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Scaraball / Dodecaedron 2007
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Store:  Family Games
Theme:  Sports
Genre:  Action & Dexterity
Format:  Board Games, Card Games
Other:  Essen 2007 releases

Scaraball / Dodecaedron 2007

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Ages Play Time Players
6+ 15-30 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Angelo Porazzi

Manufacturer(s): Angelo Porazzi Games

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Product Description

Scaraball comes paired with Dodecaedron 2007, and both games use the same components: a hexagonal playing field, a "ball" token, and teams of athletes. In Dodecaedron 2007, a player uses his fingertips to push his team in order to move the Dodecaedron Cap (called the DOD) into an enemy goal—but not so far that it passes through the goal. A boardgame version of curling, if you will.

For Scaraball, players don't use their fingers to move their team members, but a deck of "hit cards" that allow players to hit the DOD or opponents with their team members. In addition to trying to score goals with the DOD (worth three points), you also score by pushing opponents from the field (one point).

Description written by W. Eric Martin and used with permission of

Product Information


  • 3 dodecaedron caps
  • 1 dodecaedron field
  • 1 scaraball field
  • 6 teams
  • 5 to-be-colored teams
  • rules
  • 24 hit cards
  • 24 event cards

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 1 review

Dodecaedron/Scaraball: two different games both hit the mark
October 07, 2010

"Scaraball/Dodecaedron" is two games in one, each with its own "rink" and method of play.

"Dodecaedron" is a fun dexterity game in which players, playing on a hexagonal- shaped rink, have 3 finger flicks apiece on each turn to try to either flick a "ball" (thick, coated cardboard disk) into an opposing goal (3 points) or knock an opposing player's piece (also a thick, coated cardboard disk) off the (flat) rink. Best played fast and furious and with the more players the merrier, this game might remind some of the movie "Rollerball." Younger kids might get frustrated by their lack of the requisite coordination to play this, but older kids and teens--and, adults who have kept their youthful spirit--should find this to be a blast to play. It's another example of Mr. Porazzi's ability to take a simple idea, tie it to a sports theme, and provide the pieces and artwork to make it all work.

In the "Scaraball" version by using the provided cards which give holders particular strengths or advantages. "Scaraball" is "Dodecaedron" for grown-ups. This is Mr. Porazzi's "thinking" version of the dexterity game "Dodecaedron." Rather than flick disks across a rink, as in "Dodecaedron," players draw number cards (or roll dice) to move players or the "ball" across a hexagonal play area. As in "Dodecaedron," the idea is to win by scoring 12 points by either scoring goals with the ball or by pushing opposing player's pices off the play area. Players draw or roll two numbers to move and one number or die to try to score. With as many as six teams playing at a time, one has to be careful not to set up another player for a goal on his turn. In this way, some of the strategy reminds me of "StreetSoccer." But mainly, one has to carefully consider every move and every angle. The more defensively people play the longer the game can take, and games can get very tense as several teams near the 12-point mark. This clever variation converts a dexterity game into a cat-and-mouse contest. The "Scaraball" game board is a four-colour illustration on A3 paper, inserted into a plastic sleeve to protect it.

So, whether you prefer a finger-flicking contest or a battle of wits, "Scaraball/Dodecaedron" is a terrific value that delivers what you would look for in these types of games.

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