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Store:  Strategy Games
Theme:  Food & Beverage, Crime
Format:  Board Games


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Product Description

It is the time of the speakeasy and bath tub gin... It is the time of the BOOTLEGGERS!

In Bootleggers, players will find themselves slipping into a very thematic experience as they produce and sell moonshine in the early twentieth century. Using a vast array of plastic gangsters and trucks, players must attempt to use their muscle cards to take the best action cards and control the speakeasies. With treachery, backstabbing, alliances, and more Bootleggers forces players to use their resources wisely. It's a good thing to produce a lot of moonshine at the distilleries; but too much will bring the police down on your business, and hired thugs might steal your trucks or worse! Bootleggers is a combination of good mechanics with a healthy dose of American theme for a fun, rewarding experience.

Product Information


  • 1 game board
  • 6 family still mini-boards
  • 6 remote still locations mini-boards
  • 1 cop miniature
  • 12 speakeasy improvement markers
  • 12 small trucks
  • 5 medium trucks
  • 3 large trucks
  • 120 influence markers
  • 80 men of action cards
  • 14 truck cards
  • 72 muscle cards
  • 70 whiskey bottles (cubes)
  • play money
  • 25 dice
Bootleggers has the following expansions available:
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.1 in 12 reviews

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by Brian Gregory
Very good
February 09, 2011

Played twice and really liked it. Fun, easy play, nice components and a "clean" design that has very good player-interaction (unlike, say, Agricola). In our game, people were making deals and "offers U kent refoooze" by the 2nd turn!

by Johnny
Monopoly with a time limit, prohibition style
July 06, 2010

The concept of Bootlegger is definitely an original one. The game play runs in phases which is good, granted the 12 cycle limit is a bit... limited. It makes for fun times especially when you've a good number of players, though it can get a bit tedious keeping track of things. Definitely needed more money though. We ran out of money by the 7th cycle.

This game's got the stuff
January 03, 2010

I love this game! Just a little background, I tend to enjoy more strategic type games, while my wife prefers quicker games. Surprisingly, my wife also loves this game. Its like monopoly just got way cooler.

This game is one of our favorites to play. One of the best things about the game is how much the mobsters theme comes through - it really makes for a fun experience. During the course of trying to become the richest crime boss we found ourselves spontaneously talking to each other with gangster voices and picking aliases for each other like Fast Eddie and Snakes .. Mechanics are great, a lot of room for negotiating, extortion, bluffing, and double crossing, the action cards are a great component. Good mix between luck and strategy. There's a large player interaction component, which when mixed with the theme, makes for a lot of social fun. Good quality board and pieces, its actually really fun to load up actual trucks with actual wooden crates. 3 things to be aware of:

1. This game involves some double crosses and sabotaging other players, so if you or your friends are on the extremely sensitive side, you should probably play something less cutthroat, like Sorry!

2. game is addictive, especially if you love competition.

3. Parents will be happy to know that despite the mobster theme, the game play and graphics are PG. Only challenge is our youngest cant resist the temptation to play with the trucks and plastic men.

cons: can be difficult to verbally teach others how to play, unless you just play through a practice round.

takes a while to set up and complete game.

money counting slows up the pace. use poker chips instead.

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