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Store:  Classic, Strategy Games
Genre:  Role-Playing
Format:  Dice


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Product Description

An assortment in various shapes and colors in varied quality. Included is one complete 7-die polyhedral set of a special range of speckled dice available only in the Pound-O-Dice.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Chessex

  • Weight: 452 grams

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 1 review

A Great Way To Start/Grow A Gamer's Dice Collection
January 11, 2010

I'm just getting my new boyfriend into D&D and other roleplaying games, so it was, of course, necessary to get him some dice. Chessex's pound of dice provides a lot of dice, many of which are quite pretty, even though you mostly only get the cheaper, wider-spread styles like speckled, solid and split... for a pretty good price, and I'd seen good reviews of it on other sites, so I decided to add one to my own gaming supplies order, and send one to my boyfriend as well. He seems thrilled with his collection, though there are some styles he wants to trade me for when we meet next time.

My own collection was pretty neat, and though I will admit that there were a fair few duplicates, this was only irritating with the ones I didn't like (more than half of my d12s are all the same dark orange and white pattern and they do NOT appeal to me. Oh, well. :s

I did really like a few of the speckle color combinations in blues and some variations of pale yellow or yellow-white that suggest bone yellow to me.

The break down of my bag was as follows:

34 d6 - 12 with numerals, 22 with dots, including a set of three semi-translucent amber-colored ones which I love, and a set of six mini-d6s which are all solid color in a nice pale bone shade.

4 d4s - three of which were the same color, but the color was a fairly pleasant green/blue, so it doesn't bother me.

12 d8s - I /like/ the d8s I got. Most were very pretty and only a couple were duplicates. The most handsome is a speckled blue/black with silver numbers that my boyfriend wants to trade me for. It matches the favorite die that /he/ got in his set, which is a d12.

18 d10s - 2 of which are % d10s with numbers written in 10s instead of single digits. Both the same, and a pretty blue blend. Also, 7 of the 18 are split-color dice, an interesting, if not always particularly appealing, style. The only split combination I really like is a single purple/green d10.

7 d12s - 4 of which are orange and white, and only one of which I actually like.

19 d20s - There might be one or two styles in there which are doubled, bu I haven't noticed. My favorites are a lovely, bright but mellow cyan, or robin's egg blue die with clear black numbers, and a couple of close-to-bone white and yellow blends, one of which is darker and more polished than the other.

I didn't find the complete set particularly appealing - it's a high contrast die set of wallpaper paste white flecked with yellow baring green numbers. Functional, and not outright ugly, but not my taste. I have decided to give them to my brother, who likes high-impact, high-contrast dice, even ones I find rather garish.

So all together, I got a total of 94 random dice, and a set of 7, so... 101 dice.

A few have slight visible imperfections (they are factory rejects, after all) like small scratches or not-completely-painted numbers, but they're still perfectly functional gaming dice, and a great way to start or expand your dice collection inexpensively.

Besides that, it's great fun looking through the mix and finding your favorites, and I can't wait to meet my boyfriend so we can trade.

The product has my recommendation for gamers who can never have too many or who are short on d20s, d10s or d6s, as they are the most common types in all the arrays I have seen presented in reviews, as well as mine and my boyfriend's. Collectors looking to find every kind of speckled dice might use the pound o dice as a starting point, but will probably be annoyed by duplicates of more common patterns.

I intend to order another bag, myself, once I get used to all these ones and have a job. :) Four stars.

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