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Uno Flash
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Store:  Card Games, Family Games
Edition:  Uno
Series:  Uno
Genre:  Matching
Format:  Card Games, Electronic Games
Family:  Crazy Eights
Other:  Spring Sale 2010

Uno Flash

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Ages Players
7+ 2-10

Manufacturer(s): Mattel

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Product Description

Forget everything you thought you knew about Uno! Clockwise? Counterclockwise? Nope, it's totally random! This exciting electronic version selects who's next, so you have to stay alert. Did you blink? Uh-oh, you missed your turn and time ran out!

It's the fast, crazy game that will keep you guessing, on your toes, and raring to go. And just when you think you can relax and take a breath, you still need to remember to yell "Uno!"

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Mattel

  • Players: 2 - 10

  • Ages: 7 and up

  • Weight: 1,047 grams

  • Language Requirements: This is a domestic item.


  • uno flash game unit
  • 108 cards
  • instructions

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 2 reviews

by Mikey
Awesome game for party/get togethers!
December 26, 2009

I found this UNO game to be definately much more entertaining than its lesser counterparts!

Let me explain first that the game comes with its own set of cards and a little station which up to 6 players can use. Each player gets their own slap button to press which they will use the entire game to complete their turn. Note that the game chooses randomly who will take their turn! Also not that their are no reverse cards, but a new SLAP HAND card.

Let me just say that this game is really entertaining for people who love to have an exciting intense time with much laughter. It is amazing to use with a get together or family and I guarentee you that if you love UNO this will blow you away! Many of us enjoyed using the new SLAP HAND card, which makes everyone race to press their own button, and the last person has to draw 2 cards. Also amusing is seeing someone play +2 or +4 or skip turn cards, and having them played on themselves because of the random generated turns. Its fun to be timed and really keeps you on your feet for very enjoyable moments. I have used this plenty of times and all I can say is that every time we played this eveyone had SO much fun and wanted more! Time will fly by playing this!

A definite improvement
November 11, 2008

I saw my first TV add for this game last night, and so I figure it's my duty to give it a proper review here. Hopefully this will inform you of what you're getting into if you purchase this game that is sure to get a lot of advertising. But just so everyone is prepared going in...This review is written with the expectation that you know the mechanics of the basic Uno game.

What do you get with UNO Flash? In the box you receive a complete deck of Uno cards (similar to most any other Uno game, the rule pamphlet, and the electronic Flash game unit.

How does UNO Flash work? In order to start the game, you turn the game unit on and select whether you want infinite, 6-second, or 4- second time limit set. Then each player is dealt 7 cards and they press and activate the red button that is closest to them (this will be their button throughout the game.) When players are ready, someone presses the small yellow Play/Pause button.

The first difference you will notice between UNO Flash and standard Uno is that the game unit will randomly select whose turn it is by sending the blinking red light to one player's button. Play will not go clockwise, but will randomly shuffle around the table. Occasionally a player will even get two turns in a row. After a player plays their card (obeying the standard color/number matching rules of standard Uno) they must tap their button in order to send the turn to the next player.

If you have set a time limit of 6 or 4 seconds, the players have only that many seconds to make their move and hit their button before the timer buzzes at them and they are forced to draw 2 cards. The one exception is that a player who is hit with a Wild Draw 4 can pause the game briefly to draw their cards and suffer no penalty.

The last difference in this game is that there are no Reverse cards in the deck. Instead they have added Slap cards. When a player plays a slap card, instead of hitting their own button, they hit the larger yellow Uno button. Then it is a race between the other players to see how fast they can hit their own button. The slowest person will have their light blinking and will be forced to draw 2 cards.

What does Blott think of UNO Flash? I feel somewhat weird saying this, but I actually enjoy this Uno variant. It's certainly not the greatest game of all time, and if I play it too often I'm sure I'll tire of it, but it's just fun. There is something about the time pressure closing in that seems to make this game feel more like a party game than another boring game of Uno. I also really enjoy the slick way you can play your slap cards and catch people off guard (it kind of reminds me of the card game Spoons.)

Who will enjoy UNO Flash? This is a tough call. I'm sure that many gamers will despise this game just as much as the base game, because there is even less strategy (i.e. there is no reason to call a color other than the one you have on a wild card because the turn could come right back to you, and you can't predict who will be punished by the draw cards.) However, those people that have relatives that won’t play anything other than Uno might see this as a great escape. It will give them that Uno feel, but will be done in a much quicker timeframe (a full game only took us about 30 minutes.) Also kids will love this, it is just crazy and chaotic enough to keep them entertained throughout. Finally, I suspect that gamers who are fans of party-style games with lots of laughing and shouting will find some fun here as well.

Any parting comments about UNO Flash? Despite the familiarity of all the game systems, we find ourselves laughing and shouting more with UNO Flash than with any other Uno variant. In fact, we walked away from our first game and my nephew said, "That was a great game. I really loved it." And we have had the same success with other couples our own age. The only major drawback is sometimes a player will feel like the game unit "hates them" because they won't get a turn for a little while, and when they do they get skipped or have to draw cards. This is just the nature of the game, though. Everyone seems to go through a slump where it seems they are getting no turns. UNO Flash is not going to light the gaming world on fire, but it is a welcome change to a very boring traditional game.

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