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Snipe Hunt
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Store:  Card Games, Family Games
Theme:  Hunting
Genre:  Racing
Format:  Board Games, Card Games

Snipe Hunt

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 30-60 minutes 3-6

Designer(s): Doug Schwartz

Manufacturer(s): Pegamoose Games

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Product Description

Before being initiated into the Squirrel Scouts, junior campers must complete the rite of passage -- the traditional Snipe Hunt. Venture into the woods, capture the Snipe, and return it to the Ranger Station.

Remember to stick to the paths and don't get lost. Don't worry if the trees shift around and alter your trail. The forest tends to do that sometimes.

Also, it's a good idea to pick up any equipment other hikers might have left behind. It might come in handy. What happened to the people who dropped the equipment? I don't really know. But, I'm sure they're all right and bound to turn up... someday.

You better get going before it gets too late in the day and the really creepy stuff comes out. Good luck!

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Doug Schwartz

  • Manufacturer(s): Pegamoose Games

  • Year: 2004

  • Players: 3 - 6

  • Time: 30 - 60 minutes

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 117 grams


  • 36 forest cards
  • 48 snipe hunt cards
  • 2 6-sided dice
  • 6 pawns
  • 1 snipe pawn
  • rules

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 3 reviews

by David
Good game, very polished, great for 3-5 players
August 18, 2004

This is a great quick game for 3-5 players. The game mechanic is interesting and pretty novel; I've played a lot of games and can't think of any very similar game. The gameboard is built up (randomly if you want) with cards at the beginning of the game and then can change (rotation of cards) during the game to give variety and challenge. Players move around the board after rolling a die as typical. The goal of the players is to catch the snipe, another pawn which is also controlled by the players! The snipe gets a turn between every player's turn and the player that controls the snipe moves clockwise as well.

To spice up the game play, there are a few special spaces on the board where one can become caught and event cards. The event cards are well balanced between good events and negative events.

Overall, the game is well-balanced and polished. The rules are pretty straight-forward and learning the game does not take long. With a lot of players, the game play can slow down a bit with the game length increasing a lot. There are 2-player rule adaptions, but I've never used them.

Note: I am an acquaintance of the creators, that is how I obtained a copy of the game, but I've never played it with them.

Snipe Hunt by Pegamoose Games
October 21, 2004
I have played Snipe Hunt several times and find it to be a great game. Game time seems to be under 20 minutes with 3 to 4 people. I especially like the fact that while there is some strategy that can be employed, there is enough chance in the game to allow for anyone to have a decent shot at winning. The rules are simple enough that a new player can compete with experienced players. This also allows the game to be played competitively by younger gamers. One suggestion for improvement would be for the maze cards to be bigger. Due to my aging eye site, I would sometimes have problems following paths and would over look dead ends, turns, etc. I found the game to be a steal for under $10 and will be purchasing it for family members for Christmas.
Unique Game With Fun Features
September 09, 2004

I've played this game a couple of times and I enjoyed it. One of the best features of the game is the ability to rotate *any* piece of the board 90 or 180 degrees whenever landing on a 'rotate' space on the board...this makes for very dynamic, and as a result, strategic gameplay. The snipe hunt cards add an appropriate level of chance to the game (and most of them are pretty funny).

Note that this game is not about being a sniper and shooting people, as I originally thought when I first heard the title. After all, not all of us were boy scouts or went to camp.

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