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German Edition

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Torres

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
12+ 60 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Kiesling

Manufacturer(s): Ravensburger Germany

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Product Description

Here you can show your qualities as a strategic clever architect on multiple levels! Through the thoughtful placement of your building pieces, you construct castles and bring your knights to the desired top positions -- because castles without knights are like measuring sticks without marks. In order to ascend to the throne, you must use your meager action points carefully. Whoever wants to reach the heights has to pay for it!

Product Awards

Spiel des Jahres
Game of the Year, 2000
Deutscher Spiele Preis
2nd Place, 2000
Games Magazine Awards
Game of the Year, 2000

Product Information


  • 1 game board
  • 92 tower blocks
  • 24 knights
  • 4 scoring markers
  • 1 king
  • 40 action cards
  • 4 codex cards
  • 3 phases cards
  • 8 master cards

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 26 reviews

Awesome Strategy and Gameplay for 2-4 Players!
May 30, 2003

I am an experienced gamer (20+ years) and I bought this game recently. My first time out, I said, nice game, big deal. Then I really tried the game again, delving into the strategy and gameplay. It is fantastic, it makes Settlers, Tikal, Mexica, Carcassone, all seem like child's play. The game is simple, but the strategy is beautiful. Very few board games work both on a 2 player and a 4 player model as beautiful as this game. There are traces of Acquire and Chess that blend together to offer almost zero chance (random cards give chance) and loads the game with pure strategy. I went against two players who thought they had me beat, they shut me down, but through some clever building, I won by 269 points, they came in at 268 and 267, they were amazed, it was an incredible comeback! How many games with a scoring table in the upper 200s allow for such tight and exciting play.

A description doesn't do justice and in all honesty the setting is irrelevant, but if you like the games I mentioned above, you must get this game! No joke! Give a few tries, since the rules and strategy must be well understood to truly appreciate the concept.

Good Gaming! -JDM

update to a previous review by me
November 13, 2002

I reviewed this game in April of 2001. After a year and a half and 100+ games later, here's an update. If you want a great 2 player strategy game with no luck involved, BUY THIS GAME! (I have no idea how this game plays with more than 2 since I've never tried it)

Here's how we play it.

Hand out all the action cards. You have to try to remember which ones your opponent has played and not played, and you really won't be any good until you're familiar with all 10 cards and know exactly what their potential is for helping you win.

We play a best of 7 game tournament using our 6 favorite Mastercards, and, if we're tied at 3-3 we flip a coin to decide who gets the choice of the tiebreaker Mastercard. The losing player decides who goes first. (we've discovered that going 2nd is a distinct advantage because of the ability to place the king and we alternate until or if we play a 7th game)

Use a chess clock. Try 30 to 40 minutes each. We've had some games decided by flag drops. It also just adds a lot of tension to the game.

Here's some of the games I like, so you'll know where I'm coming from...chess, go, Big Boggle, Oh Hell the card game, mit list und tucke. Here's a few I hate...Yahtzee, monopoly, or any game with 50000 small punchout cardboard pieces, cards and coins.

by Jake
A towering achievement.
June 26, 2002

I was initially drawn to Torres by a snapshot picture of the board with its castles of varying heights and knights perched on top of them. Not only was it uniquely beautiful among the games Ive seen (how many board games develop skywards as well as across the board? Not too many and this one does it darn well), but it begged for an explanation how did the game board come to appear that way? I was hooked.

And then I was confounded. The instructions were extremely simple to grasp. Im an avid strategy games player, so a game like Villa Paletti isnt going to win my vote for SDJ. I didnt see much strategy to this game. I kept reading reviews. Then I decided I had to buy it. And it wasnt until I tried playing it that the strategy became evident.

With four players, one will see right from the start that each player takes off in different directions (I play by the version where everyone gets their own pile of action cards and each card must be bought for 1 AP no player may hold more than 3 cards in their hand at a time). One person may go on a building spree, one person may throw knights onto their board as fast as possible, one person may buy action cards early, one person may go for the balanced approach, etc. And the structures emerge.

I admit the building pieces dont really resembles bricks and the knights dont really look like knights, but this wont detract from the gameplay one bit.

The gameplay is impressively smooth, mainly due to the limitation of 5 AP per turn. Its enough to do damage, but not enough to complete your strategy in one shot. For such an intense game, the downtime is very quick (from what Ive seen) and the total playing time is a brisk 45-55 minutes. This game rolls along at a steady clip, so Im a little suspicious of the patience of those who say it takes too long between turns.

What I really appreciate about Torres is that as the game develops there is plenty of opportunity to play offensive and/or defensive. Youre always wary of surprise attacks, but then youre also planning some of your own. Its a thrill ride planning and executing a sneak attack.

If you like games that involve building and claiming territory, this ones got your name on it. These towers soar.

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