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Carcassonne: Cult, Siege & Creativity
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Carcassonne: Cult, Siege & Creativity

AKA: Cult, War, and Creativity

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 45 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Klaus-Jurgen Wrede

Publisher(s): Rio Grande Games, Hans im Gluck

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To play this game, you must have:

Carcassonne English language edition with River tiles Out of Stock

Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune English language edition of Carcassonne: Das Schicksalsrad Out of Stock

Carcassonne English language edition, no River tiles Out of Stock

Carcassonne: Dice Out of Stock

Carcassonne: Phantom Out of Stock

Product Description

This Carcassonne expansion combines 4 war tiles and 3 blank tiles with the 5 cult tiles from the German expansion Graf, König und Konsorten. (Aside from the 5 cult tiles, this German title has been released previously in English as River II, The Count and King.)

Product Information


  • 12 tiles
  • instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3 in 1 review

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by John M.
Absolutely devious and dastardly!
November 13, 2008

Yeah I finally got these too, actually I bought 2 of them and now I have 3 of these things!!!! This minor expansion brings 12 new tiles to the game now, I got the Die Katherers set some time ago from here, I believe I got the last one as well (C.F. that review) which are the 4 Siege tiles that are reprinted in this edition! SO I now have 12 siege tiles, I put 8 of them into my "Big Box" edition, and the other 4 into my "Leather Bag" edition (C.F. Big Box review) perhaps I should split it up 6 and 6? Anyway, what else does this set give you? The description here says 3 Blanks, 4 Siege and 5 Cult tiles, mine actually have/came with; 2 Blank, 4 Siege and 6 Cult (both boxes I bought) so not sure why the discrepancy, but it is written as such on the actual box so....

The blank tiles I have not decided what to do with yet, but I have a few ideas, I just need to get the right kind of art markers to draw the features with. So I'm not so sure of their actual value, but right now I calculate it at just about zero, yeah. The "Cult" tiles are absolutely devious, and I love them, I just may grab a few more of these and put JUST the Cult tiles within.

The Siege tiles are just that, four distinct tiles with siege engines and tents outside the castle gates. Now in the original form the walls are broken and/or breeched. In this edition the walls are solid still, and the inks brighter than the older German version. The abbot from the German edition is also missing from these reprints, however the same rule applies that if you own a cloister within range of the besieged castle you may remove your meeple(s) from that besieged castle and recover your lost man/men. This is important for 2 reasons; 1) If you close the castle that is under siege it is only worth 1 point per tile so it may be prudent to leave if you can, however points are points, and you need them to win in this game. 2) If you fear you won't be able to close, or are outflanked by another player it may again be prudent to escape. Only you can decide, if end game is coming soon the decision is clear. Whatever you decide it's kewl rule and here's a hint, remove your regular meeple first, if your Builder meeple stands in a feature alone he is removed back to your pool. A devious way to get back a meeple AND your Builder in ONE move.

Now the Cult tiles I believe were handed out at one of the "Essens" in Germany? If I'm wrong you will still love these tiles, I think they are great!!!! These are just like Cloisters however you can (and often SHOULD) "leech" off a nearby Cloister by forcing a competition to complete the Cloister/Cult. Who-so-ever closes their feature first gets the 9 point bonus, and their meeple(s) back, the looser just gets their meeple(s) back and no points. Absolutely devious and dastardly I love them, you will too, I suggest you buy 2, especially if your Carcassone has more than say 150 tiles. I just love this idea, I think I may get a few more just for the Cult tiles so I can balance out the Cloisters, you only get 6 so I don't think 12 will over power the game. If you've read my review of the spin off game, Ark Of The Covenant (C.F. that review) then you know I'm not a pious man, so I love the idea of a "rival" religion for the Cloisters. This is a brilliant adaptation WHY didn't they think of it sooner????

Well, I should probably go through and count all the tiles in my Big Box, I mean it just keeps getting more and more added to it. Is there no end? Will Hans im Glück ever make an expansion for any of the OTHER Carcassonne titles? I mean the only title besides the parent game to get an official expansion was Hunters and Gatherers and it's an overpowering expansion at that! Not to mention it seems like more of an afterthought than anything else! I don't know what's next for this series, but I am going to keep eye out for the next announcement.

4 stars for the Siege tiles, 6 stars for the Cult tile -7 stars for the Blanks, great idea, but I'm not really that interested in making own, even though I have killer ideas for them. 3 Stars altogether, for the money you'll pay for this it's worth it all the way, I'm just disappointed that they would give us a 12-tile "Minor Expansions" with only 10 readily usable tiles. I can see them doing like a 12-tile set of blanks but come on, those cult tiles are wicked kewl, give us 8 of those in the next printing instead of the Blanks.

Remember you can't DRINK THE KOOL-AID if you're not in the CULT!!!!

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