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War in the Pacific
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Store:  Strategy Games, War Games
Theme:  World War 2
Genre:  War & Combat
Format:  Board Games

War in the Pacific

2006 edition

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Manufacturer(s): Decision Games

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Product Description

On Sunday, 7 December 1941, the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was attacked by Japanese aircraft. For the next four years, Allied task forces engaged elements of the Imperial Japanese fleet throughout the ocean. Marines and army units began their program of island-hopping, wresting from the Japanese the empire that they had expanded in every direction.

War in the Pacific is a multi-level simulation of the Pacific theater of operations during World War II. The game enables players to recreate the entire course of the war, form the opening Japanese attack on 7 December, 1941 to the climatic Allied assaults in the closing days of 1945. Representing some 30% of the globe, the strategic maps let players move and engage in combat on all levels: air, ground and naval. War in the Pacific is not a simple game; there are a number of rules and concepts that will, at first, be unfamiliar to a majority of players. But playing through smaller map sections and scenarios enables the player to become familiar with the mechanics of the game.

This is a revamped version of the original game, transforming it (finally, at long last, and deservedly so) from "valiant-failure" status into a truly impressive monster game. Emphasis is now more balanced between the supply and command sides of the operational aspects of the war; though supply management and planning (now headquarters-based) remain vitally important, detailed and challenging tasks during each Strategic Cycle.

Operational aspects are modeled much more accurately from a historic standpoint, as is the order of battle. Leaders on many levels (and whose combat performance may be unpredictable), often serve to limit players' ability to affect the outcome of every battle to the Nth degree. A player's assignment of the right task force commander (for the right force at the right time), may spell the difference between a tactical victory and defeat.

The ground combat system has been completely revised, substituting a step-loss system adapted from VG's "Pacific War." Pitched battles on islands and atolls are now resolved, including maneuver, on expanded tactical maps, rather than simply being abstractly imagined in a single hex.

War in the Pacific's original air and naval systems are retained, in their essences, albeit with substantial modifications. Thus the game still feels like the original in those two chief aspects. Most importantly, extensive play testing has been an integral and indispensable part of this game's development (unlike the original). On the same scale as the original, War in the Pacific remains a monster game, and is not for the faint of heart. But for devotees of the original game, or those who have always had a desire to explore the campaign in the pacific theater on a scale they've never before attempted, neither your money nor your time will have gone to waste.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Decision Games

  • Year: 2006

  • Players: 2

  • Weight: 5,140 grams

  • Language Requirements: Game components are printed in English. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English. This is a domestic item.


  • 4 rule booklets
  • 2 chart booklets
  • 30 assorted log sheets
  • 20 assorted displays
  • 8960 die-cut counters
  • 7 full size (22" x 34") strategic maps in full color
  • 24 double-sided 11" x 17" tactical maps
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 2 ten-sided dice
  • storage bags

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 1 review

War in the Pacific a True Monster!
November 13, 2008

This game is not a casual game. Nor is it for the faint of heart. It is a true Grognard experience. If you aren't familiar with the term Grognard, stop here. You are wasting your time.

This is a true simulation that requires months, not days or hours to play. The box says two players - which would mean years to play. The game lends itself to team play with overall commanders on each side. You will discover it rapidly turns into a game of complex planning, and then more planning after you think you have planned enough. Each side should have commanders asigned to areas or arms and then sub groups.

This will require 6 to 10 individuals committed to play over an expanded period of time. It will aslo require lots of space - not only for actual playing, but also for the piles of tactical maps, displays, and player aids.

The game subject is massive and it follows that the game should be massive. Having said that it works. It works also for the true simulation guy who goes solo and logs the turns for both sides. (Something to leave your grandchildren who will say Gramps was a little buggy but harmless - locked up in his basement every Wednesday and Saturday for 2.5 years replaying the Pacific War) Too few scenarios but good!

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