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Fishing For Terrorists 2.0
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Fishing For Terrorists 2.0

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 30 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Cliff Bohm, Colleen Skadl, Geoff Bottone

Manufacturer(s): SlugFest Games

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Product Description

In Fishing for Terrorists, you and your friends are the heads government agencies, charged to fight against the forces of Terror! You must utilize cunning, covert ops, your friends in the Senate, and old-fashioned wire taps to capture the likes of the Proponents of Earth's Total Annihilation, the Certified Members of the Lunatic Fringe, and the Apathetic Atheists.

Now, technically, you and your friends are on the same side. Of course, you all know that only the agency that arrests the most terrorists is going to get the Presidential Commendation and the big bucks in next year's budget, so you're not above transferring prisoners, staging human rights protests, or forging documents of diplomatic immunity.

Good luck, Agent!
Your country, nay, the world, is counting on you!

This updated version of the game features all new, full-color art by Kennon James. Slugfest has made some changes to some of the cards to make the game play a bit less randomly and to allow for more strategic play. They have also included some new action cards, including Hidden Detention Centers and Manipulating the Media.

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Cliff Bohm, Colleen Skadl, Geoff Bottone

  • Manufacturer(s): SlugFest Games

  • Artist(s): Kennon James

  • Year: 2008

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 30 minutes

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 172 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is a domestic item. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English. Game components are printed in English.


  • 88 card deck (including 40 unique terrorists)
  • 6 reference cards
  • Rulebook

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 1 in 1 review

Go Fish with a theme. Not good.
May 31, 2007

Last year, I reviewed a game called Twisted Fish, which I said was the best version of “Go Fish” that I’ve played. Really, that’s not a ringing endorsement, but the game was actually a bit fun occasionally. Fishing for Terrorists (Slugfest Games, 2004 – Geoff Bottone, Colleen Skadl, and Cliff Bohm) is another game that is based on “Go Fish” – would it bring out the same reaction?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative. The edgy theme, the tremendous luck, the cards that are difficult to tell apart, and the massive amount of game altering special cards combine to make this almost a mess of a game – one that sounds more fun that it is. I doubt few will be offended by the theme, but those who think it’s funny will likely be annoyed by the wild swings in life. There’s only so many times asking another player if they have a “Cultist of Invincible Anarchy” can be funny – if at all. The game is one that makes light of the terrorist scare across the world, and perhaps does so, but at the expense of any real game.

Each player is in control of a government agency hunting down terrorists. It is a deck of seventy-two cards (ten groups of four terrorists each, along with thirty-two special cards). Each player is dealt two cards, and then the game begins. On a player’s turn, they may conduct an investigation by asking another player if they have information on a terrorist group (such as “The Deadly Agents of Unspeakable Evil”). If the other player does have any member(s) of that group, they must give them up. Otherwise, the asking player draws two cards from the deck. At this point, the player can play special cards and capture a pair of terrorists from the same group (play them in front of them). If the player somehow manages to get all four characters from the same group (by playing two pairs), then that groups cards are “closed” and cannot be affected for the remainder of the game.

Special cards are marked with “turn” (only one can be played – and only on your turn), “anytime” (literal), “sometimes” (when it makes sense to play it), and “NOW” (when the player draws it.) Cards have effects such as:

  • take control of one pair of captured Terrorists another player currently controls
  • take control of one pair of captured Terrorists as they are laid down
  • pass all cards in your hand to the player on your left
  • draw two cards
  • switch hands of any two players of your choice
  • negate any card (well, except of the list then mentioned)

The game continues until there are no more cards in the draw pile, at which point players calculate their scores. Players receive three points for each pair of captured terrorists and lose one point for each terrorist in their hand. The player with the highest score is the winner.

Some comments on the game…

  1. It’s GO FISH with special cards.

  2. Components: Fishing for Terrorists is a small card game in a small box – easy to carry around. The cards are in black in white, I suppose to evoke a more shadow-filled theme, but color might have been nice. The artwork is very well done – in a parody type of way, with most of the terrorists looking like ridiculous caricatures. The cards themselves are of okay quality, although the entire package isn’t going to really come across as something spectacular. One good thing is that three reference cards are included, because it’s hard to remember all ten terrorist names (“Proponents of Earth’s Total Annihilation” and “Fanatical Bombers of Inrekistan” are a pain to recall). Another good thing is that I like how easy it is to tell when to play a special card.

  3. Rules and Theme: The rules are printed on a small sheet of paper and are quite easy to understand, even though I kept waiting to see “Go Fish” in there somewhere. Instead, players are encouraged to say things such as “Go investigate” or “What do I look like? The Terrorist Yellow Pages?” While that sounds like it makes for a funny theme, it gets a bit tiring since a player has to say it every turn. There are only so many times you can say the same pithy statements and have a good time. Some people may not like the theme, as terrorism may strike too close to home for them to enjoy it.

  4. Go Fish: Yeah, it’s the same game, but with thirty-two special cards thrown into the mix. And no fish. Perhaps the theme is supposed to make it feel different? It doesn’t.

  5. Special cards: This is the single biggest problem with the game. Since almost half the deck is made up of special cards, they are constantly affecting game play. Ten of the cards allow a player to steal or destroy another player’s pair. Game play occurs, and I finally get a match by being canny and snagging an “Apathetic Atheist” from an opponent. Suddenly, one player destroys it, and then another player steals the next set I play on the following turn. Following that, I draw some more cards, only to have another player switch their one card hand with mine. Doesn’t this sound fun? Look, I don’t mind a bit of chaos in games. Fishing for Terrorists takes it a whole new level.

  6. Fun Factor: Hmm, Go Fish isn’t that much fun. Random chaotic overpowered special cards are even less fun. Mixing them together equals disaster, also known as no fun.

My impressions of Fishing for Terrorists aren’t very positive – it takes an age old kids game and mixes it with a satirical theme with drab results. The game is basically ruined by the fact that special cards are played almost every turn, to the point where they lose the “special” status and simply become annoying. Just give me regular Go Fish, thank you – and I don’t like it – but it’s better than this mess.

Tom Vasel
“Real men play board games”

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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