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Dragons of Kir
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Store:  2-Player Games
Format:  Board Games

Dragons of Kir

a Darter game

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Play Time
2 minutes

Manufacturer(s): One Eye Productions

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Product Description

The Empire is at war -- civil war. The two sides are decimating each other's armies and resources. The wizards in command, Beta and Aum, stretched thin and frustrated now consider desperate measures. Beta decides it is time to summon the Dragons of Kir and hurl them against Aum's defenses. But alas, Aum has felt the sudden surge of the summons' potent magic. Beta's spell of last resort is drenched in peril. Aum responds quickly and adds his own summoning to Beta's, hoping to sway the dragons to his command. Then the flash, the blinding explosion -- and the Dragons of Kir are released! Alas, but both Aum and Beta are destroyed. The dragons will run free, unless...

Aum and Beta left behind their stockpile of resources; a small army, and their magic. These were to be used to control the aimless dragons and win the conflict. It is now up to the Wizards' apprentices to send the dragons into their adversary's stronghold. Monks and armies will be called into play to turn back the dragons. Rivers rerouted and watchfires laid out to turn them away. Lotus petals will be strewn about to attract the wyrms, and storms summoned to buffet them back. The apprentices must use everything in their power to gain influence over the beasts and decimate their opponent!

Be one of the apprentices of wizardry, dashing your opponent's stronghold with the Dragons of Kir! The paths of the dragons pass through and around the edges of play, and your well-planned spells can be ruined with counters and misdirection. Be wary, your stronghold is closer to danger and to your opponent than you might think!

Product Information


  • 56 tiles
  • 2 war tents
  • 1 game board
  • 4 dragons
  • 1 rule booklet

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 1 review

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by Greg J. Schloesser
Incredible fun filled with strategy, tactics and tough choices
October 20, 2010

Designer: William Byrne
Publisher: Future Magic Games
2 Players, 20 minutes
Review by: Greg J. Schloesser

NOTE: This review was first published in Knucklebones magazine

Every now and then a game comes along that blows me away. Usually, it is a game about which I am completely unfamiliar. As such, my expectations are generally low. This has just happened to me again with Dragons of Kir, an excellent 2-player game from Future Magic Games.

Set in a fantasy kingdom, two factions are warring for control of the realm. Desperate for victory, each side has summoned the terrible Dragons of Kir, hoping to eliminate their rivals to power. Players alternate placing tiles onto the board, attempting to maneuver the dragons into their opponent’s stronghold, thereby destroying their adversaries and assuming control.

The game is played on a vinyl mat, which depicts an 8x8 checkerboard grid. All pieces are made of durable, attractive wood, and come packaged in a sturdy tube. After placing their stronghold and the four dragons, players draw a hand of four tiles and alternate placing tiles to the board, attempting to protect their stronghold and force the dragons towards their opponent’s camp.

After each player places a tile, the dragons move one space forward. Then, they suffer the effects of neighboring tiles. The effects of tiles can either be direct or indirect. Direct tiles are ones upon which a dragon has moved. These take precedence over indirect tiles, which affect dragons from a distance of one or two spaces. Tile effects generally cause dragons to move, slide or change direction. Play continues in this fashion until one player is eliminated by having his stronghold ravaged by a dragon.

Placing tiles to yield the desired effect is the KEY element to the game, and the one that requires the most vision, strategy and planning. Tiles can be used defensively to protect one’s stronghold, or offensively to redirect dragons towards an opponent. Deciding how and when to use a tile – and where to place it – is quite challenging. Considerable angst occurs when a dragon is headed straight for your stronghold, and you must figure-out how to best use your tiles to divert him before all is lost. Take care, however, as some tiles are destroyed if a dragon approaches it from a certain direction, so no placement or defense is completely secure.

Often, after a dragon has moved, the effects of the neighboring tiles will have unexpected results. It is not uncommon for a dragon to be shoved one space by a wind tile, only to land in a river, which forces him to flow down a waterfall and smashing into a soldier, thereby changing his direction. It sometimes takes quite a bit of mental gymnastics to visualize the ultimate results and consequences of various tiles when enacted in the proper sequence.

Truly, the game is a test of skills, foresight, logic, planning and strategy. There is a dash of luck in drawing tiles, but the challenge is optimally using these tiles to achieve victory. It is a true test of mental abilities, but it isn’t wearisome. It is great fun, and it has me enraptured. It is one of those rare gems that I desire to play over-and-over again in succession.

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