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Store:  Family Games
Edition:  Diamant / Incan Gold
Theme:  Gems & Jewelry, Mining
Genre:  Push Your Luck
Format:  Boardless Games


Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Incan Gold

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
8+ 20 minutes 3-8

Designer(s): Bruno Faidutti, Alan R Moon

Manufacturer(s): Schmidt Spiele

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Product Description

Your pulse races as diamond fever rises. No wonder: the adventurers delve into the cave, which is sparkling with diamonds, and try to bring our as many jewels as possible. But uncanny dangers and malicious researchers play an evil game in the cave. Now you must flee or risk everything in order to win with the largest treasure.

Product Awards

BoardGameGeek Awards
Best Light/Party Game, 2006
International Gamers Awards
Best Strategy Game Nominee, 2005
Spiel des Jahres
Recommended, 2005

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Bruno Faidutti, Alan R Moon

  • Manufacturer(s): Schmidt Spiele

  • Artist(s): Christof Tisch, Jorg Asselborn

  • Year: 2005

  • Players: 3 - 8

  • Time: 20 minutes

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Est. time to learn: 10-20 minutes

  • Weight: 686 grams

  • Language Requirements: An English translation of the rules is provided. Game components are language-independent.


  • 30 cave cards:
    • 15 diamond cards
    • 15 hazard cards
  • 90 diamonds
  • 8 adventurers
  • 8 treasure chests
  • 5 cave blockers

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 4 reviews

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You will spend hours!
July 08, 2006

This game has one of the best qualities that I love in a game. Easy for the whole family to pick up. The mechanics are very simple, but they work beautifully. If you are looking for a bluffing game that has a very distinct flavor to it this is it. So grab a bag of chips and get your friends because this game is an intense riot!

People want to play right away when they see it
May 08, 2005

I like bidding games, and this one is perfect for a quick play without complicated rules. The theme, vaguely reminiscent of "Indiana Jones," makes it a game people will want to play right away when they see it.

The rules are easy to learn, and while the strategy is thin, you do have to decide when to opt out of the bidding, much like the dice game Can't Stop.

Players choose an explorer that's used only for a fist-bid when they want to claim their jewels.

The player collecting the most jewels in five rounds of play wins. What's interesting about the game is the decision on when to claim your jewels.

A card is played with either a number (1-17) representing jewels discovered or a hazard (poison gas, explosion, snake, scorpion, rock slide). Players bid simultaneously on staying in for another card turn or opt out and claim the jewels. Example: When a 12 card is played and there are 4 players, each player receives 3 jewels. In situations where there are excess jewels after equal disbursement -- a common occurrence -- the remainder go on the card.

After several rounds of play, the remaining jewels sitting on cards can add up to quite a stash, further enticement to stay in the bidding as the harzard cards pile up. When a second similar hazard card is drawn, people still bidding lose everything.

Fairly often you have situations where the hazard cards come out to start play and it's obvious that you will continue bidding, so you have to go through the motion of making a fist bid anyway.

The playing pieces are nicely done.

Excellent for families and non-gamers
July 02, 2006

This is a fine, fun filler for gamers, but it is invaluable as a game that families can play together or gamers can play with non-gamers. The game is very simple to teach and moves very quickly. A typical game is over in 20 minutes or less, which is great for folks who are new to games or whose attention span is short.

What's great is that most folks will want to play more than once after they've played the game. And since the game is more about testing your nerve than any real strategic thinking, everyone is on a pretty level playing field.

I've played this with kids, with hard-core gamers and with non-gamers and it's gotten a universally positive reception.

I haven't given it a 5 because to me that should be reserved for the rarest of titles, but don't let that deter you - Diamant is a great title.

Who has the guts?
June 25, 2006

Diamant is worth searching for. I expected much from it since Alan R. Moon (of Ticket to Ride fame) and Bruno Faidutti (Mystery of the Abbey) created it, and it doesn't disappoint. Don't expect the intricate game play of these creators' previous works here as Diamant is a short filler game that is just cleverly constructed.

You are a splunker trying to take as many gems as you can out of five jewel-encrusted caves before you get overcome by gas, explosions, rock slides, scorpions, or snakes. It is a bit of a risk- taking game as players who decide to back out of a cave are able to keep the jewels they have gathered but give up the opportunity to explore further and fill their coffers more. The risk- takers will lose all the jewels in a cavern if any of the above mentioned obstacles turn up more than once. In this game it can pay to be cautious or reckless, but it is never predictable.

I managed to find a German version of the game and found that the only difference between this one and the English-language version is the inclusion of a starting camp board. This is an unneccessary element as it does not enhance game play at all. I hope the English-language version doesn't charge more for this artistic addition as the game is ultimately a boardless game and a fun one at that.

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