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Stratego: Lord of the Rings
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Stratego: Lord of the Rings

Trilogy Edition

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Ages Players
8+ 2

Manufacturer(s): Hasbro, Milton Bradley

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Product Description

Characters from The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy come together in this classic battle of good versus evil.

Gandalf, Legolas, Frodo and other forces of good stand side by side on the gameboard map as they face off against the Witch-king, Saruman, Ringwraiths and the forces of evil.

You and your opponent secretly place your army, strongholds and flag on the gameboard. Now the battle begins. Move and attack cautiously, for victory goes to the strongest. Capture the enemy's flag first and win!

Three variations of gameplay!

Product Information


  • gameboard
  • 40-piece gray army
  • 40-piece beige army
  • label sheet
  • instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3 in 2 reviews

September 02, 2004

If you like the original and are into the Lord of the rings check this game out. The three variations of game play help keep the game fresh and new. This game provides hours of fun for the whole family. I like this game a lot. What a fun game!

by Roy L.
Cynical Marketing Ripoff
August 28, 2004

Nothing better demonstrates the creativity-draining impact of large American game companies on the game market than 'Stratego: Lord of the Rings'.

Lord of the Rings has, unlike the Harry Potter series, inspired some truly excellent games, most notably the rich and subtle cooperative game by Reiner Knizia (one of the best games available on any topic) and the much simpler but still quite deep 2-player Stratego-like 'Confrontation' game (also by Reiner Knizia, more below), both of which, in addition to being excellent games in their own right, are also superbly 'themed': the Lord of the Rings feel and atmosphere comes through during play and one really feels involved in an adventure in Middle Earth. (The 'children's game', again by Knizia, is also worth a look for kids under 8.)

But this game is just junk. Not only is it inherently simplistic game with little to engage players given the amount of time it takes to play; but it also has absolutely nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings. This game 'theming' at its most cynical: basically just slapping pictures of characters from The Lord of the Rings on the pieces, supplying them with random values, and replacing the 'Flag' of the classic Stratego game with 'The One Ring'.

More importantly, there is an excellent alternative that demonstrates what can be done when a classic game like Stratego is thoughtfully (as opposed to sloppily) adapted to a new theme. Reiner Knizia's 'Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation' is a clever interpretation of the Lord of the Rings theme (with artwork by long-time Middle Earth contributor John Howe and a 'story line' that really resonates with the ringbearer's quest). The Confrontation comes out of the vibrant 'German' (really also French, British, and Italian) school of 'gamer's games'. Like many of these games, The Confrontation is very tightly balanced, so that only careful play can reliably win -- and careless play is always punished. Every move matters, so that play is always engaging; but the simple rules and engrossing theme keep the game from becoming sterile. Moreover, what makes this game really great is that it is accessible to all ages. Kids from 6 up can master it and win against adults. (And in a pinch, there are extra 'powers' included -- like Shadowfax or Palantir -- that can be used as handicaps.) And to top it all off: it plays quickly.

If you like Stratego and are looking for a truly excellent Lord of the Rings game, avoid 'Stratego: Lord of the Rings' and get 'Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation' instead!

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