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Ninja Burger: Secret Ninja Death Touch Edition
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Store:  Strategy Games, Card Games
Series:  Ninja Burger
Theme:  Food & Beverage, Humorous
Format:  Card Games

Ninja Burger: Secret Ninja Death Touch Edition

includes Sumo-Size Me expansion & more

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Ages Play Time Players
12+ 60 minutes 3-6

Designer(s): Steve Jackson

Publisher(s): Steve Jackson Games

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Product Description

Now you can join the elite Ninja Burger delivery team! You will learn to deliver tasty burgers and fries anywhere. You will bring honor to your franchise. Failure is not an option.

The twisted minds that brought you Chez Geek and Munchkin are back. This hilarious card game, designed by Steve Jackson, pits you against your fellow trainees in a new Ninja Burger store. Learn the secrets of stealth, swordsmanship, and customer service. Fight for honor, respect, big tips, and that coveted promotion...

This new, deluxe edition combines the original Ninja Burger with the cards from the supplement, Sumo-Size Me! and adds counters for tracking honor and money.

It's fast-moving. It's fun. You get to be a ninja. What more can you ask from a game?

Product Information


  • 216 oversized cards
  • 3 black ninja dice
  • counters
  • a rulesheet
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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4 in 2 reviews

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by Rich
Very Fun
February 01, 2004

I really enjoyed this game. The cards a very funny. There is a lot of negotiation and backstabbing which keeps the game interesting even when it's not your turn. And even though there is luck involved, there is strategy in setting up your different abilities and choosing the right mission. The only thing that stopped this fom being 5 stars was that they could have made more cards in each deck. We found you could go through them all in 2 games easy. But it is still a very good game.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Well it does have ninjas, and ninjas ARE super sweet.
December 20, 2003

I have to admit that when I buy games, theme is very important. I don't care how great a game is, if its packaged wrong I most likely wont buy it. I will also let a game that is not very good make a lot of mistakes if it involves ninjas and burgers, or bunnies and killing. Luckily this game makes no real mistakes. I liked munchkin the first time I played it, and I liked munchkin fu, so there is no reason to dislike this game. If you own Muchkin Fu I am not sure there is a need to own this game, but if you are the type of person (like I am) that sees 'Ninja Burger' as a game title, and instantly forks out money, this game is not a disappointment. Not a bad game, just reminds me a lot of munchkin, which is not bad, but its also not VERY different.


The usual Steve Jackson quality cards, think aviator or something of the like. Now my big issue with this game involves the playing parts. To play this game you need either pen and paper (and an active score keeper) or (if you really want to have what the game would call for) a bunch of funny money $50's and a bunch (as many as 60) other markers. I feel for the price point on this game, you can't go the cheapass route of giving us the cards, and not adding the markers and funny money.


If you play munchkin, then this will not be very hard for you to pick up. This is a very similar game with four very interesting exceptions: Money is an actual factor in this game; you are not 'you' in this game, you are a provided ninja, and that ninja has many different skills and attributes, like in a RPG. So rather then just making one roll to kill a monster, you need to make 3 different rolls, one to climb a mountain, one to fight off a billy goat, and one to convince the customer than even though the burgers are cold, you are on the top of Mt. Everest and thats to be expected.

The ability to help others while making skill rolls is removed from this game, you need to do it all by your bad ninja self. You can make trades, and give items to others, but its all done before any skill checks. Also Munckin ends when a player gets to 10, in this game there are several ways for the game to end. A one player blowout (one player has 5 more honor points than the closest competitor), everyone does poorly (the group honor falls below the number of players X 4) or everyone does great (the honor rises to the number of player X 10). At the point when one of these conditions is met the game is over, and the person with most honor wins, if two tie, they battle to the death.

At times the cards are laugh out loud funny, and this gives the edge to Ninja Burger over Munckin Fu for 'Best Steve Jackson offering involving martial arts in a comedic card game form'.


This is a card game, so of course its sided to luck over stragegy. The only real strategy takes place in the very beginning when you are dealt 3 different 'ninjas' and you need to pick the one you want to play the game with, they all have their own pros and cons. In most cases having the best skill numbers will cost you something like money per turn, or will put you at the bottom of the totem poll for missions. On the other side of the coin, the characters with worse skill numbers will most likely have some wiggle room in other aspects of the game, like getting extra resources, having a choice about missions, or getting extra money.


The only real change I would like to see, is maybe an 'iron man' battle where you have to deal with the one ninja you draw no choice of the best of three. I would also like to see that game involve 16 players, so that the best ninja wins.


Even with noted changes, this still feels a lot like Munckin Fu. The lack of funny money and honor markers is annoying, but most gamer dorks have this stuff laying around, so its a forgivable offence, although I would avoid giving this as a gift for just that reason. Great theme, and the game does not make you bitter due to its gameplay, a little deeper than munchkin, it still feels way too much like for my taste (since I own Munckin Fu), but still a lot of fun to play, and at times laugh out loud funny.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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