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Magic The Gathering: Time Spiral: Sliver Evolution
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Magic The Gathering: Time Spiral: Sliver Evolution

Theme Deck: red/green/white

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Product Description

Slivers share a hive mind. Whatever one thinks, they all think. Whatever one can do, they can all do. Slivers have mutated over the years, and the Sliver Evolution deck shows off their new, deadlier skills. But they still think the same thing they always did: "Smash anything that's not a Sliver."

As soon as the game begins, start building your Sliver collective. Gemhide Sliver is especially good early since its mana ability helps you play other Slivers. Don't take any risks in combat with your first few Slivers. If they’re still in play a few turns later when their friends show up, even the most mild-mannered Sliver will turn into a ferocious attacker.

The creatures that turn your hive into a potent offensive force are Bonesplitter Sliver, which gives all your creatures +2/+0, Watcher Sliver, which gives all your creatures +0/+2, and Might Sliver, which confers both bonuses at once. Once you’ve assembled enough pieces to make your Sliver army into a fearsome force, start attacking. Your opponent may be able to take down a Sliver or two, but the blockers will surely be paying the price. When you attack, you’ll need to judge whether it's best to send in all your Slivers or whether you should hold back the most important ones, like Might Sliver, to protect them.

Other Slivers can enhance your horde in more clever ways. Fungus Sliver puts a +1/+1 counter on any Sliver that's been dealt damage. Quilled Sliver lets your Slivers deal 1 damage to an attacking or blocking creature. Use them together! Have one of your Slivers attack, then tap another Sliver to deal 1 damage to it, thus making it permanently bigger!

Another nifty duo is Sidewinder Sliver and Spined Sliver. If they're in play together, whenever one of your Slivers becomes blocked, that Sliver gets bigger and the blocker gets smaller! But for game-ending power, look no further than Pulmonic Sliver. Not only does it gives your entire horde flying, but whenever any of your Slivers is destroyed, it's put on top of your library where you can draw it next turn.

Once you have some games under your belt, it's time for the deck to evolve. Ravnica dual lands, like Temple Garden or Sacred Foundry, will make it easier to play your Slivers. You can try including Time Spiral Slivers of a different color, like Psionic Sliver. Or you can check out the awesome Slivers in the Tempest, Stronghold, and Legions sets.

Product Information


  • 1 ready-to-play 60-card deck
  • 1 customized strategy insert
  • 1 random premium Time Spiral basic land card
  • 1 random Pro Tour Player card
  • (rulebook not included)

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