ages Players
8+ 2-6

Designer(s): Kenneth Johnson

Manufacturer(s): Fundex, US Games Systems

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Product Description

The deluxe edition of the rummy-type game with a challenging and exciting twist!

Be the first player to complete all 10 phases. Players must complete a specific phase for each hand to advance to the next. If they do not, they must try again!

Product Information


  • 1 card tray
  • 1 score pad
  • 4 reference cards
  • 108 cards:
    • 24 cards valued 1-12 in 4 colors
    • 4 skip cards
    • 8 wild cards

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 26 reviews

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You'll never tire of this game
February 23, 2007

This is one card game I and my friends never seem to tire of. On vacations at Cape Hatteras, we play up to three games per day, after breakfast, after lunch, and again during the evening. On the last trip, during the week we played 13 games. One of the funniest times was when one of the players (not me) gleefully put down a wild card and announced who he was skipping, only to realize he'd put down the wrong card. Once his hand was off the card though, he had no choice but to leave it. The person he was trying to skip then picked up the wild card, and WENT OUT! I play PHASE TEN so often with friends, that I frequently wear out decks. I currently have nine "virgin" decks on stand-by. I am anxious to try out some variations on the game, such as Phase 10 + 10.

The most addictive game EVER!!!
June 20, 2006

My roommate in college (Sheri) and I rave about phase 10 to all of our friends. it is sooo much fun to play with 2 to 5 people and we can't get enough of it. We missed classes to play this game and were up til 2am on school nights instead of going out to the bars with our friends just so we could play phase 10. We played over 70 games in one semester!!!!!!!! that is over 2100 minutes of Phase 10 and we never got bored of it! (we did go out to party and go to class most of the time mind you!)

Me and my roomie recommend everyone to buy this game. It is easy but can be quit challenging if you have a great partner to play with. I don't know what we would have done with out phase 10!!!

Now I live in Nova Scotia and Sheri is still in Ontario and we still talk about the good ol' days when we used to get to play phase 10. It will be missed :(

One of our favorites!
December 07, 2005
This has become one of our standard games to play for an evening. It is simple enough to teach, that anyone can join in, but real game lovers keep playing it too. It is just the right mix of luck and strategy to create that "fun forumla" and keep you playing.

It is a great balance from the heavy thinking games, but still has some real strategy to it. Lots of fun, and for varied number of players.

by Candy
Need it available for online players...
January 11, 2004

I love this game..I have been playing it for years. When I was preg. with my last child, my mother and I would sit and play for hours on end. We went thru about 6 decks of cards we played so much. I just taught my boys how to play and they love it. We play every Saturday night and Sunday during the day. It is a great family game. Just please someone figure out a way to get it online. Just think of the fun we could have playing with strangers..or should I say future phase 10 buddies...

January 09, 2004

I'm a military spouse located overseas. Great way to pass the time. Kids can play too, it's not hard at all! Wish they had it to play online with other people. That would be the best. Don't play if you don't want it to consume you. It is so much fun!!!

A good twist on Rummy
November 30, 2003

My friends and I love this game; it's more challenging than 500 Rummy, and, unlike Gin, can be played by more than 2 players. The addition of 'Skip' cards is an interesting adaptation of Uno's 'Skip' cards.

For a solitaire version of Phase 10, get 'Phase 10 Dice'; the dice game can also be played by two or more people, and is much quicker than Phase 10 with cards. (The biggest problem with the card game is that it takes too long for some people I know; fortunately, two short variations are provided.)

Phase 10 ranks up there with Uno as a modern classic.

I find it addictive, and so does everyone else I play with!
August 05, 2003

I think that Phase 10 is the most addictive game I have ever played. I have been playing since I was pretty young and I still can't find it boring. I love how you don't always have to play the same way, you can make up your own way to play, the instruction booklet gives you a few variations, you can keep points or, when your playing with younger players specifically, you can just race to Phase 10 (my personal favorite).

I think this game is also great because it is like so many other games I am familiar with, such as UNO, Rummy, and sometimes, I even think it might resemble Skip Bo, this has made it easier for me to learn and teach others how to play. My friend and I are always joking about how many people we have convinced to join our 'Phase 10 fanatics group' which means we are so obsessed with it that we invite every one present to play a game of Phase 10 (obviously we ignore the 2-6 players rule), most end up liking it, if not loving it.

I find this game to be a great family night activity and would give it a thousand stars if possible. I deffinatally reccomend it to all who can get their hands on it! Good luck on finding a game if thats your plan or good luck on you next match if your already a fan!

love it
July 06, 2003

I love this game. The first time i played phase ten their had to be at least seven of my cousins, uncles, and other assorted family members playing, but it was sooooo much fun. The more people the better. If you like games like uno, then you will most definately love this game...

Family Tradition
June 12, 2003

Every Saturday night, Dad had us play a game, to 'keep us a family.' For years we just played Monopoly, each week with a new strategy, but when we discovered Phase 10, it was a whole new set of targets and strategies. Everyone loves this game, and with five kids and our dad, it was exciting and a great source of fun for us. I'd say he accomplished his goal... wouldn't you?

Hooked on Phase 10
March 03, 2003

Friends of mine bought Phase 10 in America years ago. We all meet up once a month to play it, I can't get enough of it, but it is impossible to buy in the UK. Surely someone over here could sell it, the pack we use is nearly worn out.

Phase 10 is The Bomb!
February 07, 2003

The first time that I played Phase 10 I fell in love with it. My family used to play Monopoly every weekend and when we played this game, we switched over to playing Phase 10 every weekend. If the cards start getting old, we can go buy another pack. I'm glad that I play Phase 10 and who ever doesn't play is missing out on a lot.

Excellent game
September 12, 2002

This is a brilliant game - only one problem, the pack I have (thanks to parents Canadian Holiday!) is rather worn out. Why are we in England so behind the times that we don't have it. Missing out on a lot. Great family game and my father in law is hooked!!!!!

by Emily
Amazing game!
July 02, 2002

Me and my family play this game all the time. We have tournaments to see who is the best phase 10 player. This game is the best!!!! We love getting together outside enjoying the warm wearther and a many games of phase 10!


P.S. We made up some of our own phases but I think that company sould make a special edition with more phases and some phases that are a bit more difficult.

Phase 10
July 01, 2002

We play this game at the activity center all the time,sometimes we get to good at it so we make other harder phases:1 run with all odd or even numbers 7 card run,or 2 runs of 4 same color,etc.There is a version of this game from different states,so glad they made a retail game of it.LOVE IT,LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Got to try this game!
July 01, 2002

I love this game it is the most exicting games I have ever played. This game is never bouring and you never know who is going to win. My children even enjoy this game. You will play for hours and enjoy ever minute of it. You have to get it and try it.

I Love This Game
June 15, 2002

This game is so totally awesome we have literally gone through 5 or 6 decks of the cards. We play it at least 4 times a week its just great> LOL We also added a new twist to it and 5 more phases interested? Email me at addy below. I really wish it would show up online:-)

Simply Brilliant!
May 03, 2002

You are receiving this all the way from the Republic of Ireland. My friends and I have been known to spend the whole night (if lack of sleep didn't deter us!) playing this truly great game.Its an awful pity that we can't buy a pack of Phase 10 over here because it costs a lot to ship it over from the U.S.when you include the rate of exchange from the euro to the dollar. It might be an idea to suss out a few toy or book retailers here. You would be onto a certain winner and no mistake.

by D Hyde
Great Entertainment - Come One, Come All
February 14, 2002

I agree with the other players; why hasn't there been a Phase 10 game developed for online? When my cousin and her husband come to town on business, I call my sister and then....let the game begin. Sometimes we stay up all night. Phase 10 is the only card game we like. We've gotten other friends and family hooked on it as well. My daughter and I would love to play one another. She's in KY and I'm in AR. Get it in gear people and get this game online. Oh yeah....PLEASE! Thank you in advance.

by Pita
Excellent family game!
January 17, 2002

I love this game. I absolutely agree with one of the other raters here. I am always searching the web to see if someone has come up with this game online yet. . or even a computer game!! It would take a great game. .and make it even better!!! (Especially for those of us who often end up playing alone!!)

Wondeful Family Game
November 24, 2001

This is a wonderful family game--too bad it isn't offered to play online with other web surfers. I would love to be able to come home and unwind with a game of Phase 10 online. I would recommend this game to anyone who wanted a challenge or just to have some fun with family. It makes you think, and we all know that is a good thing when it comes to children.

by Liz317
Drinkin game
December 23, 2007

I'm a military wife and some friends of mine introduced my husband and I to Phase 10. We added a little twist by making it into a drinking game. By the tenth phase, everybody was in such a good mood nobody cared who one or lost. I'm sending several games to my husband when he deploys and Phase 10 will surly be among them!! We are all hooked on this game, and play it when ever we get the chance. ^-^

by Ashley
Phase ten is hott!!
November 17, 2006

I love phase ten. I play it all the time. I annoy my parents because I always want to play it. I am so addicted to it. It would be so much fun if we could play online. I am 15 years old and I have been playing it since I was 13. I just can't get enough of it. I can honestly say that Phase 10 is the best game ever! Once my friend and I stayed up until 3A.M. playing it. We played for 5 hours straight.

Self-leveling fun
January 29, 2002

Some games are desgned in such a way that winners tend to stay out in front while losing players struggle to stay in the game. Monopoly is a good example of this, as players with more property tend to wind up winning the war of attrition. This can make for a less-than-wonderful gaming experience for those trailing the leaders.

Happily, there are games that seem to reward those in last place. They are given an advantage of some type, or are given easier tasks to accomplish, therefore allowing them a better chance to catch up. Phase 10 is just such a game.

Each player attempts, in turn, to complete each of ten progressively harder melds of cards. Since a player must complete each in order, a player on a harder meld is far less likely to complete it before a losing player completes an easier one, catching up somewhat.

While this tends to level the playing field, there will still be those occasional hands where a leader manages to put together a tricky meld and shoot another place forward. Still, the tendency is that players will group together, with only a couple phases between first and last place. Certainly there will be a winner, but losers won't be too far out of the running. This is an excellent game for casual and family gamers for this very reason.


Mediocre Rummy Variant
February 16, 2003

When you combine a high luck factor with the constant inherent reminder (for n-1 players where n = the number of players) that you are trying to catch up phases, this can be a mildly frustrating game. Of course, sometimes frustrating is good. When you compound this frustration with a staggering multiplayer game time and few real choices during play, you add boredom to the mix. The card design does nothing to lighten the dreary dated feel of the game. Playing this game through all its ten phases often feels like going to work. That said, this game isn't terrible for 2, though it is a chore for more. And with much better choices out there, why play this? All the same, if you are among the Uno crowd, this will tantalize your palate!

Horrible game
June 14, 2003

This was a case where the positive reviews here really led me astray. This is a *boring* game of drawing until you get the cards you want -- hoping it comes faster for you than for your opponents. Most choices are fairly obvious. Regular rummy holds more interest for me. With all the great games available, why waste your time with this one?!

All luck, no play!
March 02, 2007

Do not be misled by the good reviews. If you like mindless card- drawing games, then go ahead and buy this game. If, however, you actually like to use strategy and planning in a game, then avoid this like the plague.

The closest that Phase 10 comes to actually requiring skill is that you can make mistakes. But barring any major errors, the winner is predetermined by the order of the cards as they come up. Don't waste your time here, go get something worthwhile with your money!

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