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You Must Be an Idiot!
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You Must Be an Idiot!

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Product Awards:  
Major FUN
Award Winner, 2006

Ages Players
12+ 3-6

Designer(s): Stephen Glenn

Publisher(s): R&R Games

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  • WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small Parts

Product Description

Can you tell who's really an Idiot and who's just Faking? Each round, everyone is dealt a card telling them whether they are an Idiot or not. The current Genius gets to ask a special trivia question of their choice from the card in their hand. Everyone writes their answers down, but... if you're an Idiot, you MUST answer incorrectly. Once all the answers are revealed, it's your job to figure out who's definitely and Idiot. Gotta be careful though! Call somebody an Idiot who's not and they steal points from you! And Idiots who don't get caught get bonus points! So the question you have to ask in this game is.... Who's REALLY the Idiot and who's just fooling?

Product Awards

Major FUN
Award Winner, 2006

Product Information


  • Board
  • rulesheet
  • 19 pawns
  • 180 Trivia question cards
  • 60 WHO-AM-I? cards
  • 6 pencils
  • 6 answer pads

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 5 in 1 review

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You might not be an idiot after all!
January 21, 2006
Does he really not know the answer, or is he simply trying to get me to think he doesn't? That is the essential decision in Stephen Glenn's new game.

It's a simple concept, and it is surprising that it hasn't been done before, as far as I know. One player asks a trivia question. The other players recieve a card telling them whether or not they are an idiot. The idiots must answer the question incorrectly. The other players try to answer correctly, or do they?

After everyone has had a chance to write their answers, each player reads their answers. Those who get the answer correct reveal their identity card to show everyone that indeed they were not idiots. They recieve 2 points. Now each player gets to accuse any of the players who got the answer wrong of being an idiot. If they correctly identify an idiot, they recieve 2 more points. If they wrongly accuse someone of being an idiot, the accuser loses a point and the accusee earns a point. If an idiot can manage to go without being accused, the idiot gets 3 points. Players draw new identity cards for each question, so someone may be an idiot for one question, but not on the next.

This game brings an interesting twist to trivia games. Most trivia games award players for knowing the most trivia. This game balances trivia knowledge with the bluffing of poker. Many times people answer incorrectly on purpose without being an idiot simply to steal points from other players. It becomes very difficult to tell who answers the question wrong because they have to, because they don't know the answer, or because they want to.

I like the game. Very few trivia games produce the tension this one is capable of. The game's production values are bright and friendly. In fact, it looks like a game that could sit next to Wal-Mart regulars such as Guesstures or CatchPhrase. For the most part it plays as good as well.

The game isn't perfect. There seemed to be a lot of very similar questions, but this may have been simply the cards we had in our particular game. This isn't a big problem because each player has several choices as to what question to ask.

Also, the ratio of idiots to normal people in the deck seemed a little off, but I can't tell if that was intentional or not. I expected there would be more idiots more often, but in one game, the game ended and only 6 of the 12 idiots were ever drawn. I thought this was a little low, but then again it did seem to make it easier for a few idiots to go undetected. This is a simple fix and may be a bit nitpicky on my part, but c'est la vie.

You Must Be An Idiot is a fun game that will see my game table often.

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