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HeroScape: Raknar's Vision: Heroes of Lindesfarme
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Store:  Family Games
Series:  HeroScape
Theme:  Fighting, Fantasy
Format:  Expansions

HeroScape: Raknar's Vision: Heroes of Lindesfarme

Large Set 2

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Product Description

Let these Heroes give your army the edge!

These big, bold and brutal warriors will make your enemies beg for mercy. Jotun, the wild sword-wielding giant; Theracus, the winged Gryphillin Scout; Major Q9, whose Queglix Gun can fire up to 9 times in a single attack; Braxas the dragon queen, with her poisonous acid breath; and Nilfheim, the ice-breathing dragon, who freezes his foes in their very tracks. Unleash their pulverizing power upon your enemy!

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by Jordan E.
You gotta like this hero set!
October 24, 2006

This is a cool large hero set. For your money, you get three huge figures, and two large one. All are unique.

First, there is Theracus. He is a large who fights for Ullar, and for 40 points, he is quite a bargain. He is rather fragile with only 3 defense and 3 lives. He also has an average attack of 3. But his real attraction is his great move of 7, the ability to fly and the power the carry small or medium figures. If your army has the Venoc Warlord, he can move 9 spaces, since he is a scout. His mold is somewhat uninspiring, but his wings are cool. Next there is Major Q9. He is a large figure who fights for Vydar. At 180 points, he is the most expensive soulborg yet. He has amazing defense, 7 dice and 4 lives, and a great range of 8. He has 4 attack, but the real reason for drafting him would be for his Queglix Gun Special Attack. This reduces his range to 6. You get 9 attack dice, and can use them in any combination from 1 to 3 dice, until you run out. This gives him the ability to mow down rows of low defense squad figures(he is espescially effective against the vipers). His sculpt is amazing. He is incredibly detailed, and looks quite nice with the other Vydar soulborgs. His huge shoulder pads, although, make sighting a little difficult.

Third, we have Nilfhiem. He is a huge, ice breathing dragon that fights for Jandar. He is pretty tough with 4 defense and 6 lives. He has a great attack of 6. He also has Ice Shard Breath Special Attack, which lets him attack three different figures to attack with four dice each at a range of 5. Quite expensive at 185 points. He is absolutly amazing looking, probably the best sculpt in the set. Just be careful when drafting him, his wings and arms stick out all over the place, which makes it very difficult to manuver him in a crowded or cluttered battlefield, and he is impossible to get on a bridge.

Next, we have Braxas, the acid breathing dragon queen. She is huge, and fights for Vydar. Her stats are pretty good(8 lives, 6 move, 1 range, 5 attack, 3 defense), but she has the best special power in the whole game. Poisonous Acid Breath lets her chose three different small or medium figures to attack at a range of 4. If the figure is a squad figure, roll the twenty sided die, a roll of 8 or higher will destroy it. If the figure is a hero, a roll of 16 or higher will destroy it. This makes her a very effective squad- buster, able to wipe out whole squads in one turn. At 210 points, she is quite worth it, and a considerable choice for your army. Her mold, is interesting. She has odd, insect-like wings, attached to her black, snake-like body. She is much easier to move around than Nilfhiem.

Finally, we have Jotun, a huge giant who fights for Ullar. He is amazing. At 225 points, he is the most expensive figure in the game, to date. With 4 defense and 7 lives, he can be hard to take down. But, just wait till you hear his attack. 8 DICE!!!!! But that's not all. He has two special powers. One is wild swing, which reduces his attack to 4, but affects all figures adjacent to the one he is attacks. The other is Throw 14, which lets him chose an adjacent small or medium figure. A roll of 14 or higher will allow him to throw it up to four spaces. If thrown onto a space that is even to or lower than Jotun space, then it must roll for damage. A roll of 11 or higher gives it one wound. This is a versatile special power, because you can throw your own figures onto high, hard to reach places, or throw your enemies to their screaming death.

Jotun's sculpt is, again, amazing. He is very detailed, and very easy to get around. His sword is bigger than most figures themselves. Jotun is the star of the set, and probably the coolest huge figure there is.

Overall this is a great set. All the figures are huge or large, and amazingly detailed and well painted. I recommend this set unreservedly to all Heroscapers.

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