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First Edition

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: GiftTRAP

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Product Awards:  

Ages Play Time Players
8+ 45-75 minutes 3-8

Manufacturer(s): GiftTRAP Enterprises

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Product Description

GiftTRAP is a hilarious social conversation starter for people who think they know each other well or want to know each other better.

Unlike other party games you don’t need skills in drawing, acting or trivia so it works well when you have a crowd of mixed ages/skills.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing in the gift giving world!

You are sure to learn something as you give from the 640 gift ideas from the basic to the bizarre.

Despite there being 100’s of party games, its rare to find one that adults and children both enjoy playing. It’s fun because everyone gets to say what they think about the gifts before they know what they have been given.

GiftTRAP has received rave reviews from adults and children alike, making it a great addition to any game cabinet.

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Party Game, 2008
Major FUN
Award Winner, 2006

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): GiftTRAP Enterprises

  • Year: 2006

  • Players: 3 - 8

  • Time: 45 - 75 minutes

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Est. time to learn: 5-10 minutes

  • Weight: 1,366 grams

  • All-Time Sales Rank: #220

  • Language Requirements: Game components are printed in English. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English. This is a domestic item.


  • 1 full size game board
  • 640 Gift Ideas
  • 1 Gift Envelope
  • 1 Rules booklet
  • 1 Massive Play invite
  • 1 Right To Play guide
  • 8 Organza Gift Bags
    • Each player's bag contains:
    • 1 Get scoring marker
    • 1 Give scoring marker
    • 9 gift tokens
    • 4 choice tokens
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 3 reviews

by guest
Gift Trap is great for kids and adults!
August 08, 2008

I love this game. You find out what you like, and what others like. For example, would you rather have "Live forever" or "time travel machine"?

There are all kinds of other ways you can play this.

For example, simply take 2 cards, and ask each one what they would rather have?

I really like the deck of made up things. I think there was one like "invisiblity cloak"

would you rather have "live forever" or "time travel machine" or "invisibility cloak"

you see what I mean?

This is why I wrote a review for it on (, a site of educational games)

A tip for husbands: Give to your wife first!!
April 27, 2007

Are you the type who loves giving that perfect gift? Or are you just the type who likes to receive presents? Either way GiftTrap is great for you. This party game is wonderful as an icebreaker, and it can help you learn a lot about your friends (especially their likes and dislikes).

Rikki's Rating (my wife, who will slightly influence my reviews): She adores GiftTrap! She has always been a big fan of birthdays and Christmas so this game is right up her alley.

Plus sides to the game:

  1. It is pretty simple to understand, aside from the whole scoring thing. You can move right into playing the game with virtually no explanation time, as long as you handle the scoring yourself.
  2. The components are excellent. And it is fun that everyone gets a little gift bag with all their pieces in it.
  3. You will learn more about the other players, and the game can create a great deal of conversation.
  4. GiftTrap (assuming you remove the adult-themed gifts) is great for all ages of players, and the adults really won't have an advantage over the kids.
  5. Let's face it... even if it's just a game, it's fun to imagine receiving a brand new sports car, a safari in Africa, or other dream gifts.

Down sides to the game:

  1. It is easy to mess up and move the wrong scoring markers. We have found it easiest to have one person assigned to move the Give tokens for the whole game, and a different person assigned to move the Get tokens.
  2. Look at the title to this review! If you don't give your wife good gifts and you continually give the best gifts to someone else, you may find yourself sleeping on the couch.
  3. The special action cards add nothing of value to the game. In fact, we hate them and won't use them. They seem to throw in a strategic element to a game that isn't really about strategy at all. If you are that competitive you probably should just play a different game.

My overall feeling of GiftTrap is very good. As long as you don't use the action cards, the game is extremely fun. It also can make you a better gift giver. 4.5 stars.


Now here is a gift worth getting!
November 11, 2006

Reviewer's Note: This review first appeared in the Christmas 2006 edition of Knucklebones magazine. It is being used with their permission.


Design by: Nick Kellet
Publisher: Gift Trap Enterprises
3 – 8 Players, 45 minutes – 1 hour
Review by: Greg J. Schloesser

It is your birthday. Would you rather receive a 3- month Cordon Bleu cookery course, or a temperature controlled wine cellar? How about one year in a remote lakeside cabin, or an electric car? On a more modest scale, would you prefer a radio-controlled plane, or some Cuban cigars? Do your friends know which of these gifts you would prefer? Further, do you know which of these gifts they prefer? These are the types of questions that must be answered in Gift Trap, a clever new party game that tests just how well you know your friends, and how well they know you!

Gift Trap comes attractively packaged in a cube-shaped box, and includes over 300 double-sided, full color cards depicting a staggering array of gifts. These gift cards are divided into four decks, each progressively more luxurious. The board depicts two paths – one for giving and one for “getting” – as well as a grid upon which up to nine gifts will be placed each turn. Each player receives a decorative bag containing their individual “give” and “get” tokens and markers, which are appropriately shaped like open and closed packages. The entire package is quite appealing and very professional.

Each turn, the active player chooses cards (one more then than the number of players) from one of the decks and places them face-up on the board. Each player then simultaneously gives each player one of their “give” tokens, which indicates a specific gift on the grid that they feel the player most desires. Does Kim prefer that hot stone massage, or would she prefer knee-high leather boots? Would Craig want to bungee-jump, or does he covet an outdoor pizza oven? This is where knowing your fellow players come in handy! Since a player must give a different gift to each player, choosing the right gift for each person can be difficult.

After players distribute their “give” tokens to their fellow players, they then place their “get” tokens face-down upon four of the gifts. The tokens indicate a player’s desire for a particular gift: “Great”, “Good”, “OK” or “No Way”. After all tokens are placed, players take turns revealing their “get” tokens, then compare these with the “give” tokens they received from their fellow players. Both players – the giver and the getter – receive 1 – 3 points for each favorable match (from OK to Great, respectively) while giving a gift upon which the player did not place a token results in a one point penalty for both players. However, if a player receives a gift that matches the one upon which he placed his “No Way” token, both players lose a whopping four points! Optional rules add cards wherein players can double their score, be it positive or negative, or cancel one gift.

Players record their scores by moving their tokens along the two paths. After each player has revealed his tokens and tallied points, new cards are dealt to the board and another round is conducted. The goal is to be the first player to get both of your gifts to the final “Gifted” space at the end of a round.

There isn’t much strategy here, but that is not the point. Trying to guess which gifts your fellow players desire is the entire point of the game. Gift Trap is simply fun, and evokes continuous outbursts of surprise, frustration and laughter as gifts are revealed. The game is best when played with friends and family, otherwise it is truly little more than guess work. Within the confines of a family gathering or get-together with friends, however, the game truly shines. Gift Trap is truly a gift worth giving or getting!

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