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Bang! The Bullet
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Store:  Family Games, Card Games
Edition:  Bang!
Series:  Bang!
Theme:  Cowboy / Western
Genre:  Unknown Teams / Goals / Ownership
Format:  Card Games

Bang! The Bullet

English language edition-Cards are in Italian with English sub-titles and translations

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], usually because it's out of print.

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 20-40 minutes 3-8

Designer(s): Emiliano Sciarra

Publisher(s): daVinci Games

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  • WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small Parts

Product Description

Note: Funagain can only ship daVinci games to: United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

Together with the 4th edition basic game you can find all the three expansions: Dodge City, A Fistful of Cards, and the long-out-of-print High Noon. All together with revised and corrected rules along with two new cards for High Noon, three special characters, two blank cards, and a sheriff's badge. This is the complete Bang package!

Product Information


  • 110 Bang! cards
  • 13 High Noon cards
  • 64 Dodge City cards
  • 15 A Fistful of Cards cards
  • 2 new High Noon cards
  • 3 new characters
  • 2 blank cards
  • 1 Sheriff badge
  • bullet shaped tin box
Bang! The Bullet has the following expansions available:

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 4 reviews

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January 25, 2010

It’s the old west and the only way the officers and outlaws can settle disputes is a shoot out. Bang! Bang! Except the Sheriff, identities are hidden but it becomes apparent quickly who’s who, unless you’re the Renegade (trying to rule the town yourself). You collect better guns, horses and even beer (which makes you stronger when you drink it). How it works: Play goes clockwise and all players must figure out each others identities and shoot their enemies. Simplicity!

Pro’s: Instant group game fun. Who doesn’t like trying shoot the Sheriff? Well, unless you’re the deputy.

Con’s: The game can literary go on forever unless players take an aggressive attitude which gets annoying. Don’t be gun shy.

Notes: For newbies, I’d suggest keeping it simple and not adding in all the expansions for your first several games of play. Why? It’s a lot to remember and could turn off beginner players. No one wants that.

Read the rules in complete detail before presenting this to a new group so you can explain it in concisely. I found the rules to be a little confusing until you got a handle on the game itself.

If you find a contradiction in the rules or a discrepancy, there is clarification on the website

~Lou Rocco Centrella

Alright, Sheriff, go fer yer cards!
February 28, 2008

I got a copy of BANG! The Bullet for my birthday in early December. By January 1st I had played this game over 20 times with four different groups of people, and had bought 3 more copies to give or sell to people in my gaming group. My family borrowed it from me the day after Christmas and played it 8 times that day before I came back over at 6pm. Then we played two more games!

BANG! is simple to set up and quick to play, two big plusses; it is also a ton of fun, which is the most important thing. I have introduced this game to people as young as ten years old and as old as sixty-five, and they have all been able to play and enjoy the game, and just about everyone has a chance of winning. This version allows for as few as three and as many as eight players, so you can play just about anywhere with just about anyone. My family's experience is that 5 to 7 is about the right size group, with four the game is too obvious, with eight there are too many people to keep things moving. The cards are easy to understand and once you have played a round or two you will be able to understand what any card does as soon as it comes up. The mechanics of the game provide for lots of variation, lots of guessing and a little bit of strategy. It's a card game and as such is mostly the luck of the draw, but a clever player can usually make the best of just about any hand.

The western theme permeates every aspect of the game, and you'll often find yourself adopting a terrible western drawl as you play, because it just fits. The bullet includes all the expansions, which gives you lots of variation that wouldn't be in the original set. I really cannot recommend this game enough.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Nice display item
January 11, 2008

Bang itself is a good game that is well adjusted for larger groups. The larger the group the more important the Fist Full Of Cards is since it can help weed thru the players. We have been able to have good games with up to 11 people by having all the expansion cards on the table. Nice display item too with the shaped container.

One nice optional house rule we use with large groups is that anyone who has a *BANG* card has to use it during their turn. This helps in groups that like each other too much to not want to be the first one to shoot another. "Sorry, but I have to use a bang card... so I shoot you"

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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