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HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie
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Store:  Family Games
Series:  HeroScape
Theme:  Fantasy, Fighting
Format:  Board Games
Other:  2006 Board Game Geek Gift Guide

HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie

Master Set

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Ages Players
8+ 2 or more

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Product Description

War is being Waged in Valhalla!

Valhalla was a happy and peaceful place until the discovery of the wellsprings. The water from the springs brought powers and visions to those that drank from it. The visions included images of heroes and warriors from other worlds and times locked in deadly combat. With their new powers, the Valkyrie devised ways to beckon these creatures and use them against their enemies. The lush lands of Valhalla have now become a war-torn and desolate ruin.

Heroes and warriors from all worlds and times are now ready to wage war in Valhalla, and you have come to lead them. Will you be part of the Jandar Army who longs for peace? Or will you be vengeful and lead the Utgar Army to gain control for yourself and your minions?

Build your battlefield, gather your armies and wage war against your enemies. Will you be cunning and powerful enough to crush your enemies and claim victory?

Product Information


  • 30 painted figures
  • 8 24-hex tiles
  • 10 7-hex tiles
  • 10 3-hex tiles
  • 10 2-hex tiles
  • 26 1-hex tiles
  • 21 water tiles
  • 2 ruins
  • 16 army cards
  • 10 glyphs
  • 24 wound markers
  • 1 grenade marker
  • 16 order markers
  • 10 attack dice
  • 10 defense dice
  • 1 20-sided die
  • 1 owner's sticker sheet
  • 1 round marker
This game has the following expansions available:

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Heroscape: Moltenclaw's Invasion: Icewind Scourge Dungeons & Dragons wave D3 Out of Stock

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Heroscape: Moltenclaw's Invasion: Bugbears and Orcs Dungeons & Dragons wave D3 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Moltenclaw's Invasion Dungeons & Dragons wave-3 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Warriors of Eberron: Ogre and Goblins Dungeons & Dragons wave D2 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Warriors of Eberron: Veterans of the Last War Dungeons & Dragons wave D2 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Warriors of Eberron: Golem and Wyrmlings Dungeons & Dragons wave D2 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Warriors of Eberron: Heroes of Khorvaire Dungeons & Dragons wave D2 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Warriors of Eberron Dungeons & Dragons wave D2 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Champions: Fury of the Primordials Dungeons and Dragons wave D1 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Champions: Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen Dungeons and Dragons wave D1 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Champions of the Forgotten Realm Dungeons and Dragons wave D1 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Champions: Heroes of Faerûn Dungeons and Dragons wave D1 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Champions: Glaun Bog Raiders Dungeons and Dragons wave D1 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Valkrill's Gambit wave 10 four-pack Out of Stock

HeroScape: Ticalla Jungle Large Set 3 Out of Stock

HeroScape: Aquilla's Alliance Large Set 3 Out of Stock

Heroscape: Blackmoon's Siege wave 9 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Defenders of Kinsland wave 8 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Fields of Valor wave 7 four-pack Out of Stock

HeroScape: Jandar's Oath wave 3 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Malliddon's Prophecy wave 1 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Utgar's Rage wave 2 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Dawn of Darkness wave 6 four-pack Out of Stock

HeroScape: Thaelenk Tundra glacier mountains, ice and snow pack with snow hunters Out of Stock

Heroscape: Fortress of the Archkyrie Castle Set: Wall and Tower Building Pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Thora's Vengeance wave 5 four-pack Out of Stock

Heroscape: Zanafor's Discovery wave 4 four-pack Out of Stock

HeroScape: Road to the Forgotten Forest Road, Tree and Bridge Pack with Guard; Large Set 1 Out of Stock

HeroScape: Orm's Return: Heroes of Laur AKA: Hyperion's Return; Large Set 1 Out of Stock

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.6 in 19 reviews

Great game, that catches on quickly
February 18, 2010

Heroscape is a great game that once you've played it once, you will be addicted. Just building up a map is half the fun sometimes, you can say "hmmm, i wonder what it would look like if I built a desert fortress filled with robots and vikings" and then do it. The game play is easy to learn and the battles tend to be very close, bringing you to use the last units you had, that you expected never to use, and then winning with them! It's fun to put together an army with futuristic Major Q10 fighting alongside the feudalistic Kozuke Samurai to take down the dragon Nilfheim and the world war II airborne elites. With endless possibilities this game will provide lots of multiplayer fun.

Legos + Risk = Unending Fun
November 22, 2009

This game has been played nonstop in our family since we bought the first Master Set. We have since gone on to buy many of the expansions, but none of those are required by any means.

My kids enjoy playing with the map building tiles to create new maps for every game.

They also enjoy playing with the figures--everything from dinosaurs to giant robots to WWII army men.

The game has 2 versions, basic and master rules. We started out with the basic and over time gradually introduced more and more of the master rules with my kids.

My 4 year old has learned quite a bit of math with this game.

Besides the interconnecting map tiles that appeals to the lego lover in me and the amazingly diverse selection of figures used in the game the two reasons I most like this game are:

1. The rules (even the master rules) are simple, elegant, and quick. It's one of those quick to learn/long to master games that give so much replay.

2. Because the game has dice and a luck factor games are usually very close and fun right up to the end.

I cannot recommend this game enough!

A teen's review.
March 08, 2009

This is an incredible game. The Rise of the Valkyire master set is definitely the way to start as it truly shows the "Battle of All Time." This set includes more than enough modular terrain to make great maps. The figures are pre-painted, so the hours painting figures in games like Warhammer are non-existant! This game is a introductary wargame in my opinion, so there's lots of tactical strategy. This game is not for everyone (like my mom, she doesn't like it) but it can become a major hobby, even for people with low income. Just this master set includes enough for four players to play, and 30 figures! If you're artisic, you can repaint figures for your own games. I've just bought my second Rise of the Valkyrie because it's such a great deal! The small figure expansions are not random boosters, what you see is what you get. And they add so much to the game! You can spend months playing, never using the same army twice! If you try this game and love it, it has a fansite! Go to, and they can give you feedback on your posted maps or just chat 'Scape. In short, try this game. If you don't like it, SOMEONE will buy it from you. Its that fun!

by H.
Heroscape: A great game for anyone
September 01, 2008

For my first game review, I am going to review the game Heroscape. Heroscape was originally produced by Hasbro but is now produced by Wizards of the Coast. I guess that technically means that it is still produced by Hasbro because they own Wizards of the Coast. Anyway, the designer of Heroscape is Craig Van Ness.

Heroscape is a non-collectable miniatures game. So far there are 2 master sets (The Rise of the Valkyrie and The Swarm of the Marro) and 8 waves of expansions. There are also terrain expansions and a few large expansions. The game in itself is fairly simple. You start by building a map with the large amount of customizable terrain that comes with the master sets and terrain expansions. The terrain ranges from standard grass, sand, and rock to snow, lava, and swamp terrain. You can add trees and glaciers and castles to spice up your map even more so that when you’re done, you have a gorgeous looking, three dimensional map to do battle on. The terrain is in the shape of hexes that you can interlock and stack on top of each other with ease which makes building the map almost as fun as playing the game.

The game itself is split up into rounds. Each round is composed of 3 turns. This is the base of the activation system that Heroscape uses called order markers. Each player is given four order markers each round. They are marked with a 1, 2, 3, and X. At the beginning of the round, players place each of there order markers on their figure’s cards. This will determine what and when a player activates a particular unit during the course of a round. The markers are made as such so only the player that placed them can see the number on them. So basically you can see what your opponent will activate but you don’t know when. The X is used to deceive your opponents so they don’t know for sure if you will activate something or not. After each player rolls for initiative, play precedes by each player activating their 1. Then each player will activate their 2 etc. I really like this system because you have to really plan ahead and not get caught off guard by what your opponent is doing. If they do something completely unexpected then you can’t react to it. The game has been criticized for that but I think it makes the game a bit more difficult and adds a bit more skill to it.

When you activate a card you move and attack with it. Combat is resolved with dice. One player rolls a certain number of dice and each skull that comes up counts as a hit. The the defender rolls dice and each shield that comes up counts as a block. If there are more skulls than shields, that much damage is inflicted upon the character. The system is very easy and keeps the game moving quickly where other miniature games can have these big long combat systems that take 5 minutes to decide whether or not I hit you. The system is luck based and if you don’t get good rolls you won’t win the game but in my experience it evens out pretty well. Although there can be games where you can win/lose completely on the die rolls. This is where I think a good amount of the skill comes into Heroscape. A good player knows how to minimize the amount luck factors into the game. You can go about this in many different ways and I won’t explain them but when you learn to minimize risk then you will generally perform well.

Army building is also a key aspect to being successful. Basically your army made up of two types of units: either heroes or squads. Heroes are basically one figure that will have stronger powers and will be able to take multiple hits before being destroyed. A squad is anywhere from 2-4 figures that all go with the same card. Each figure in a squad will only have 1 life and normally less powerful abilities than a hero. This is balanced out with the fact that you can move and attack with each figure in your squad. So with a hero, most of the time you will be moving and attacking once where in a squad, you will be moving and attacking with a couple figures. A good army should have a good balance of both.

All of this in mind, what makes Heroscape great in my eyes is the wealth of different characters and synergies. You can have WWII soldiers shooting down a dragon or a big robot battling it out with an honorable knight. It is just fun to watch. I think the core part of the game is the interaction between characters. When your army goes up against someone else’s, it normally comes down to: how do my characters match up against yours, how will my characters work together to bring the other army down, and how do I play my army to best exploit my opponents weaknesses. Whoever does these things the best will normally come out on top.

Final thoughts: Heroscape is a fairly light and extremely fun game that can be played by just about anyone. The fact that the game comes with its own terrain is also a major plus, however, this makes the game very difficult to transport. You’ll find yourself lugging many boxes around if you want to take your stuff over to a friend’s house to play. The game’s theme of bringing together the greatest warriors from all time and space is great too because you end up with match ups you don’t see in normal games. Guns against bows and dragons against alien Marro creatures make the game very enjoyable and makes it appeal to everyone.

My rating: 9/10

Casey Stump

by H.
Get this game!
July 23, 2008

I've been playing Heroscape for a while and from the first time I played it I knew it was a great game. Some say Heroscape is a dumbed down version of D & D, which is semi-right considering that you have complete control over the scenarios and battlefield. But the unique thing is that when you start adding more charachters and more terrain different rules and abilities come in to effect, which as a result could change the outcome of a match. anyways Heroscape is a great game for people of all ages and you should REALLY GET THIS GAME! HAPPY SCAPING!

by H.
Great game
April 02, 2008

Very good game and I highly recommend it. I really liked it except that when I first bought it, my cousin was really the only one interested in playing it (because he was the only one that was over at my house) but being him (he always does this) after like an hour he says "This is boring." and even tho hes nearly 13, he started moaning over and over again, "Lets do something else." I personally really like the game but I have no one to play it with as my cousin doesn't like ANYTHING and he pretty much has no hobby other than video games. So make sure you have someone to play it and if your not entirely sure, bring a friend to the store and just ask him, "Hey, you think we might like this game? Looks pretty cool."

This may be a stupid reason to take a star off the rating but I find it hard and time consuming to fit all the pieces into the box after I first opened it. Either I wasn't careful enough or they just barely squeezed the pieces in. I think its a combination of both.

by H.
You would be stupid not to get this game!
March 19, 2008

This is the best game ever! I spend almost all day playing it. At first I wasn't sure about this game it seemed a little boring and complex. But then I played at my friends house and I was hooked. It was simple but fun to play, and you get to make your own battlefields. How cool is that! I bought my own set the next day. So like I said you would have to be stupid not to by this game!

by H.
I loved the game it rocks
July 02, 2007

If you are bored and have nothing to do you should try Heroscape out and if you like it buy the expansion packs then waste some more of your time by writing a review and play Heroscape some more. That's what I'm doing and I loved the game. It was awesome.

by H.
Heroscape is the Best Game Ever
April 15, 2007

I got the master set a few weeks ago and ever since I have been drawn into a vortex of fantasy and fun. I have gotten two expansion sets and have played it every day. If you want to play a great game for all ages that will bring back family fun night, I recommend that you buy Heroscape.

by H.
Brings back family game nite!
November 08, 2006

We bought the master set for my older son (now 8 1/2) for the holidays 2? years ago. He always loved watching dad play these sorts of games and now we all play including his little brother (5). Teams of a boy and an parent battle it out. Great way to get back to spending time with the family without spending a fortune every time.

It also makes a great way to suggest items for the extended family. It's always nice to have some new characters to play. :) And expansions come out frequently enough to change up the game each time you play. My husband used to play other fantasy games and now his friends come to the house to play this. So it brings back the social gathering too. You're never too old or too young to play.

by H.
This master set is awesome for beginners.
September 16, 2006

"Rise of the Valykirie" is an awesome set for beginners. It's nice if you have enough money to buy an extension pack or two to go with it. This game will suck you into a world of fantasy and strategy while you try to survive your opponent(s).

Fantastic Game!
May 30, 2006

My wife and I have been playing Heroscape for around 8 months now. She was most definitely not a "gamer" when we started, playing more to appease me, but she became hooked just like I did. The rules are clear and Specials are easily identified on the Army cards. Very rarely do we ever have to consult the rule book after just a few sessions of play.

Map making is also a huge plus. We've come up with some very interesting maps (combining multiple Master Sets and all the expansions) and thoroughly enjoy the creation of the maps as much as playing on them.

The expansions only add to the gameplay and are no more powerful than the Master Set characters, which was something I was afraid of at first, older armies becoming obsolete. In fact Master Set characters are often core components of our armies today. It's a very well designed game and only continues to get better.

For those interested in a fantastic war game look no further!

This game rocks
April 30, 2006

I've been looking for a good wargame to play i looked a lot at the games work shop titles but thought they were to expensive then one day I was at my aunts house i saw my cousins playing heroscape I thought heck this looks pretty cool I went out and bought my master set about two days later I just totally got sucked in. My friend and I are always playing. The best part is unlike the gw stuff you can create your own maps without making them permanent and no glue paint or assembeling the figures if you are beginner wargamer or an advanced player you should definitley try it out it rocks.

My Favorite Game
April 23, 2006

I play Heroscape about three times a month. I have created my own cards and found figures to match them. I have played in two tournaments and meet up with a group regularly to play with a growing community of serious fans of the game.

The game seems quite simple on the surface. You move, you attack, you roll dice. But there is a huge amount of strategy, and a good player will beat a bad player nearly every time.

The brilliant thing about Heroscape is that it can be enjoyed by eight-year-olds and adults with nearly the same level of satisfaction. I can enjoy the heck out of a game with my kids, and then meet up with a group of other 30-somethings and enjoy a challenging game with people who really know the game.

Finally, the pieces in Heroscape are about the best you will ever find in a game. You have to build the map, but for many people, that's the best part. The figures are great, and everything is fully functional eye candy.

I can't recommend Heroscape highly enough.

by Lo Choi
Recommended, By far!!
March 05, 2006

This game has all the simplicity of checkers and yet still puts in that same strategy type gameplay you get from chess. This game is so good I stayed up from 9:00 to 3:00 in the morning playing it. All the figurines that come in this package are all top notch, like when I got mine all the figures were perfect and super clean. This game is great because you can build a map by yourself with all the terrain that comes in the package and then when you are done you can tear it apart and build a new map!

More of a game than a toy
November 29, 2004

The gameplay is perfect for beginning and intermediate gamers alike. If you like Memoir '44, you will also feel right at home with this game. It's easy to learn both levels of rule sets.

Did I mention the components are top notch? ;-)

More of a toy than a game
November 11, 2004

The pieces in this game are undisputably the best I have ever seen in a game. That is most likely the basis of the hype that has mushroomed over this which, in turn, influenced me to buy it. The game unfortunately is not nearly as inspiring as the components.

It boils down to the time-worn mechanism of "moving/attacking/defending/life-count numbers assigned to the various characters and then battles determined by dice throws. It is more like playing with toys than playing a game. So my advice is if you like playing with toys, get it; If you are looking for a game, pass this one by.

Buy this game!
October 01, 2004

I have to say, this is one game that lives up to the hype. It has high production values, there is almost no paper bits in the game at all. The minis look better than your standard Mage Knight or HeroClix minis.

The game is fast paced and fun, with just enough strategy to make it interesting, but not bog it down. The basic rules are easy enough for a 5 year old as well, so you can dumb the game down if needed.

Since the board is constructable you have endless variation. The scenarios provided are neat, but many more will be published on the net, both officially and from fans. Even if you ended up not liking the game, you could easily make your own.

The only people that I could see not liking the game are hard core wargamers. Even if you are, though, it is a good tool to ease people into your type of game.

As well, the figures are on roughly the same scale as the WizKid stuff, so you can essentially expand the game yourself.

The only reason I didn't give the game 5 stars is some of the teams are a little unbalanced after four or five plays. Generally, this is okay in pre set scenarios, but becomes a problem if you make your own map and do a "free draft;" for example Mimring and the Valk are unstoppable as a team.

I would definately reccomend this game. One more thig, when you buy it, do yourself a favor and buy a plastic tote to carry it in, it is a pain to try and fit all the pieces back in the box :)

The best money I have ever spent.
October 01, 2004

I have been looking for a good miniatures game for the past several years. I have looked at Warhammer 40k and the various Games Workshop titles and found them to be very expensive and unpainted. I do not paint, I have tried it and do not enjoy it. I stumbled upon Heroclix Mageknight series but really hated the "collectable" part of it. I thought I would never find a good tactical mini game, until. I was visiting a friend's house and his 8 year old daughter had Heroscape assembled on their dining room table. They were playing the coolest looking game I had ever seen, with (nicely) painted miniatures!

30 painted miniatures, plastic interlocking terrain, and rules simple enough for children and a more complex rules set for experienced gamers and no collecting! I was shocked. I played 4 games that night and I was further surprised that it was very fun and easy to learn. I purchased my copy a few days later and have been playing since. What made this game even better is coming soon are non-collectable expansion armies!!!

I urge you if you like miniatures or easy to play war games (heck if you like games at all) to pick this treasure up.

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